Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 31 - An intense premonition

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In just a few minutes, Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan were tricked into the Pink Mummy Bar by Chi Shi and the two blondies.

The moment Song Meiyuan noticed the name of the bar, a wave of uneasiness came over her. She turned to look at the entrance that was decorated with roses and neon lights that were not turned on. Even though it was morning, it still seeped with a sense of filthiness.

It made her think that the bar was definitely a shady place, like the businesses around the area, morals are degenerating by the day.

That Brother Dragon person was a well-connected person so he should have connections with the officials that govern this area. In that manner, when the emperor was far away, he made a name for himself through unbridled means.

Song Meiyuan was repulsed by these places, so much so that one look would make her unable to stomach any food. However, when she thought about Luo Lin's safety, she didn't have the slightest hesitation and rushed in together with Qin Wanshu.

When these beauties entered the bar, one of the blondies said: "Ladies, please hand over your cellphones, this is the rule."

Song Meiyuan frowned: "No."

"Is that so? Then Luo Lin might be unlucky today."

"Don't go too far!" Song Meiyuan didn't dare hand over her phone and tried to negotiate.

Qin Wanshu tugged the hems of Song Meiyuan's clothes and quickly handed her phone to that blondie's hand: "We just want to know if Luo Lin is safe!"

Blondie's gaze flashed with a treacherous glint: "What about the other phone?"

When Song Meiyuan saw that Qin Wanshu had handed her phone, she gritted her teeth before handing hers over too, placing it into blondie's hand: "Just take it as me being afraid of you gangsters, are you happy now?! Hurry up and hand Luo Lin over, how much money do you want?"

Blondie's task was accomplished the moment he received the phones. He ignored her question and smiled as he turned to the other blondie: "It's time to work."


As his voice fell, the shutter doors were closed shut by the other blondie. He locked it with the key and proceeded to close the glass doors and topped it off with a huge lock.

'There are two layers of locks, how can you guys escape?'

'Other than the key, unless you get ahold of something to pry it open, dream on!'

Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan stared at the closed shutter and glass doors and immediately thought: 'This is bad!'

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

Song Meiyuan forced herself to calm down: "To think that you'd even shut the doors... We've already handed our phones over, you think we'd escape? Where's Luo Lin? We want to see him!"

"Luo Lin? Who's Luo Lin?" I don't know him." Blondie exposed his foxtail and smiled in a wretched manner.

He yelled toward the innermost compartment in the bar, "Brother Dragon, the girls have been brought here. We did it properly, no one knows about this."

In a few moments, Brother Dragon pushed the door open and was met with the horrified and paled faces of the girls.

Brother Dragon loved these expressions as it riles him up and unleashes the desires within him.

The wretched light in his gaze blossomed unbridledly: "What rare guests, welcome ladies."

Brother Dragon wasn't worried about them filing a police report after getting xxx-ed by him.

On one hand, Chi Shi was a participant in the matter. His father was the Deputy Mayor, as long as matters do not blow out of proportion, and they don't encounter a higher power, most matters could be suppressed.

On the other hand, if it was a pretty woman with a lot of pursuers, once they had been defiled, these women would generally remain silent. They would swallow the matter down their stomach, and force themselves to forget about the traumatic incident

It was because these young unmarried women are concerned about their reputation.

If no one knows about their incident, they would still be the delicious cakes held in high regard by their pursuers.

However, once matters are exposed, word will spread like wildfire. At that time, the delicious cakes that were once held up into the skies will turn into dilapidated shoes despised by everyone.

Men with promising futures would rarely form a family with these women. No matter how beautiful they were, not many men are able to withstand the psychological trauma that comes along.

In fact, a majority of women who committed suicide after being defiled are mostly due to matters being exposed. There are many who does not sympathize with these victims, they would not console their wounded hearts but rather point fingers behind their backs.

This was the vile and disgusting nature of humans.

Society is that realistic, there's no other way.

Brother Dragon had been around for a long time. He didn't do less of these shady matters.

Brother Dragon was still apprehensive the first time he committed it, but as his methods grew, he began to have a grasp on the mentality of these victims.

So he became emboldened, it could even be said that these acts became a habit.

Brother Dragon swept his eyes unbridledly across the bodies of Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan. Their breasts, their waists, their buttocks.

His filthy gaze thoroughly revealed his evil desires. It was as though these ladies were already in the palm of his hands. It would only take a few minutes to deal with them in the room!

It was at this moment that Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu realized they were duped. They turned back to look at the locked door.

'You want to escape?'

'There's not even a window!'

Song Meiyuan subconsciously shielded Qin Wanshu behind her. Even though she was frightened to the point of being drenched in sweat, she did not budge and asked with a paled face: "Where is Luo Lin, we want to see him!"

Chi Shi stopped acting the moment he saw that the ladies had been subdued. He strode up with a sly smile: "There's no Luo Lin here, but there is a majestic and strong Brother Dragon!"

Song Meiyuan was taken aback when she saw Chi Shi's smug face, but she soon understood what was going on.

