Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1002: Preparing to leave Strike the Blood's world

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy...

The sky is bright and clear, it's hot as usual. Saikai Academy is being baked by the hot sun. It's hotter than an average human's body temperature. Fortunately, the academy is equipped with air-conditioners. Without it, nobody would find the will to study on a sultry day like this.

In any case, the temperature had nothing to do with Natsuki. The students were grumbling about the heat while they are in the chill room. Natsuki wore her black lacey goth lolita dress despite the blazing heat outside. Her dress is thick, it's something people wear during winters.

If another person wore this then they would be wet with sweat by now. However, Natsuki continued teaching her class like the heat didn't bother her. She's also very serious about her lecture.

Natsuki is trying to remember the scenes of this school.

Because soon she would be leaving with Wu Yan, she probably won't be back for a while...

After a while, the bell rang but Natsuki didn't dismiss the class immediately. She roamed her gaze over every student here. The students were bewildered by her weird behavior.

What is this serious teacher doing? Her actions are mysterious...

It's no wonder the students were baffled. Natsuki is acting out of it...

"Don't forget to study when you guys go home. Also, don't forget your assignments. I know you guys had a 10 days break cause everybody had to move away from the island during that time. Make up for lost time, don't waste it doing nothing with your lives..."

She talked like she's going to retire soon. She broke her usual routine by giving the students something similar to final advice instead of leaving the classroom in a curt manner.

"Natsuki-chan, what's going on with her?"

Kojou can sense something off with Natsuki. He looked at Motoki who sat next to him.


Motoki frowned. He's also puzzled. Although he's not a high-ranking member of society, he's the boyfriend of Shizuka so he knows about Natsuki's other identity.

Maybe the real Natsuki's personality is different from her substitute body?

Motoki naturally couldn't come up with an answer.

The other students were also puzzled.

Natsuki saw the weird looks her students were giving her and she waved her fan like she's annoyed.

"Alright, class dismissed, you guys are free to go."

Natsuki left her podium. Kojou left his seat in a hurry and he chased after Natsuki.

"Wait! Natsuki-chan!"

Natsuki turned around and she slammed her fan into Kojou's head.

"Don't call your sensei with the -chan suffix!"

"Ow ow ow owie..."

Kojou yelped. He turned towards Natsuki.

"Are you... okay?..."


Natsuki snorted.

"Instead of worrying about me, why don't you spend more time worrying about yourself. Oh, you were late today too. You better study up this weekend!"


Kojou looked very bitter.

Natsuki glanced at him and she gave him a smile.

Kojou's mood improved after Natsuki beamed at him.

"Okay, Natsuki-chan!"

"Didn't I say not to do that?!"

"Okay Okay! No violence, please!"

Itogami Island, Management Corporation...

Kanon is facing her adoptive father inside a meeting room. She had a relaxed smile.

"It's a relief to see you so energetic..."

"Don't get too attached..."

Kensei pushed up his glasses.

"Anyway, the living condition here is pretty good. You look like you're living well too..."

Kanon nodded vigorously.

"Sensei's been very good to me. Kotori-chan also took care of me. My neighbor is also my classmate, I am very with my life right now..."

"Happy... huh..."

Kensei's gleaming glasses hid his expression.

"Yeah, that's not bad..."

The room became silent...

Kanon's beautiful blue eyes were on Kensei. She clasped her hands together.

"I... I am going to be away for some time..."


Kensei looked up at Kanon. He was stunned to see Kanon's warm smile. He followed up with another question.

"Are you going to be gone for long?"

Kanon shook her radiant hair as she replied with her brilliant smile.

"I should be back very soon..."


Kensei nodded nonchalantly.

The two stayed in the room without saying anything. When guards came into escort Kensei away, Kanon stood up and she bowed slightly.

Itogami Island, Souther residential region, unit 704

"Lemme see..."

Nagisa looked at the items in front of her.

"I've got my toothbrush... Cup... my favorite clothes are also here... I didn't leave anything out, right?"

Nagisa tilted her head, she hammered her palm.

"Yeah, I need my favorite pillow too!"

Kotori got fed up with Nagisa. Before Nagisa can dash into her room, Kotori grabbed the back of her collar.

"That's enough. You're not going on vacation, why are you bringing your brush and cup?"

Kotori pulled her back.

"No, you're not taking those with you!"


Nagisa started complaining like it's the end of days.


"Do as I say!"

Kotori grabbed Nagisa.

"The world's going to enter stasis anyway, just follow us!"

"Uwah! Don't grab me like this!"

Itogami Island, Southern residential region, Unit 703...

Wu Yan turned around to see his girls squabbling with each other. He asked Nagisa, Kanon, Natsuki, and Kotori.

"Are you girls ready?"

Kanon and Natsuki nodded.

Nagisa is the only one who looked like she had something to say.

"No, I am not ready. Uwuuu, I still have so many things unpacked..."

The others ignored Nagisa. They exchanged a look.


Glancing at Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon in turn, Wu Yan closed his eyes. He stopped supplying magic to them.

After losing their magical power source, the three familiars turned into magical auras that seeped into Wu Yan's body.

Because they are Wu Yan's familiars, he can take them with him without counting as summons. That's good news for Wu Yan.

When he searched himself, he found the girls in a dormant state along with the black and white dragons he summoned from another realm. Wu Yan smiled and he looked at Kotori. Kotori nodded.

"System, I want to leave this world."

Wu Yan and Kotori's bodies started fading from reality...

They dissipated completely. The whole world will never know it lost 5 people...

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