Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1000: Mysterious arrival, brilliant light

Polar lights illuminated everything. The sky also looked like it stretched onto infinity...

The light continued to flicker between the different colors of a rainbow.

It appears the air's still. Other than the polar lights twisting around him with weirdly soothing noises, there is almost nothing in sight. It's like this was designed with the aurora in mind.

Silence, loneliness, void, and stagnation...

These concepts described the world.

Wu Yan opened his eyes to find himself in this weird place. He frowned.

"What the..."

He examined his body. He wanted to check if this is reality. He searched his muddy memories with confusion on his face.

"Why am I here?"

He looked around his memories and he lifted his head in a hurry.

"Right! I was with Nagisa! We were touring the exhibits in the Key Gate."

Wu Yan looked up the latest memory he had. Then, he looked around.

"Why am I here? Rather, where am I?"

Wu Yan remembered the last thing he saw was Nagisa who started shining in a cold luster. The System also told him his Monster Tattoo activated and was in the process of turning Nagisa into his familiar.

If the transformation process was successful, Nagisa should have merged with his body. How did he come here all of a sudden?

Wu Yan raised his guard. This place isn't listed in any of his memories.

This place is also very weird. This world didn't feel real...


Nagisa's familiar voice came from Wu Yan's side. Although she still sounded very bubbly, a hint of unease can be heard in her voice.


Wu Yan looked to the side and Nagisa was there hugging his arm.


Nagisa got closer to Wu Yan because she's scared.

"Where are we?"

"This is my world, it's also yours..."

A beautiful voice descended from the sky. The world regained its vitality with this voice.

No, this is cold air.

White mist descended along with the voice. Soon, the space was frozen by this cold energy.

Snowflakes that looked like petals were mixed into the mist. Sharp icicles popped up from the ground like brambles made of ice. Behind the ice pillars and ice spikes, a giant figure slowly emerged within the white mist.

It's a mermaid-esque giant with avian and humanoid features. It looked like a regal queen.

That's a vassal beast.

Wu Yan only saw the beast two times before but he's very familiar with that thing.

"Alrescha Glacies!"

Wu Yan identified the familiar. Nagisa looked at the Ice Queen with a pair of dazed eyes.

Wu Yan didn't take her reaction into consideration. That's because...

Inside the white mist, below Alrescha is another petite figure about the same height as Nagisa.

That girl had blonde hair. Her hair can also change into other colors. Her hair fluttered like burning flames. Every time it flew up, it changed into a different color, she looked like a rainbow and she caught everyone's attention.

She had blue eyes. Like her hair, her eyes can also change colors. Her ears were slightly elongated, making her look like an elven beauty. No, perhaps she is a dainty fairy.

Her beauty is otherworldly. She is so beautiful it terrified people. She had a faint smile decorating her perfect look.

It's an innocent and noble smile.


Wu Yan released a cold breath of air.

"You're the conscious entity within Nagisa?!"


The classy girl's smile collapsed, she staggered backward in fright. Her meek appearance destroyed any semblance of nobility she had.

She looked like a goddess who had fallen into the human realm, like a frightened kid, her reaction made Wu Yan awkward.


Nagisa chastized Wu Yan.

"You're scaring her!"


Wu Yan gasped when Nagisa scolded him. Then, Nagisa ran over to that fairy girl and she patted her on the back.

"It's okay, don't be afraid, Sensei didn't do it on purpose..."


The girl emitted a very moe sound. She looked at Nagisa and she glanced at Wu Yan.

"I... I forgive you..."


Wu Yan had an interesting look, his lips were twitching.

Why does it look like he's bullying the girl?

Wu Yan sighed in relief.

At least, this girl doesn't appear to be an enemy, right?

Wu Yan shook his head with a bitter smile, the girl's still terrified by him. He looked at Nagisa.

"Do you know her? Nagisa?"

Nagisa widened her eyes.

"No, I don't..."

"You don't?"

Wu Yan felt his mind going haywire for a second.

"Then, why do you care how she feels?!"

"Am I?"

Nagisa tilted her head. She furrowed her eyebrows.

"I don't know, my heart's telling me I should care for her."

"Your heart?"

Wu Yan felt even more puzzled. She looked at the meek girl.

"Is that okay? She just appeared with a vassal beast, she might be a vampire, aren't you scared?"


Nagisa was surprised by herself.

"Wow! I am not afraid of her!"

It didn't look like she's faking this, Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Why aren't you afraid of her?"

"I don't know..."

Nagisa looked at the meek girl who had her head placed against her chest. She is also bewildered.

"It feels like I have been with her for a long time now..."

Wu Yan stayed silent.

Indeed, these two were together all this time.

The girl had been inside Nagisa, tagging along with the vassal beast in her.

Wu Yan rubbed his temples and he roamed his gaze over the shy girl. The girl shrunk back.

"Do-don't use rude gaze on me..."

"Oops, my bad..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He recalled how she used Nagisa's body to transfer the summoning authority and her recognition through a kiss. Wu Yan just can't link that daring entity with this meek and moe princess.

Wu Yan adjusted his tone.

"Okay, can you tell me what's your name?"

The girl mustered her courage and she answered him.


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