Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1008: Just your average girl

You want me to introduce the new girls? And you're phrasing it like it's nothing?!

Hinagiku and Mikoto looked like they are on the verge of going Alter. Wu Yan silently screamed.

This is more than just nothing!

Hinagiku and Mikoto already found out about Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon. Rather, his harem already knows about his latest exploits.

Kotori must have been the one who spilled the beans. She went into Strike the Blood so she must have told them everything. Knowing her, she probably emphasized the stories surrounding Kanon, Nagisa, and Natsuki.

Wu Yan leered at Kotori while she grinned back. She winked at him and used her imouto-mode's cutesy voice on him.

"Good luck~ Onii-chan~"

Wu Yan cried.

Kanon's affair is all on him. As for Nagisa and even Natsuki, Kotori played a big part in those two major operations. For instance, she influenced Nagisa and talked her into pursuing a romantic relationship with him. She also used the Monster Tattoo experiment as an excuse to help Wu Yan bag Natsuki. She is an accomplice although he did like the girls he brought back with him.

Why is he always getting the short end of the stick?!

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth at Kotori who is giggling up a storm over there. He coldly smiled.

Kotori didn't mind this frosty smile. Shokuhou Misaki recognized this smile, she went pale when she recalled what happened the last time Wu Yan used this sinister smile on anyone, her body trembled and she started pitying Kotori.

The Queen piled on the punishment when she had the chance and a certain wolf held it against her. He sneaked into her tent late in the night and gave her a semi-exhibitionism play inside her tent.

Kotori just signed herself up for a similar course.

In any case, he can plot all the revenge he wants and he would still need to survive Hinagiku and Mikoto's ire.

No, it's not just Hinagiku and Mikoto. There's another jealous girl here.

"Is what they are saying true?! Shido!"

Tohka roared, she dashed over to Wu Yan much to his shock.

Wu Yan assumed she's just going to ask him who are the new girls, Tohka actually said something else.

"Did you went and had kids with other women in other worlds?!"

The other girls all fell to the floor in unison.


Wu Yan leered at Kotori while she gasped.

"When did I say he had kids with other women?!"


Tohka floated a question mark, she blinked in astonishment.

"I didn't say it was Kotori. Kurumi told me so!"


Kurumi tilted her head, she didn't even deny it.

"I thought it would be more interesting this way..."

Wu Yan & co didn't know what to say. Meanwhile, Tohka tugged Wu Yan's sleeve, she used a pair of curious eyes on him.

"Shido, how do you have kids by the way?"

Wu Yan almost choked on his own saliva. The other girls laughed awkwardly and Wu Yan tried to shift the topic.

"If you don't what that means then why did you roar just now?"


Tohka hammered her palm.

"Right, why did I yell at you?"


The other girls endured the urge to laugh out loud despite leaking amused giggles here and there. Wu Yan was at his wit's end.


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Wu Yan after that little interruption.

"Isn't it about time you tell us everything?!"

The two girls were no longer angry, however, they are still very serious. Wu Yan sighed in relief and he silently thanked Kurumi and Tohka.

When he gave her a thankful look, Kurumi replied with a brilliant smile.

Wu Yan flinched.

Did Kurumi tell Tohka that to secretly help me out?

Wu Yan will not get an answer to that question for now.

He addressed Hinagiku and Mikoto with a guilty grin.

"You girls heard from Kotori, huh? Yeah, they are inside me and they are in a dormant sleep-like state. I don't think they're going to wake up anytime soon..."

Natsuki said the new girls weren't ready to meet the harem.

Wu Yan didn't tell them the truth, he just gave a passable excuse. He's going to wait until Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa are ready to meet them.

The girls noticed this and they exchanged a look. They decided to put this matter aside for now, including Hinagiku and Mikoto.

They looked like they still had unaddressed complaints though...

Shokuhou Misaki glanced at the other girls and she started fake-crying on her own.

"Uwuu, Yan-kun is a baddie. We are here managing the camp and he's out there fooling around. The sisters worked hard hunting in the jungle, they risked injuries while you..."

The atmosphere tensed up again after Shokuhou Misaki's input.

Frenda, Kinuhata Saiai, Astrea, Kurumi, and Takitsubou Rikou who couldn't care less about this started giving Wu Yan uncomfortable looks. Wu Yan's heart also throbbed in guilt.

Indeed, Shokuhou Misaki's right. The ladies were busy managing the camp in Silvaria while he's busy living the good life in another world. That's just a total douche move.

Wu Yan lowered his head apologetically. His bangs covered his expression and the girls started panicking. Their dissatisfaction turned into heartache.

These ladies are too kind, they placed Wu Yan's feelings above their own.

No matter how unfair Wu Yan's action is to them, they still cared about Wu Yan.


Hinagiku and Mikoto came to his side. They wanted to cheer him up but the two Tsunderes just can't bring themselves to say anything cheesy. They looked at Shokuhou Misaki, gesturing for her to step in.

Shokuhou Misaki replied with a confident smile.

"Ara, my purse's slightly torn..."

The others were stunned. Wu Yan is the first one to recover. He immediately volunteered himself.

"I know a good shop in the supply town that sells killer purses, I will buy you one!"

Shokuhou Misaki beamed at him. This is a genuine smile, not the professional smile she gave him a short while ago.

Wu Yan also understood why Shokuhou Misaki started grumbling.

She's not really sore over Wu Yan ditching them in Silvaria. She just wanted to use it as an excuse to score some affection points from Wu Yan.

That's right, she's just being coquettish.

Maybe she's trying to make up for lost time, this is her way of getting close to Wu Yan just like when they first started out.

In the end, Shokuhou Misaki is a just normal girl...

The other girls also exchanged giggles and amused looks.

"My dress is getting a bit old..."

"I wonder if they sell Gekota in the supply town..."

"Ara ara, I am lacking a good hairpin..."

"Astrea wants cake!"

"Uwa! Me too!"

"Flan wants cake too!"

The girls started voicing their requests. To Wu Yan, their chaotic voices were like the most beautiful melody in the world.

His heart slowly melted.

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