Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning 403: The end of the school's grand tournament? The results...

Wu Yan slowly regained his consciousness, he recalled what had happened before he passed out, he immediately shot up from his bed.


Wu Yan noticed that he is no longer in the plaza, he’s currently sitting in his own bed.


Wu Yan remembered that he passed out after Jaafar roared at him.




He wanted to curse out loud but a soft voice rang, overjoyed to see him awake.




Ikaros said with an expressionless face, her tone, however, gave her elation away.




He calmed down upon seeing Ikaros. He also almost forgot he got knocked out by Jaafar’s roar.


“Master, are you okay?”


Ikaros leaned down towards him. Of course, she’s not aware that her divine valley, a result of her supple bosoms, had been exposed to Wu Yan’s eyes. He was almost drawn in by the weird physics caused by Ikaros’ divine mountains.


“I am fine…”


Wu Yan said while everting his gaze. He’s afraid he might lose control if this continued.


“Onii-chan! You’re awake!”


Somebody slammed his door open. A small figure zipped her way through the room and she tackled him after leaping up into the air.




Wu Yan caught her. Hinagiku, Mikoto, Misaki, Astrea, Frenda, and Rikou followed after her.


Wu Yan flinched.


“Why are you girls here? What about the tournament?”


The ladies all rolled their eyes at him. Hinagiku told him in a slightly upset tone with arms akimbo.


“The tournament is already over!”




Wu Yan gasped in surprise.


“So soon?”




Misaki teased Wu Yan.


“You seem like you’re not aware how long you have been asleep…”


Misaki’s words shocked Wu Yan to which Misaki added.


“You have been asleep for the whole day!”




Wu Yan jumped down.


“The whole day? Are you sure?”


The ladies all nodded. He gulped and then he lowered his head in disappointment. He can’t believe he’s so soft as to fall asleep for a whole day after being knocked out by a roar.


Sighing, he asked them.


“Who won in the end?”


Astrea snorted in a smug manner while raising her head up high. He raised an eyebrow.


“It’s not Astrea right?”


“Is it surprising for it to turn out that way?”


Misaki got into a pose. He can’t help but be made aware of how fantastic she looked with the right amount of meat in the right places.


“Astrea’s level is already way above all the competitors, she also had two ridiculously strong rare armament at her disposal, it’s not surprising for her to win wouldn’t you say so?…”


Misaki’s confident tone got a similarly confident reply from him.


“I think you reaped the most benefit from her victory, no?”


“Ara ara, I wouldn’t say so…”


Misaki laughed in a terribly fake modest tone.


“Astrea is a member of Starlight Queen in the first place, what’s wrong with the faction she belonged to getting a piece of the action, it’s par of the course isn’t it?”


Wu Yan’s lip twitched.


“From where did you learn so many idioms?…”


Wu Yan continued.


“The new rankings?’


Shokuhou Misaki replied.


“Nn, it came out soon after the tournament ended…”


“No.1 Astrea, No.2 Sylph, No.3 Mikoto, No.4 Caah, No.6 Jaafar, No.7 Fei Fei, No.8 Hinagiku, nobody cares about no.10 and you got ranking no.5.”




Wu Yan is delighted, he thought he got a ranking lower than Jaafar after being knocked out by a roar…”


Wu Yan certainly didn’t think they would be able to take four out of the top 10 rankings. The roster for the top 3 strongest has also changed with Sylph barely holding on to a spot in the top 3.


Jaafar and Caah are probably ver pissed.


Wu Yan couldn’t help but enjoy the schadenfreude. Caah isn’t a detestable guy but since he’s infatuated with Ikaros, Wu Yan didn’t like the guy. Jaafar is also not on Wu Yan’s good list since he knocked him out with a roar. Maybe if they battled it out like men they would have been good friends but even then the chances are low.


Wu Yan frowned when he noticed something, he looked at Shokuhou Misaki in slight confusion.


“Who’s no.9? You didn’t mention the name.”


Shokuhou Misaki smiled and she turned the other way, it’s clear who the new no.9 is.


It would seem Wu Yan & co took up 5 of the top 10 spots. (Tl: it’s Shokuhou Misaki)


Wu Yan isn’t too disappointed with his ranking. However, the same could not be said for someone.


Mikoto is currently sulking while kicking her chair. She kept grumbling about something.


Wu Yan knew why she’s acting like that the moment he saw her.


Sylph got no.2 and she got no.3, it’sc lear that Mikoto lost to Sylph during the grand tournament.


He teased her.


“What’s the matter? Losing to Sylph got you so mad?”


Mikoto glared at him.


“No? Alright.”


Wu Yan shrugged. If she didn’t lose she wouldn’t throw a hissy fit like this.


As expected, Mikoto tried to force a strong façade.


“It’s just that she had a gold armament, if she didn’t have it I would have won so technically I didn’t lose to her, I lost to her armament!”


Wu Yan is stumped for words, Hinagiku nodded in his stead.


“True, without the armament it would be hard to say who would have won…”




Mikoto nodded frantically. Shokuhou Misaki had to jab her.


“So what, you still lost…”


Mikoto’s smile froze up, she shouted at her.


“I said I didn’t lose! I lost to her armament!”


“Ara ara…”


Shokuhou Misaki laughed with a hand covering her mouth.


“Misaka-san is actually someone who would make excuses for her own shortcomings…”


Mikoto clenched her fists and resisted the urge to release a lightning bolt on her. She snorted and she turned the other way, this is her way of dealing with Shokuhou Misaki and it’s quite effective given that Shokuhou Misaki immediately lost interest in this banter.


For Shokuhou Misaki, there’s no greater joy in life to rub salt in Mikoto’s wound whenever the chance arises…

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