Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1001: Avrora's choice


Wu Yan became petrified when he heard her name.


The previous fourth primogenitor?

This girl who got intimidated after he raised his voice is the previous fourth primogenitor?

Wu Yan continued looking at the young girl who gave him a curious look although she's still a bit scared of him.

This moe blob is a primogenitor? No wonder Kojou is a half-awakened primogenitor...


Nagisa tilted her head, she grabbed her aching head.

"That feels so familiar..."


Wu Yan returned to reality when he saw Nagisa's grimace. Wu Yan hugged Nagisa, incidentally hugging Avrora too."

"Are you okay?"

Avrora also looked like she's worried for Nagisa. She chuckled bitterly.

"Nagisa's okay. But, why..."

She looked at Avrora in confusion. Wu Yan also went into deep thought.

Nagisa said she doesn't recognize Avrora. She covered for her subconsciously and she's not afraid of her. It's more like she knew Avrora but she just can't recall her...

This is... weird...

When Nagisa's head started hurting, Wu Yan is sure she knew Avrora.

Wu Yan also remembered Kojou's weird reaction when he tried to talk to Kojou about Avrora.

It's like their memories regarding Avrora's blocked for some reason. It's as though somebody robbed the siblings of their memories.

Nagisa's in the same condition?

Yet, Avrora's consciousness is inside Nagisa.

Through devouring other vampires, a blood feeder can ascend to a higher existence. For instance, Vatler consumed two second-generation vampires and that made him an existence below only the primogenitors.

As for the consumed vampires, their fates were obvious...

Kojou is now the fourth primogenitor. That much is confirmed by many, yet, he was originally a human.

Avrora turned him into a blood servant and then gave him her powers. Kojou devoured Avrora's blood and powers.

But, what is Avrora doing here then?

A consciousness...

Did she put her consciousness into Alrescha and then live on through Nagisa?!

This place is Nagisa's mental world?

Wu Yan looked around, the world felt like it was a mimicry of ancient scenery so he asked Avrora.

"Avrora, did you bring us here?"

Avrora nodded with a meek look. Wu Yan and Nagisa urged her to continue.

"Avrora, why did you bring us here?"

Avrora's eyes wandered all over the place because she's not used to being stared at like this.

"Because... you took away my home..."

"Your home?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He frowned...

"You're saying..."

Wu Yan turned towards Avrora.

"Because I turned Nagisa into a familiar, you lost your place in Nagisa's body? That's why you brought us here?"


Avrora excitedly nodded because she had trouble finding the right words to explain the situation to Wu Yan.

"No way... Nagisa can surely tolerate another consciousness inside herself after transforming into a familiar?"

Wu Yan's suggestion was met with Avrora's shaking head. She pointed at the Alrescha Glacies behind her.

"Different familiars cannot exist within another familiar's consciousness..."

Wu Yan was elucidated.

Familiars don't have physical bodies. They are basically pure magic power held together by a consciousness.

As magic power with a conscious mind, the consciousness is the base of a vassal beast. If they are destroyed, they can rebuild themselves from this consciousness.

How can a familiar have two consciousness forming its base?

If there are two consciousness, given enough magic power, they will form two familiars.

Similarly, different familiars can't stem from one consciousness. That would give the familiars two abilities which is paradoxical.

This is all limited to familiars though.

"I only took away Glacies Alrescha's home, right? What does it have to do with you?"

Avrora fidgeted.

"I-I am Glacies Alrescha!"


Avrora almost cried when Wu Yan yelped. Nagisa pacified her and Nagisa also leered Wu Yan for making the same mistake.

Wu Yan shut his yap.

I have to clear up this situation first...

He slapped his cheeks and he sighed.

"Well, Avrora, what are you going to do? Nagisa is my familiar now, this is out of my control..."

Avrora stayed silent.

It's inevitable, the transformation is already halfway finished.

When Nagisa is turned into a familiar, the familiar which resided in Nagisa will be driven out along with Avrora. A familiar without a host, there's only one fate...


Avrora looked at Wu Yan and Nagisa in turn. She bit her lips after making up her mind.

"I-I am willing to merge with Nagisa."


Wu Yan and Nagisa flinched. They understood what it meant.

Avrora's plan is to combine her consciousness with Nagisa. This way, they can continue existing as an alternate personality.

It's kind of like how Kotori had two personalities and two distinct modes. This way they can continue existing as a single consciousness with two sides or personalities.


"Are you okay with that?"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"If you merge with Nagisa, you will become my familiar too. Glacies Alrescha is one of the fourth primogenitor's familiar, right? If you do this, you can never return to Kojou's side..."

Avrora experienced emotional turbulence. She looked at Nagisa who is too puzzled to join this conversation. She steeled herself up.

"Nagisa saved me, without her, I would never be here. I want to stay with Nagisa."


Nagisa hugged her soft body.

"I don't know what's going on. Sensei, please keep Nagisa and Avrora together..."

"You girls..."

Wu Yan bitterly shook his head.

"I mean, how can I say no to this?"

The two girls brightened up. White light suffused this mental space and the two consciousness merged into one...

They were in front of the statue and well but Nagisa's not in sight. A notification arrived in Wu Yan's mind...

Obtained familiar Alrescha Glacies...

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