Unfortunately, she had already started to fear. Brother Dragon had lust written all over his face. The chastity that Qin Wanshu and herself had protected for over 20 years... was it going to end up in at the hands of this person, in this kind of place?

When she thought of this, her heart raced. She was so terrified she couldn't even speak.

Brother Dragon waved his hands: "Stop the nonsense and start doing your jobs."

The two blondies quickly pulled out the drugs and wanted to hold down the two ladies so they could shove the drugs into their mouths.

They must struggle even if they die. Song Meiyuan suppressed the fear within her heart and grabbed the hand of the blondie before biting down ruthlessly. She put all her strength into it and protected the frozen Qin Wanshu behind her.

'Even if I die here, I will not let these people take advantage of me!

"Ahh! ~~~Fu*k!"

The Blondie who was bitten shrieked out loud. No matter how he tried to shake Song Meiyuan off, she wouldn't budge. Blood flowed down his arm profusely, it was as if Song Meiyuan was trying to rip his flesh off.

The irritated blondie used his other hand to grab Song Meiyuan's hair and tried to push her to the ground but no matter how hard he pulled, no matter how much pain she was in, Song Meiyuan did not budge but rather, she bit down even harder.

"Ahhhhh! FU*K! Let go! Hurry up and let go you crazy bit*h!"

Blondie ruthlessly grabbed Song Meiyuan's hair and kicked Song Meiyuan's abdomen several times.

Song Meiyuan was in so much pain her vision turned black and white, but she did not let loose. It seemed like she was making her last struggle, either the fish dies, or the net rips.

"This lass, when she turns crazy she's like a female dog." Brother Dragon cursed under his breath. He was not hurried and simply hugged his arms while he watched on the sidelines.

These two blondies belonged to the strong and tanned type of men. It would only be a matter of time to subdue two girls and force-feed them drugs. However, at this time, the problem wasn't time but energy.

Brother Dragon was not in a hurry, in fact, he enjoyed watching the show. The perverted tendencies within made him fall in love with this feeling, the crazier the girls struggled, the more excited he becomes!

Chi Shi's blood boiled when he watched this.

'These two women were related to Luo Lin, they deserved this!'

'Fuck! This is so satisfying, so fucking satisfying! Your daddy, I will sleep these women today!'


P.E. class was free time. Luo Lin was currently sitting under the basketball hoop. His heart was in a fluster, his right eyelid had been jumping since morning, the feeling of unease was growing more intense by the moment that he couldn't sit still.

He looked up and noticed Wu Gang who appeared on the basketball court, seemingly preoccupied with thoughts as he blindly wandered around on the running track.

His eyelid fiercely jumped again.

Luo Lin decided to go and test Wu Gang since he had been acting somewhat abnormal, maybe that guy was up to something.

Luo Lin also didn't see Chi Shi in school, maybe Wu Gang knows something that he does not.

Soon, Luo Lin walked up to him.

"What's wrong? Wu Gang, you feel uncomfortable because you did something shameful with Chi Shi right?" Luo Lin had an accurate read of people, and he knew how to take appropriate steps. Wu Gang was an honest person, so he would not be able to stand being questioned.

Luo Lin knew that people like these were bad at hiding secrets, so he tentatively asked a question or two.

Wu Gang's heart palpitated when he heard someone talking to him. When he realized it was Luo Lin, he subconsciously wanted to escape.

He knew Luo Lin, and because he knew what was going on, he prepared to run away. However, when he thought about it... How did Luo Lin find out?

'I didn't really do anything right?'

'Sneaking a glance at his phone model does not count as a crime.'

When he thought of that, Wu Gang who stiffened up began to come back to his senses. He pretended to be confused: "What are you talking about? What shameful deed?"

'Damn, you're still acting with me here!'

Luo Lin was glad he spoke to Wu Gang. When he noticed Wu Gang's actions, he knew there must be something fishy going on!

... and it was definitely not beneficial to him!

Luo Lin was silent. He knew that when dealing with honest people, one has to exert psychological pressure. When these people are afraid, they would start spilling out everything even without being questioned.

"Come here and speak."

Luo Lin did not say anything else, he simply pulled Wu Gang's collar and walked toward an inconspicuous corner behind the gymnasium.

Wu Gang dared not be cocky, so he followed while trembling with fear.

When they arrived at a place where no one could see them, Luo Lin casually lit up a cigarette. He spewed smoke slowly, and his expression turned cold: "Whether you get beaten up or not depends entirely on your attitude. Within 3 minutes, I want to hear the things I want to hear."

Wu Gang was afraid of Luo Lin, the fearsome momentum which emanated from Luo Lin's body made him have an urge to spill Chi Shi's matters. However, he couldn't betray Chi Shi in such a casual manner so he made an expression of bitterness: "Big Brother Luo Lin, I really don't understand what you are talking about."

Luo Lin continued to smoke, and his gaze turned colder: "I take back my words earlier. You have 10 seconds left."

"10, 9, 8, 7..."

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