Reduced ads- please disable your adblock! My wallet really hurts ;-;.

Hi there! I recently revamped our ads so they should be a lot less intrusive now. I really cut down on the # of ads and tried to reduce the # of in content ads so if you can, please try turning off ad block and see if it's alright :) if it's still intrusive to your reading experience, let me know and I'll try and fix it! Just leave a comment below.

This is really important, especially with COVID breaking down ad rates and spiking traffic. This month, ISO made 2.3 million views but only $1050 in ads (I pay translators 50 cents per 1000 views). Plus, I gotta pay another $220 for premium ads (since they make more than I pay). So uh, in total, I kinda lost $320 this month since I pay more than I make. Turn off ad block please haha, more than 65% of our visitors have ad block and normally its fine, I get ads can be annoying, but my wallet is really hurting QAQ. Might have to lower ad rates, then translating releases might slow down. Aaah this got a bit long, basically please support your translators and turn off ad block! If ads get annoying, tell me and I'll fix them! But I really can't keep losing $320 every month, especially considering how much time I spend on this site, ahaha... I was gonna pick up some novels to translate here but now I'm too scared to ;-;


  • Kiki

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