Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 874: It finally shows itself, the monster lurking around at night

The night slowly enveloped the city.

After all the trouble and talks during the day, the squads were sent to their respective regions. They were anxious when night came, however, they are more curious about the monster mentioned in the rumors.

The Cyto family is very strong and influential, as clan members or affiliated persons, they know full-well just what their clan is capable of.

The soldiers also know their positions in the organizational chart. They were just underlings working under the Cyto family. That’s part of the reason why they were sent outstation by their commanders. The people who get to stay in the Cyto Family HQ are the individuals with real power.

Most of the soldiers are tier 6 in strength, and that’s normally for positions like basic infantry, guards, and the likes. Tier 7 would be the average power here. There are high-ranking officials with tier 8 power although they are rarely seen. The Cyto HQ’s power is great as can be seen from the mobilization of their infantries.

Yet, no one noticed the “ghost” haunting the place. In the end, they lost 20 members to the ghost.

This started causing unease among the soldiers as well as a macabre interest in unveiling the identity of the ghost.

A crescent moon hung high up in the sky, raining down its cold light upon the land. It also gave the Cyto Family HQ a silver luster that looked out of this world.

Most of the inhabitants here are still awake because they knew a major operation is in place, they were also not comfortable enough to sleep with a man-eating demon on the prowl.

The ones who were tasked with tracking down the demon were also taking their jobs seriously. They made sure to keep their eyes open so they can see the ghost when it appears.

More like, they didn’t want to end up as monster food.

On a high wall overlooking the entire clan compound, Wu Yan sat within the shadows of a nearby corner. With eyes shut, his slow breathing was barely perceptible. Meanwhile, he continued covertly channeling magic as he expanded his consciousness beyond the limits of his mind. His consciousness started surging.

If someone can sense Wu Yan’s psyche, they will find that he already covered every inch of the Cyto HQ compound. He can see with indelible detail, the entire compound of the Cyto Family, he can even see the movement and locations of the personnel here.

When he sneaked into this place, he used this recon magic to quietly wait for the appearance of that “Ghost”.

Although his blood isn’t reacting, he had a feeling that he will uncover something if he stayed here.

As time moved on, the soldiers on patrol and guard duties waited for the Ghost, even Bing Ling was ready to move at the drop of the hat.

Bing Ling walked along the corridor with a calm look. Inside, his guard was up but he also felt a sense of helplessness.

He should know the troubles his clan found.

His uncle sold his comrades out while cooperating with the Beast King. Turning into a monster, his uncle got killed by his executor. That was already big news that shook the clan to its core.

With news of another monster in their clan compound, the citizens outside are already talking about conspiracy theories like how the Cyto Family is a clan of monsters in human skin.

If they failed to catch the monster tonight, let’s just say the Cyto family will have more trouble waiting for them.

Bing Ling sighed as he tried to shake the negative thoughts out of his head. Then, Wu Yan’s figure came into his mind.

When it comes to Wu Yan, he felt conflicted.

Not only did Wu Yan best him in combat, but he also went on to become something of a legend inside Silvaria World Institute. No matter how hard he trained, the distance between them only grew more and more. After that, Wu Yan went and killed his uncle, the third strongest person in the clan after his father and his grandfather who are peak tier 8 and tier 9 respectively.

Bing Ling hated Wu Yan, however, his rationality told him that Wu Yan was justified in each instance he fought back.

Rationality didn’t mix well with emotions. This is the root cause of his present predicament. Yeah, he hated the guy, but, he also respected Wu Yan.

He sighed before following up with a bitter laugh.

“Why does this have to happen after dad left to deal with Uncle Marcus’ death…”

Suddenly, something happened.


A very soft sound came. Bing Ling took notice and he flew in that direction.

Turning into a blurry figure, he ran past corridors and he landed near a relatively dark and isolated corner.


Bing Ling felt something blew by him, it was a gigantic dark figure that disappeared behind another intersection.



Someone yelled in pain. It sounded like someone fell victim to a demonic attack.

The shriek riled up the entire place. Chilled by the insidious power, their hairs stood on their ends, including Bing Ling.

Gnashing his teeth, Bing Ling quickly dashed over to the scene of the crime only to see…

There, a monster with scales all over it, it had a long reptilian tail and that monster was feasting on the dead body of the soldier it had just killed. It was emitting creepy crunching sounds, blood splattered everywhere.

It’s eating him!

Bing Ling went pale but he steeled himself up and he rushed towards the monster!

The monster stopped as its eyes flashed red. Bing Ling thought he got the jump on the monster when it disappeared in a wisp of black dou qi. It quickly flew in a certain direction.

“Running away?!”

Bing Ling followed the monster while emitting Icy blue dou qi.

He threw a dagger at the runaway monster.


The dagger landed on the back of the dark qi-clad monster.


The dagger only succeeded in marking sparks appear when it failed to pierce the monster’s scaly hide. The monster continued escaping as it disappeared from Bing Ling’s sight.

“What a scary defense…”

Bing Ling is a peak tier 7 fighter, his dagger throw wasn’t empowered by battle techniques or skills, however, it is enhanced by his dou qi and the dagger itself is a Rare Armament, it should have no trouble cutting through scales, yet it failed to even scratch the monster.

Bing Ling yelled out loud.

“Monster! Capture it!”

His loud yell echoed throughout the clan compound as soldiers clamored into action.

“Seize it!”

The calm compound immediately turned chaotic. The dark serene night got destroyed as the soldiers started converging on Bing Ling. With weapons ready, the guards charged here.

“The monster’s here!”

Came the shout of another soldier nearby.

“It’s here! Here!”

“It’s over here!”

The monster couldn’t hide with so many eyes looking for it. Continuous sightings popped up.

Then, there were shrieks of pain, rallying cries, and pathetic sobs…

Wu Yan who sat on a high wall finally opened his eyes. He looked in a certain direction with golden eyes.

His body, rather, his blood started reacting to its nemesis.

“I knew it!”

Wu Yan stood up and he disappeared in a flash.

“I am going to get you this time! Don’t think you can escape a second time!”

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