Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 118.3 - You are Silly as well

“True that it’s not worth it but I still need to do this. I just want to see their expressions after they lose the Qin Group!” Su Yanyi still said this firmly.  

“Yanyi, you don’t need to worry about these things. They’re not worth it.” Qin Jiran gently kissed the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips. He didn’t want Yanyi to tire herself out for his matters.

She knew that wasn’t realistic either but she could still toss these people into nursing homes and leave them to be!

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you steal the rest back too. By then, I’ll accompany you to the Qin Group and let them see what they abandoned in the past!” Su Yanyi thought she was a bit narrow-minded or rather holding grudges. The moment she recalled Qin Family throwing the tiny Qin Jiran into an orphanage, she wanted to toss everyone in the Qin Family in these as well and let them experience what it felt to have no parents.

“Thank you!” Qin Jiran would’ve rejected her offer in the past but after experiencing Su Family’s real power, there was no need to reject her. He knew that these shares didn’t represent money nor power, but Su Yanyi’s feelings for himself. He couldn’t reject her love nor would he!

He didn’t care about these shares at all but he had to mind Su Yanyi’s feelings for him. With such a wife, what else could he want more!

Qin Jiran glanced at the contract and he was shocked by the number on there. He stared stunned for a while before suddenly hugging Su Yanyi.

“Jiran, although it’s not enough, I collected half for you. Just accept this gift for now.” Su Yanyi pushed the contract towards him, wanting him to sign his name. As long as he did, the shares in the Qin Group would belong to Qin Jiran.

After breakfast this morning, Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran to the company and had a lawyer wait there already. The two contracts were placed on the desk.

Su Yanyi was the crucial point. She collected 25% of the shares and was preparing to gift this to Qin Jiran.

Qin Zhenyi thought of something else. He had someone start to contact the investor in private and the two parties had met several times in private. Though they had done so in secret, for some reason, the news was still leaked. Not only did Qin Zhenli find out, even Qin Zhenren received the news too. Then, more people in Qin Family started having thoughts.

The loan finally got approved but they’d still be losing money if they repaid the debt. They may as well use this for their business. If the news was accurate and they’re really planning on building a new city district in the northern side, then this market investment plan would be profitable for sure. Even if he repaid the debt back to the bank with interest as well, he’d still be earning money.

As he was considering repaying the loan first, an investment company seeked out Qin Group. Apparently, they had inside news and wanted to join forces with the Qin Group to invest in the new city district and to build a large-scale shopping mall. However, the other party seeked out Qin Zhenli to talk about his first. The latter didn’t plan on publicizing this news either. It was his people that he inserted by Qin Zhenli’s side that told him in private. This caused him to have some thoughts as well.

However, Qin Zhenyi was really angry. He had been irritated by his son’s matter and there was no development in the company. He finally got his loans approved to buy the shares of the two small shareholders when he found out that they had already sold it. Not only did he do all this work for nothing, he also had to repay the loan. Qin Zhenyi slammed the table right then.

As for Su Yanyi, she had become the second biggest shareholder in Qin Group but outsiders didn’t know. Su Yanyi had done this secretly as well. Qin Family only knew that a few small shareholders had changed but they weren’t overly concerned.

Qin Ying actually had 3% of the shares. Qin Zhenren was planning on giving Qin Ying 5% of the shares but she had sold 2% of it. She wanted money to do business. Although Qin Zhenren was really persistent and gave quite a bit of funds, she still ended up losing money. In the end, instigated by her people, she sold her shares. However, she knew that she couldn’t explain her actions to her family so she only sold 2% of her shares. However, Su Yanyi was patient. Since she sold 2% of the shares, she could sell 3% of the shares as well.

That means that the head of the Qin Family had 25% of the shares while Qin Zhenyi and Qin Zhenren each held 18% of the shares. The remaining 11% of the shares were scattered in the small shareholders. These were the people that Su Yanyi continued to win over.

In April, about half a month after Su Yanyi came back from her honeymoon, she finally purchased 25% of Qin Group’s shares. Mother Su gifted her 3% of the shares and she exchanged 2% of the shares from Ling Tianyue. She purchased 4% from Qin Chu and 2% from Qin Ying. She purchased the rest from the small shareholders.

While the small shareholders were hesitating, Su Yanyi used a great amount of funds to purchase their shares!

These small shareholders were also merchants. They invested in Qin Group to earn money but now that it was unstable, it felt as if things could go seriously wrong. They had to consider for themselves. After all, it wasn’t like money would fall down from the sky.

While Su Yanyi was busy purchasing Qin Group’s shares, lots of news was revealed as well. It seemed like there was an internal battle within Qin Group and a private battle between the two young masters in Qin Group. News of failure of Qin Group’s investment was also revealed. It seemed like there was lots of negative news in Qin Group. The stocks in Qin Group kept on falling and it couldn’t rise. Some shareholders that originally didn’t want to sell their shares started thinking about selling shares.

