Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1012: Yukari-nee? Yukari-chan?

The brilliant light pierced through the tent. The summoning can be seen from outside the tent, that's how intense the light got.

But, the radiant of the light paled in comparison to the divine beauty enveloped by this brilliant light.

Perhaps Yukari sensed Wu Yan's gaze, her eyelids trembled. She slowly opened her eyes and graced the world with her amethyst eyes. She added a new glow to the light.

Wu Yan stared into her eyes and he subconsciously felt the urge to look away. His heart also started thumping hard.

Yukari woke up when she heard Wu Yan's bitter laugh. She flinched when she saw Wu Yan.

"A-re? I thought my time's up? Why is Yan-kun here?"

Wu Yan was taken by surprise too. Then, he recalled that all the worlds are in stasis if he's not in them. Accordingly, the Gensoukyo is also in a stasis.

Although it's been a while since Yukari left in the perceptions of Wu Yan & co. For Yukari, this reunion happened less than a second after she closed her eyes.

Yukari is probably still stuck in that pre-stasis mindset.

He put himself in her shoes. It would surprise anyone to say goodbye to someone and then reuniting with them the next instant.

Alas, Wu Yan underestimated Yukari.

Yukari's confusion dissipated and she grinned helplessly.

"It seems you summoned me once more, Yan-kun..."

As expected of the Youkai Sage, it took her no more than a few seconds to answer her own confusion.

Even Shokuhou Misaki might lose to her in a battle of wits.

Wu Yan chuckled, he silently praised her ability.

She's not even awkward despite an emotional departure the second before and a similarly weird reunion a second later.

Wu Yan greeted her.

"Long time no see, Yukari..."

"Long time?"

Yukari rolled her eyes.

"It was but a blink of an eye for me..."

"It's been a few years for me though."

Wu Yan chortled. He opened his arms wide and he glomped Yukari.

"It's great seeing you again!"

When Wu Yan almost hugged her, a fan smacked him down.


Yukari giggled when she saw Wu Yan rolling in pain on the ground.

"It seems your boldness has grown with your power. Are you planning on targeting me now?"

"You misunderstand me, Yukari..."

Wu Yan grabbed his aching head as he stood up.

"I just wanted to express my excitement over our reunion!"


Yukari read Wu Yan like a book.

"Are you sure you're not planning on taking advantage of the occasion?"


Wu Yan scratched his cheek. It's like he is an open book in front of Yukari. He cannot hide anything from her. He sighed.

"Anyway, welcome back, Yukari..."

Yukari also loosened up her ambiguous smile. She mellowed out a bit.

"I knew from the very first summoning that it's inevitable for me to be at your beck and call..."

She opened her fan with a swift flick of the wrist. She mused out loud while hiding her mouth with her fan.

"Just my luck to be targeted by you..."

"You jester..."

Wu Yan bitterly shook his head.

"If you're not willing then I don't think anyone can make you do anything..."

Yukari grinned.

"That might have been true before, now..."

Yukari slightly furrowed her brows. She started grumbling.

"Having your life merged with another person without any input from your side. Getting summoned here and there. With all these happening, I wouldn't be surprised if something extraordinary happens again..."

Wu Yan started sweating when he heard her upset tone.

Yukari isn't actually faulting Wu Yan for summoning her. She might have felt a bit offended when they first met. After spending some time together, Yukari knows Wu Yan isn't the type of person to use his merged life to force the girls to do anything.

Yukari just didn't like losing control.

As one of the founders of Gensoukyo who wielded the power of boundary manipulation, the Youkai Sage is already a godlike being who had a hard time finding worthy comparisons. Yukari is also confident that she's very strong, she's not bold enough to claim she's the strongest but even the strongest wouldn't be able to do anything against her.

With such overwhelming power, Yukari still fell short of the System's tyrannical summon. She had her lifeforce merged with Wu Yan. This absence of control or self-determination didn't sit well with a mighty individual like Yukari.

Wu Yan is starting to suspect that Yukari used her boundary manipulation power to momentarily defy the System's time limit in order to stick it to the System, sightseeing the world is just an excuse.

She's Yakumo Yukari, she doesn't play by anyone's book but her own...

Without Yukari's consent, nobody can order her around.

Even if he is superior in might, she's going to find a chance to strike back. She can also attack targets precious to the tyrant if she felt like it.

She looks like a human but it should not be forgotten that she's a Youkai that can draw fear and awe from monsters and mortals alike.

His respect turned into deep admiration. He gave her an honest compliment.

"Yukari, you are awesome!"

Yukari slightly flinched and she smiled back.

"Ara, Yan-kun is quite amazing too. I am pleased to make your acquaintance..."


Wu Yan shrugged, he started pushing his luck.

"About that reunion hug..."

Yukari rolled her eyes at this shameless man.

"Fine, consider it a gesture of familiarity between a sister and her younger brother."

"Younger brother?!"

Wu Yan snapped.

"I am over 20 years old! Why am I the younger brother?"

"Ara, only 20? I'm..."

Yukari forcefully stopped herself.

Wu Yan started smirking.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

Yukari glared at him. She snorted.

"I am 17!"

17? Who are you kidding here?

Wu Yan started laughing in a smug manner.

"Since I am older, it should be a loving hug between your onii-san and his imouto!"


Yukari's lip started jerking when he called her his younger sister.

Wu Yan opened his arms wide and he went in for a hug.

A fragrant scent wafted into his nostrils as he enjoyed her soft body.

Yukari acquiesced, she didn't turn this hug down. She tapped her chin against his shoulder and she beamed warmly.

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