Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1011: A long overdue summon, someone we know...

He used most of his Equipment Points, Item Points, and Ability Points on the base's construction. Summoning points is the only resource he hadn't touch yet.

Summoning points are used for summons so naturally he didn't use them on the base's construction. He almost depleted his points and he would be considered hardcore poor if it weren't for his Ring of Wealth.

In terms of points, he had Item points to spare relative to the other type of points. Now, his Item Points are almost used up just like his Ability and Equipment points. His Summoning points weren't drawn down so he had more now than he did at the start of this operation since the Sisters continued supplying him with loot from their hunting trips.

Wu Yan started thinking about the points he had.

He might as well use the Summoning Points since the other types of points are more or less used up as well.

Then, the ball rolled down the hill.

He should be spending more time with the girls instead of summoning a new girl. Plus, Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon are still inside him and they don't want to meet his other girls, this is problematic for Wu Yan.

If he summoned a new girl now then he's just digging a deeper grave for himself. The girls will probably not let him off the hook.

With his relationship with the girls, he should be able to calm them down given enough time. However, he didn't want to see them upset since he understood the girls' plight. It's also the reason why he spent the past few weeks chilling and hanging out with his harem.

It's just not the right time for a summon no matter if it's on a whim or not.

But, Wu Yan wants to do this summoning.

Firstly, he's going to summon someone they knew, she's not a stranger to his harem.

Opening his menu, he opened the summoning tab. To people who can't see the System, it looked like he's just drawing in the air. He found his objective in no time at all.

Yakumo Yukari: A grand youkai from Gensoukyo, incredibly powerful. Commands the power of boundary manipulation. One of the creators of Gensoukyo. She protects the Great Hakurei Barrier with the Hakurei Miko. An indispensable existence in Gensoukyo.
1,000,000 Summoning points

Wu Yan wants to summon the one who came to his aid temporarily when the System graced him with an emergency pass.

Although he only spent 1 week with Yakumo. The Haraguro lady is meticulous and she works in their favor like a cool Onee-san that never reveals she helped them. She helped Wu Yan & co get rid of hindrances and other demons that might pose a threat to them.

He summoned her while wishing only for her help in beating the Beast King. He didn't summon her after careful deliberation, unlike the time he spent on the other girls' summon.

To put it bluntly, he called her over like an emergency service, a convenient tool to get rid of the trouble at hand.

Of course, he was in a precarious situation so he had no time to think through his action. Wu Yan might have died and his girls might have died too.

Wu Yan consoled himself with that excuse.

Yukari used her powers to extend her stay in Silvaria, she stayed with Wu Yan & co.

Nobody saw this coming.

Even more surprising, the youkai with OP intelligence used her extended time to meticulously protect Wu Yan & co in her own way...

Honestly, Wu Yan didn't think she did that because her life got temporarily bound with Wu Yan & co. With her intelligence and wits, it wasn't rational to overly protect Wu Yan & co. It would have been in her favor to help to the extent of finishing the job and nothing more. Instead, she went the extra mile. This feat is something even those Yukari knew wouldn't dare to hope from her.

Yet, not only did she create a good rapport with him and his girls. She took up the role of the elder sister and she took care of her younger siblings. When the time's up, she even gave Wu Yan a drop of her blood, that was her way of protecting Wu Yan even if she's not by his side.

One week shouldn't have been enough to develop such good relationships. Yukari had no incentives to do so. Perhaps only the person herself knew why she did so for Wu Yan & co. Maybe she does feel a genuine connection to them. At least, Wu Yan knew the smile she gave him when she left is an honest one.

Even if Yukari only played by her own plans, Wu Yan is willing to fall into her plot. The other girls are probably willing to throw themselves into her plan.

Yukari only left them for about a month or so in Silvaria time.

As for Wu Yan who experienced [SAO] and [Strike the Blood], he hadn't seen her for a few years now.

He missed her antics and her Haraguro moments. He missed the one known as the Youkai Sage.

The girls won't have any objections if he summoned Yukari.

Wu Yan made up his mind. His eyebrows twitched when he saw the 1,000,000 Summoning Points price tag.

The System updated once and that took two zeros off everything in the shop.

In the obsolete version, summoning her would have cost him 10,000,000 points.

1,000,000 summoning points in this version...

"As expected of the Youkai Sage, a demigod-tier being..."

He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead with a bitter laugh.

He only had 50,000 summoning points at the start of this operation. Adding up the loot he got from the sisters, he got an additional 50,000. 100,000 Summoning points is just 10% of the needed amount.

"Looks like I am going to have to use my reserve..."

A red ripple in space opened up. A gold ring got spat out of the portal.

He peered into the ring and he started selling treasures for summoning points. After half an hour of deliberation and painful choice, he got the 1,000,000 points he needed. He pretty much sold most of the treasure that can be sold for summoning points.

Totally worth it though, if it meant summoning Yakumo Yukari.

He confirmed his points and he clicked "summon".


A blinding white light filled his tent.

Wu Yan wasn't focused on the blinding light. He's looking at the mystical figure slowly materializing within it.

She's wearing something that seemed like it came from another timeline.

She wore a deep purple dress that had a Bagua symbol in front of it. Her slightly curly blonde hair had red ribbons donning it. She wore a pale pink mob cap that had a large red ribbon tied in a butterfly knot, adding to the lady's already maximized beauty.

The lady was holding a parasol with a fan in her other hand. Her eyes are closed while her elegant face exuded a peaceful sensation. It's like sleeping while veiled in divine light is normal for a lady of her caliber. She gave off a mysterious presence, she can catch anyone's attention with her presence.

Yakumo Yukari!

After a few years, she's still as beautiful as a masterpiece drawing. Her faint aura is powerful, it's telling everyone...

Yakumo Yukari is back!

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