“Let’s go back together and check it out later.” Her instinct told her that it’d be more shocking.

“Yanyi, what are you thinking? Do you still want to shop here? I’ll go make breakfast now, okay?” Seeing that Su Yanyi seemed to be a bit absent-minded, Qin Jiran gently held her hands.

[Level 10, 100%! 100% virtuous wife! Master, are you sprinting towards a perfect score? I’ll work really hard to support you!] 001 waved its fist, even more excited than Su Yanyi.

[What’s the maxed out level for the system?] Su Yanyi suddenly asked. She seemed to be neglecting this question.

Su Yanyi knew that she had been neglecting it but she was used to relying on herself. Therefore, she didn’t depend on the system. Even now, she thought this was a good habit so she didn’t plan on changing her actions. However, she’d try to upgrade the system. It might be because she was stubborn or rather she had a type of OCD. Since she could level up the system, she wanted to max it out.

[There are obviously benefits. Once the system levels up, the functions will also level up and you’d even get new functions. Dear master, I’m actually really useful but you just don’t use me. That’s why you naturally don’t think so.] 001 thought that it was really wronged. So miserable.

[Say, what’s good about leveling the system?] Su Yanyi asked straightforwardly, causing 001 to freeze too.

[Hopefully, you’re not going to scare me.] In reality, the tasks that the system proposed were all really childish after giving it a careful thought. However, it did improve their relationship. But Su Yanyi suddenly wondered why she worked so hard for the tasks. Was it just so that the system could level up? She kept feeling like it wasn’t really useful for the system to level up.

[The energy stone can upgrade the system’s functions and let it become more complete. Master, you can only go to level four after finishing level three’s task. You’ll know exactly why. You’ll get a huge surprise.] 001 excitedly responded when the gold stone was mentioned.

[What does that gold stone do?] Because they were tight on time because of the auction, she only got a general idea. Su Yanyi was still really confused with the system’s existence and she was even more confused now.

Su Yanyi glanced at 001 wearing a rabbit's outfit. She held in her thoughts and chose to ignore in the end.

[It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t want to shower. I’m already clean.] 001 scrunched its face and hurriedly rejected. Seeing that master was unhappy, it didn’t dare to be playful either. It changed its robe immediately but the clothes weren't any worse either.

[Systems need to shower too? Do you want me to help you clean some more?] Su Yanyi asked coldly inside her heart. She felt like if she let the system be, it’d be even better at acting cute.

With a system that loves to show off, it really put her tolerance to test.

[Master, I’m showering. Do you want to say something?] 001 blinked its eyes. It looked really similar to Su Nuo. Su Yanyi knitted her brows watching their spotless feet on top of each other.

[001.] Su Yanyi summoned. Then, a virtual 001 appeared in front of her. It was unclear whether 001 was poisoned or something was wrong with its brain but it appeared wearing a small bath robe.

Su Yanyi recalled the golden yellow precious stone that she got at Shengyan during an action as she glanced at the sparkling light. When she left Shengyan, she had someone bring the item back to Su Residence. After she came back from yesterday, she had placed the stone in her spatial storage. Then, she was busy cooking and forgot to ask 001 about this.

Was there something wrong with this tree? Or did this tree grow up due to growth hormones? Qin Jiran was letting his imagination run wild. Su Yanyi had already held Qin Jiran’s hands and walked under the tree. The closer they were, the clearer they saw the shiny corners of the leaves. It felt as if their eyes were going to be blinded by the dazzling light.

“This tree…” Qin Jiran only said two words before he didn’t know what else to say. He had never seen such a strange tree even in Su Family’s base camp’s tropicals. In a short few months, the tree had already grown to this size. It really looked bizarre.

Maybe it wasn’t sturdy enough but it had already reached great heights. The gold color wrapped around the green but brilliant rays sprinkled. It was beautiful like an ancient drawing. It was lively and elegant.

The second day that they returned, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran started their morning exercises again. The weather was really nice outside. The two both exercised for a while before they sparred. Then, they linked hands and went for a walk. As they walked, they arrived at the place Su Yanyi grew the tree. Then, they saw a tall figure.

Qin Chu didn’t have time to attend to the consequences of selling his shares.

At this time, Qin Chu didn’t devote himself to obtaining Qin Family’s inheritance anymore. Meanwhile, he was only thinking about getting revenge on Qin Haowen and the Qin Family. Therefore, he needed a large amount of money. As for the 4% shares, this was his only source of money.

To this, Su Yanyi naturally supported it really much. She gave Kaong Zhong a lot of money under her name for him to allocate to his own will. They must obtain the 4% shares from Qin Chu!

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