Return of the Goddess

Chapter 86

News of Ning Xi attending the Qu family banquet with Chang Shi Gui made the headlines of the entertainment section the next day. In the reports, the couple looked intimate and very much in love. Anyone who saw these pictures would feel that there were countless invisible pink bubbles between them.

Most people were simply enjoying the show, but the fans secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Before, when news about Ning Xi making a police report about her mother’s death was discussed widely, a number of self-proclaimed “insiders” jumped out and said that with such a scandal, Ning Xi would probably not be able to marry into the Chang family. Her identity was already a far stretch from the Chang family’s status, and yet she still had so many problems. Which reputable family would dare to allow such a daughter-in-law into their family?

The fans of the goddess retaliated against these comments. However, Ning Xi stayed at home in recent days, and the media couldn’t find her. Hence, no one knew how the matter had developed, and slowly, some people even felt that Ning Xi was probably going to break up with Chang Shi Gui. Some lamented the break-up, while others felt that Ning Xi was pitiful as she had to sacrifice too much just to seek recourse for her mother. There were also some who hoped that Chang Shi Gui would not bother about such matters and continue to treat Ning Xi well.

Most people didn’t look favourably at Ning Xi’s relationship, but they didn’t expect that they would be face-slapped with the truth again. And the “insiders” who confidently said that Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui’s romance wouldn’t survive all shut up, refusing to speak up again.

Originally, this was already a very powerful face slap, yet, when the bored Tao Shenyan saw some of the posts of these “insiders” on Weibo, he shared them without fail, then ridiculed them.

Speak and act cautiously [1]: Where did these so-called “insiders” come from? If you know so much about Sister Ning and Brother Chang’s relationship, why don’t you step out? I would also like to know who you are, since you seem to know more about them than I do.

Netizens didn’t notice his post until someone found out that this account belonged to Chang Shi Gui’s younger cousin, and many started to pay attention to his account.

After looking at Tao Shenyan’s Weibo, the netizens went into a frenzy. Didn’t the reporters who constantly predicted that Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui’s relationship wouldn’t last ever think that Ning Xi might really marry into the Chang family one day? Even Chang Shi Gui’s younger cousin, the nephew of Ning Xi’s prospective mother-in-law, had stepped out to support Ning Xi. He even addressed her as “Sister Ning”. Didn’t that already mean that Ning Xi’s future mother-in-law was satisfied with Ning Xi?

Of course, the entertainment reporters saw Tao Shenyan’s Weibo post. Hence, they changed their tune; the next day, they reported on how the Chang family was extremely pleased with Ning Xi, and was waiting for her to marry into the family. The media weren’t too principled when it came to gossip, and the readers were used to it, hence they didn’t take the farce too seriously. However, there were certain things that left an impression on the readers, such as the tag, “Chang family is very pleased with Ning Xi.”

There were also reporters who contacted Zhang Qingyun, but he didn’t respond to them. This issue was linked to the prestigious families, how could he possibly shoot his mouth off and cause more trouble for Ning Xi?

In the end, it was Zhao Hong’s production team who specially made an episode that detailed the harmonious events that happened since Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui got together. After the programme broadcasted the exclusive on Ning Xi’s police report for her mother’s death, Zhao Hong became in-charge of this programme and revived the show. It was now one of the top three programmes of their station.

Zhao Hong was extremely grateful to Ning Xi, hence even during regular broadcasting, she would usually subtly increase the audience’s impression of Ning Xi. Unexpectedly, the outcome was positive, and they received many good reviews.

The management at the station knew that Zhao Hong and Ning Xi’s manager were on good terms, hence they sought Zhao Hong out and hoped that she could set up an interview with Ning Xi. However, they knew that she might not succeed, hence they didn’t put too much pressure on her, and simply asked her to try her best.

In reality, Zhao Hong didn’t really want to bother Ning Xi right now as she still recalled the expression Ning Xi had previously when she called Chang Shi Gui before alighting the car. That expression was one of stubbornness and determination but there was also a hint of extreme sadness, and she looked as though she was about to cry.

Back then, Zhao Hong thought to herself, Ning Xi really couldn’t bear to leave Chang Shi Gui, but she couldn’t ignore the truth that her mother’s death was indeed suspicious. When Zhao Hong returned home that day, she couldn’t take this matter off her mind, and was afraid that Ning Xi might really break up with Chang Shi Gui over this matter.

