Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 781


Wu Yan looked absolutely inebriated. Asuna who was walking alongside Wu Yan sighed for the nth time.

“I thought you said you could handle it?…”

Asuna grumbled.

“Mind explaining your current state?…”


Wu Yan hiccuped, the smell of booze caused Asuna to knit her eyebrows. Wu Yan bitterly laughed before he said sorry.

“My bad, Asuna, I didn’t think I would be this drunk…”

“But it’s not my fault!”

Wu Yan immediately shirked his responsibilities. The Knights of Blood must have used some kind of substance to increased their alcohol resistance. And, they also took turns tapping in and tapping out, that’s just not fair!”

Asuna pouted with a dissatisfied look. She somewhat knew Wu Yan fell into this because of his relationship with her. She wasn’t actually that mad with Wu Yan. They looked like a drunk husband being tended to by his caring wife, it was a bit terrible but wholesomeness is definitely an element within it.

Hence, Asuna mumbled her thoughts.

“Seriously, think more about the consequences the next time. Even if you say you’re okay, how are you going to take care of Yui while looking and smelling like this?”

“You have a point there…”

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head, as if this would clear his head up.

“Fortunately, Sachi and the others are going to be there. With my current state, Yui will probably go to bed hungry.”

Asuna blinked her eyes and she started chuckling.

“Sachi and the others were over the moon. They always talked about how they wanted to sleep together with Yui in the real world. Now, they got their wish…”

Wu Yan shrugged, he nonchalantly continued.

“I believe they just want to use Yui as their hugging pillow. Girls, they just can’t resist cute and pretty stuff, huh…”


Asuna’s face turned dangerous, she told him off with a snort.

“Don’t generalize girls like that!”

“I mean, isn’t it normal for them to like cute and pretty stuff?…”

Wu Yan continued.

“I guess I am the only one then…”

“What was that?”

Asuna’s ears twitched as a rabbit would. She looked at Wu Yan with an ambiguous smile.

“You mean like you cute and pretty stuff…?”


“Girls like Silica?…”

“Don’t leave me hanging like that!”

Wu Yan retorted.

“By the way, how did this turn into a topic about girls?!”

Asuna snorted and she turned her head the other way. She gave Wu Yan a sideways glance with her chestnut-brown eyes.

“You need to work on your observational skills…”

Asuna’s slightly sour words made Wu Yan speechless. He wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry but his eyebrows were definitely twitching.

He admits he can be rather loose with his principles regarding monogamy but it’s not like he’s deliberately flirting with so many girls.

I don’t believe I have that much game, why is she getting jealous all of a sudden?…


After shaking off his drunken state, Wu Yan straightened his back,however, he continued leaning his head against Asuna, maintaining their close and intimate distance.

“Did Liz got it right when she said you’re eager to get hitched?”

“S-says who?!”

Like a cat with its tail stepped on, her eyebrows went up.

“Marriage, in a hurry, hmph, it’s not like I am afraid no one wants me, right?…”

“Yeah yeah yeah, Asuna-sama’s charm value is through the roof…”

Wu Yan joked with her. Before she can get mad, he interrupted her.

“Right, there’s somewhere I need to go…”

Asuna flinched.

“Wh-where is that?…”


Wu Yan gave her a cheeky smile. He pulled her along in a certain direction.

“Come with me and you will find out!”

“Wait… Wait a minute…”

“I said wait…”

Asuna tagged along with Wu Yan for about half an hour when Wu Yan finally let go.


Asuna panted with her hands on her knees. She glared at Wu Yan.

“I told you to wait, didn’t I?!”

“Sorry, my bad…”

Wu Yan laughed it off while scratching his cheek.

“If we didn’t hurry up, the sun would have set and we would have missed the thing I wanted to show you…”


Asuna sighed to expel the angry air within herself. She patted her chest and she started talking to him with hands on her waist.

“If it’s not satisfying, I am not going to forgive you, you know…”


Wu Yan confidently said.

“I promise you’re going to like it!”

Asuna, unconvinced, asked him about it.

“Well, where is it?…”

Wu Yan grinned and he pressed down on Asuna’s shoulders.

“Don’t blink okay…”

Wu Yan slowly backed away and the scene behind him unfolded. When Asuna looked, she was frozen in place.

She covered her mouth as a look of disbelief spread across her face. She was captivated by what she saw and this showed, she didn’t avert her gaze at all.

In front of her, with the setting sun as the backdrop, the orange-yellowish rays of the setting sun lit up every corner of this place. The soft glow of the setting sun lit up the round-shaped flower patch, the flowers left long shadows that looked magical. Then, a wave of petals came swirling along with the gale, dancing and twirling in the sky like fairies chasing each other.

Beautiful, it was just, stunning!

The beauty of this scene wasn’t the only reason why Asuna got mesmerized. What truly got her was the resemblance between this place and Floria. It looked similar to the time when Wu Yan and Asuna got married in SAO.

“No… way…”

The overwhelming visual input got translated into a magnifying ripple that echoed throughout her soul. She just couldn’t believe everything she’s seeing right now, it looked out of this world.

Wu Yan grabbed Asuna by the hand as they slowly walked towards the floral garden. They stopped at the center of the place as they looked into each other’s eyes.

They weren’t wearing formal nuptial clothing, aside from that, it looked just like when they got married.

“Well? Do you like it?…”

Wu Yan smiled at Asuna who is still taking it all in.

“It took me quite some time to find a place like this. There aren’t as many flowers here but this should do, right?”

Asuna nodded with an enchanted look. She couldn’t stop looking around her. Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He took out a box after inhaling deeply. He opened it in front of Asuna.

Asuna was temporarily stunned but her eyes widened when she saw the content of that box.

Inside the box laid a ring.

It’s a wedding ring!

“The promised wedding ring…”

Wu Yan took the ring out and he presented it to Asuna. He tilted his head and he beamed at her.

“Asuna, will you marry me?…”

The sentence echoed incessantly in Asuna’s ears. She covered her mouth as tears streamed down her face. Her weeping sound escaped her fingers.

Her heart melted…

Asuna nodded. She nodded vigorously, despite the tears flowing down her cheeks, she glomped Wu Yan, jumping into his embrace. Wu Yan smiled while the sound of someone trying to hold their tears back continued reverberating in that area.

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