Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning 487: A change of heart

Consciousness slowly returned to Kurumi, her eyelids trembled and she opened those beautiful eyes of hers.


She remembered that she is now a prisoner.


“Finally awake huh?”


A familiar voice greeted her the moment she opened her eyes. She looked at the direction the sound was coming from.


Wu Yan entered her sight.


With an apple in his hand, he sat crossed legs like a boss while peeling the apple. Wu Yan is probably so bored that he’s trying to peel the apple without breaking off the fruit peel.


Kurumi giggled at Wu Yan who is childishly trying to achieve something pointless. She can’t believe this is the same guy who used an overwhelming aura against her when she kidnapped his people.


“How are you feeling?”


Wu Yan asked while still focusing on peeling the apple.


Kurumi felt slightly offended by his attitude and she teased him.


“Ara, so an apple is more important than me huh? What a cruel man…”


Wu Yan got distracted and the peel fell onto the ground leaving the apple with just a little bit of peel left on it.


Wu Yan’s expression froze up and he stared at Kurumi, he is making it very obvious that he blamed Kurumi for this one. He threw the apple onto a nearby plate like a child throwing a tantrum. Kurumi got her little revenge and she laughed out loud.


Rolling his eyes at her, he examined her with his eyes before he nodded his head in a satisfied manner.


“Looks like you’re all healed up, a spirit’s regenerative power is quite something isn’t it?”


“A compliment, are you trying to get on my good side?”


Kurumi narrowed her eyes at him. Her natural regenerative powers fell well below his. If she didn’t use any special powers, she probably couldn’t keep up in a fight of attrition.


Wu Yan smiled at her.


“Since you’re all better now, what’s your plan from now on?”


He’s making sure that her resolve has been completely broken, he’s hoping that after the fight, she would give up on further pursuing her initial goals.


Kurumi lowered her head in silence. Wu Yan also waited patiently for Kurumi’s answer. It is a very tense quiet mood in the room right now.




Wu Yan felt anxious. Kurumi continued talking without making eye contact.


“If I choose to continue my goal of changing the past, what will you do?”


Wu Yan flinched and he replied with a serious tone.


“If that is the case, I am going to continue pounding that thought out of your head, you can bet I am going to get in your way every step of the way.”


Wu Yan can’t see her expression what with her bangs blocking it from view. However, he can see her shoulders trembling like she’s having some sort of internal struggle.


After a while, he heard a sigh and she raised her head. She used her devilish smile on him.


“Well then, I guess I’m in your care from now on, Shido-san.”


Wu Yan laughed out loud after being stunned briefly by her smile. Kurumi is a very troublesome spirit to pacify but he had done the impossible.


He reckoned that showing mercy to her clone during their first encounter, beating her while she’s going mad, and the sob story all played a role in changing her mind. Without any of those, he would still be stuck at the first stage.


She had a change in heart and now she accepted him.


Words didn’t get through to her, actions also failed to make her bend. Only through pain and shouldering some of that pain with empathy did she finally open up.


Wu Yan busted his ass for this one, Kurumi also had the toughest confrontation in her life.


He bought a sealing bracelet from the shop and he presented it to her.


“Since you know about Tohka and the others, you should also know about the function of this bracelet right?”


She looked like she’s not sure but no one can blame her.


After wearing this sealing bracelet, everything will change, her life of killing, the question of existence, the desire to change the past and the uncertainty regarding the future.


She’s tired and frustrated but more than anything, she wanted closure, she’s not sure if this is correct.


Finally, she wore the bracelet and the sealing bracelet did its job. Her spirit powers got sealed after the sealing bracelet emitted a loud flash of light.


She felt a foreign power coursing through her body. The body sealed all her powers and she can veritably feel a gradual reduction of her powers. Like a warden, the power gathered up all her spirit powers in one place and locked it up. Wu Yan’s sealing bracelet gained another red band.


Of course, Wu Yan forgot to mention the part about spirit dress disappearing after sealing powers. That’s why he got to enjoy the sight of Kurumi’s pristine and lustrous birthday suit.

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