Hence, when she learned of Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui’s affectionate moments during the party, she felt a sense of relief.

Fortunately, fortunately.

In order not to let her leaders think that she was simply patronizing them, Zhao Hong called Zhang Qingyun in the presence of some colleagues, telling him that the station wished to have a slot to interview Ning Xi. Zhang Qingyun didn’t directly accept the invite, and only said that he would have to contact Ning Xi first.

Zhao Hong didn’t have any expectations either, so after hanging up, she didn’t think so much about the matter. Unexpectedly, an hour later, Zhang Qingyun called and said that Ning Xi was willing to accept the interview, but she wouldn’t want to go to the station. If they were willing, they could bring their team to Ning Xi’s residence to conduct the interview.

When the station’s management heard Zhao Hong’s report, they accepted the request immediately. Ning Xi’s popularity was rising, and she was also the future mistress of the Chang family. The fact that she was willing to accept the interview was already an unexpected surprise. Of course they would accept the condition of filming at her house; even if they had to kneel on the streets to record the programme, they wouldn’t have any qualms.

That afternoon, Zhao Hong brought a team of people and their filming tools and went to Ning Xi’s residence.

In the group, there were some who had seen Ning Xi in the flesh before, but there were also some who had only seen her through the screens. Thus, when they saw Ning Xi dressed and made-up, they felt somewhat reserved. Luckily, Ning Xi was gentle and treated others warmly, hence they slowly loosened up.

The crew decided to film in the small garden outside the villa. After the area was set up, Zhao Hong and Ning Xi sat down at a table and officially started the interview.

Since the pair knew each other and had good impressions of each other, hence when they conversed, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Zhao Hong didn’t want to touch on things that would make Ning Xi unhappy, so she chose to ask Ning Xi questions that were more interesting.

“Everyone’s been concerned about your love life. Do you feel disturbed by this?”

“No. To me, kind concern is something warm, and doesn’t affect me.” Ning Xi held her bone china cup up and took a sip, then said, “My fans are especially cute. There are some who are good at editing clips, some who specialise in drawing, and there are even some who tell me about the weather forecast in advance and remind me to bring certain things.”

Zhao Hong could see that her smile was sincere, and she was somewhat moved. “Yes. Many fans’ love for their idols are pure. Before I came, I ran through the comments that your fans left on Weibo, and consolidated some of the questions. Some of the questions might infringe into your privacy, so I’m not sure if you’re willing to answer them.”

“I’ll have to see what the questions are first,” Ning Xi chuckled. Her expression didn’t darken because of her mother’s case.

“I’ll start then,” Zhao Hong waved the paper in her hand, “Many fans have asked, does Mr. Chang treat you well?”

Before Ning Xi answered the question, she started laughing. She looked at the camera and nodded, “Everyone, don’t worry. Mr. Chang treats me very well. He’s presentable on the outside, and is also good in the kitchen [2]; he’s really a wonderful man.

“Mr. Chang can cook?” Zhao Hong was somewhat incredulous. It was unbelievable that a boss from a rich family was willing to go into the kitchen for his girlfriend.

“He can, and he cooks well.” There was a hint of sweetness on Ning Xi’s smile, “The first time when I saw him putting an apron over his shirt and cooking for me, I thought to myself, I must have saved the galaxy in my previous life to be able to meet such a good man like him.”

Zhao Hong laughed, “Perhaps Mr. Chang thinks the same way too.”

“That’s right. He said that he probably saved the entire universe in his previous life, which is why he managed to successfully pursue me.” Ning Xi blinked, “It appears that saving the universe might be slightly more difficult?”

Having been thrown such a sudden display of affection, Zhao Hong could only smile, “I didn’t think that Mr. Chang could be so humorous. After all, others think that Mr. Chang is an extremely stern figure who’s stingy with his words and smiles.”

When Ning Xi heard this, she tilted her head as she pondered for a moment, “It’s probably because I’m more special in his eyes?”

Zhao Hong thought internally, Can you not be so sweet? The sweetness is so overbearing, when this is broadcasted, how will the singles survive?

