Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1015: A deep probe, the Youkai Sage

Giant Beast Forest...

The trees looked like they would stretch into the clouds hanging in the sky. Judging from the similar height of the trees and the uneven height distribution seen from a distance, it can be surmised that the ground is uneven. The sunlight couldn't pierce the foliage here, giving the forest an ancient feel.

The sounds made by birds and insects could be heard echoing in the forest ever so slightly despite being so hard to see among the endless trees.

The bellows and roars of demonic beasts threatened to pierce the sky above. Among them, there are a few that stood out, telling everyone that can hear it to stay away or face the wrath of its strong owners.

This is the inner region, rather deep in it too. It's close to the center area where the Beast King shed its beast form. This is the second most dangerous region aside from the core area. This place is also rather far from the borders of the inner region.

The Giant Beast Forest had regions where the deeper one ventures, the greater the threat posed by demonic beasts. Generally, the Giant Beast Forest can be divided into three regions.

The outer region, inner region, and the deep region.

Including the core area, the deep region is where the strongest demonic beasts roamed.

The demonic beasts here might not be as strong as the semi-peak tier 9 demonic beasts guarding the Beast King but they are still tier 9 monsters. And, this is their home.

Demonic Beasts are long-lived. They can live for at least a few centuries. There are demonic beasts that can live for millennia. Humans also tend to stay away from this region so tier 9 monsters increased in population.

The demonic beasts here aren't as powerful as the semi-peak tier 9 monsters back then. However, they are still called tier 9 for a reason.

There are tier 8 demonic beasts prowling nearby. They are all peak tier 8 though.

Unless they are peak tier 8, the demonic beasts knew better than to get anywhere close to here. Even after attaining peak tier 8 status, some monsters chose to remain in the inner region as masters of their own areas. If they are captured by tier 9 monsters in this part of the jungle then it's game over for them. Getting eaten is basically guaranteed.

Unless someone had a good reason to be here, tier 9 individuals generally stayed clear of this place.

However, a certain individual came to this deep region where others feared to tread...

There is a limestone formation here in this part of the forest.

There are no trees here. It's just stone pillars, stone formations, stone hills, and more stones. It looked like someone chiseled them from a giant stone pile. However, the stone formations are natural.

Nobody transformed them, the stones just got into these shapes from wear and tear over the years. It's been at least a few millennia since the last human graced this part with their presence. Nobody can properly gauge how long these stone formations existed. It's just a marvel of nature.

A guest finally added life to this stone formation area.

A crack in space opened up as the malicious eyes peered through the gap in space. The crack immediately gave the area a sinister vibe.

With a parasol on her slender shoulder, the guest walked out of the portal like she's strolling in her own garden. Her clothes flapped when she entered this area.

The gap behind her closed. It's like nothing happened and Yukari just appeared here. Her lithe figure looked comparatively tiny when these stone pillars towered above her. But, the aura she gave off still made her stand out.

The dilapidated stones here had nothing on this lifeform.

She combed her hair and tucked them behind her ears. Her enchanting look would make any youngsters' blood boil over.

She roamed her gaze over the stone formations here. She suddenly giggled.

"This is the correct place, right?"

Her nonchalant tone echoed in the area. It's like she's waiting for someone to answer her. She looked to the side...

A few dark figures slowly encroached upon this area...

Demonic Beasts!

No, transmogrified demonic beasts.

They had black scales and sharp claws that were attached to disgusting octopus tentacles. These horrible monstrosities were as ugly as the negative vibes they gave off. They had dark scales covering their heads, they had no eyes except for one that looked like a goggle's lens with multiple irises in them.

These abominations had various forms. Some looked like monstrous gorillas, some had tiger shapes and others had panther or fish or cat or dog forms. The common feature they had is grotesque limbs, black scales, a mono-eye with multiple irises. These creatures looked like they belonged in Hell.

Yukari is very educated, she's a Daiyoukai who lived for thousands of years. Even so, she raised an eyebrow at the sight of these abominations.

"Demonic beasts? No, that's not it..."

If Wu Yan was here, he would have drawn a line of similarity between the monsters here and the transformed versions of Marcus and Bing Mian.



While Yukari is identifying these monsters, the ugly beasts uttered cries that can only belong to dying cats. With dark auras gushing out of their putrid bodies, the monsters bellowed.


Noticing the dark energy leaking out of the monsters, she cast a disgusted look.

"What an uncomfortable aura..."

Yukari coldly grinned.

"I wanted to examine you guys but I don't like your energies. It smells worse than that ill-fortuned girl with swirly designs. I don't think Yan or the others will like it if I brought one of you back. Please disappear..."

The monsters were also tired of standing around, they attacked first in a wave of dark qi, the darkness covered the sky and came crashing down upon Yukari in a deluge of dark qi attacks.


Yukari giggled when she saw the monsters jumping her way.

"So rowdy..."

Yukari laughed as a wave of power spread out from her. It's like a ripple forming on a lake's surface.

Yukari used her powers to manipulate boundaries.

The power of Boundaries assaulted the monsters.

The abominations are disgusting to behold but they are all powerful transmogrified tier 9 demonic beasts.

Yet, it took Yukari no more than a single move to reduce them to something less than dust.

With a wave of her hand, she deleted the tier 9 monsters from existence.

This is the might of a demigod tier being.

This is Yukari's power.

The Youkai Sage's and the proof of power from one of the founders of Gensoukyo.

Yukari didn't change her nonchalant look, it's like she just kicked a bunch of pebbles out of her way. Her eyes glimmered and she looked at the ground where the tier 9 monsters once stood.

There are black wisps of light dancing there...

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