Chang Shi Gui returned in the middle of the interview. When he saw that Ning Xi’s interview was still ongoing, he didn’t go up to her. Instead, he stood aside and observed quietly.

“If, I mean if, after you get married, and Mr. Chang doesn’t want you to act anymore, will you give it up for him?” Zhao Hong’s question wasn’t unfounded. Many female celebrities who married tycoons would fade from the entertainment industry in the end and become full time wives, not to mention a prestigious family like the Changs.

“Honestly, before you raised this question, I had never considered this question.” Ning Xi looked at her pretty forefinger. She didn’t lie; she really hadn’t considered this question before, because in her mind, Chang Shi Gui surely couldn’t bear to make her so upset. After all, he’d always treated her so well.

That’s right. He treated her really well; he would always accede to her wishes, and pampered her to the core. To the outside world, he might be aloof and was pursued by many, but in front of her, he was only her boyfriend, the man who loved her, and not Mr. Chang, or the Chang family’s boss.

“Shi Gui’s different from others. He’ll quietly support me no matter what I do.” Ning Xi suddenly collected her thoughts and faced her camera, “He’s a man who can’t bear to make things difficult for me.”

Zhao Hong was silent. She was a woman, naturally she could tell if Ning Xi was speaking the truth. For instance, at this moment, she was almost certain that Ning Xi wasn’t telling lies; Mr. Chang probably couldn’t bear for Ning Xi to be troubled, and was willing to support all her decisions.

Using an overused description, this was true love.

“I think that I can probably understand why you choose to be with Mr. Chang.” Zhao Hong smiled, “I believe that after this episode, many people will envy you.”

Ning Xi shook her head as she smiled, but didn’t add on further.

“One more question - many people are concerned about when Mr. Chang and you will be getting married. Can you… reveal a little more?”

Ning Xi was about to reply when she saw Chang Shi Gui standing behind the videographer. She unconsciously smiled at him.

Zhao Hong noticed Ning Xi’s pause, so she turned around to take a look. She quickly got the videographer to pause the filming, then stood up to greet Chang Shi Gui. It was only then that the crew noticed that Chang Shi Gui had already returned, so all of them carefully went to greet him.

“I’m sorry for bothering all of you.” The man was clad in a white shirt, a waistcoat, and a dark-coloured tie. He looked the part of an aristocrat, so even though he was polite, no one dared to act casually before him.

Zhao Hong didn’t think that Chang Shi Gui would come back at this hour. She was somewhat worried as she didn’t know if the interview could continue.

But the truth was that she was overthinking. Chang Shi Gui simply sat down by the side to watch, while signalling for them to continue.

Hence, filming resumed, and Zhao Hong asked the same question again.

“This question…” Ning Xi turned and glanced at Chang Shi Gui; the latter noticed her gaze, and a trace of expectation surfaced from his eyes.

Noticing Chang Shi Gui’s expectant look, Ning Xi swallowed the reply that was about to come out. She looked into Chang Shi Gui’s eyes and said unconsciously, “It might be soon.”

In that split second, Chang Shi Gui smiled, and he looked overjoyed.

One of the crew couldn’t resist taking out his phone and capturing this precious moment.

On the other hand, Zhu Moli, who was suspected of drug possession, had revealed several shocking secrets after a mental breakdown.

Even the Jiang brothers didn’t expect that the woman they thought was brainless would disregard their threats over her family, and spill everything out just to reduce her sentence.

They knew that most people would sacrifice a lot for their family, including themselves. However, what they didn’t know was that there were some who were extremely selfish; in order to survive, they wouldn’t care about others.

The Jiang brothers might have used the Zhu family to secretly threaten Zhu Moli, but to her, that didn’t compare with her own wellbeing.

Therefore, Zhu Moli not only told the police the cause of this incident, she even packaged her suspicions as truth and told all of them to the police.

For instance, Jiang Hongkai had knocked someone to death before, and Chen Zhenzhen’s death might not be a suicide.

[1] The username is “jin yan shen xing'' is a play on Tao Shenyan’s name and also a commonly used idiom that means that one should act and speak cautiously.

[2] Ning Xi used an idiom “上得厅堂,下得了厨房” (“shàng dé tīng táng, xià dé liǎo chú fáng”), which is usually used to describe an ideal woman who’s able to be presentable to others, and excel in managing the house.

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