Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW prologue

A very very… very long time ago, the immortals in heaven held a marathon. From there on, the humans had the twelve zodiac, marking their difference of age according to the animal of the year. However after the marathon, these twelve zodiac grew intelligent. Thus, the immortal host let the twelve zodiac take turns being charge of one year every twelve years and gave them their arrangements.

To house the twelve zodiac, the immortal host built a fairyland zoo. However, although it was called a zoo here, that was merely for the sake of asking for a budget. How can they actually let people ridicule them? After all, some of the zodiacs’ temper aren’t good. Basically every master here will be taken good care of.

Because the zodiac only on duty every twelve years, when they aren’t on duty, they like to cause trouble everywhere and have some fun. Some zodiac in heaven became con artists, some took the Heavenly soldiers as sandbags. There are also some zodiac imitating that shrewd monkey: stealing the peach, disturbing the Heavenly Palace and pointing fingers at the Jade Emperor, causing the Jade Emperor to grow white hair.

The Jade Emperor found some immortals to discuss with and they concluded that the zodiac were too… bored! Twelve years before they are on duty, they were too idle. It was about time to give them something to do. The immortals each suggested a job for the zodiac.

Only Yue Lao said,” Get married and only then can they establish a career.”

Yue Lao used his experiences to inform his colleagues that getting the zodiac a companion to accompany them will stop them from causing trouble.

When the immortal thought of the catchword on Earth, ” What is this thing called love in this world, that it makes people give their lives for it,” they all agreed.

It’s just that they also know the character of the zodiac. If they are blunt, they will be dismissed. It’s to change the meaning—hiatus for many years, the heavens will have a marathon relay race again.


The immortal hosting told the zodiac, for this relay race, they have to find a teammate to help, but they can’t go to this world. It will mess up the heavens (it should be said that the old man often does this kind of chaotic things, this time he was strictly warned to not cause trouble.) However, the collections in the Heavenly Library all have spirituality, and the people in the books all have spirits.The immortal host let the zodiacs enter the world of books to select people.


Of course, after you chose someone, you can not directly bring people to the Heavens. Instead, you need to build a good relationship, establish a good fate, wait for that person’s life span to end (the book also has a life span), and willingly be your partner before you can bring people back to Heaven.

After listening to the immortal host, whether it is those who were dissatisfied with their ranking or those who want to maintain their current ranking, they all decide to make an effort to make their ‘future partner’ satisfied and listen to them. Only then can they bring their partner to Heaven and cannot go as far to say that they worked in vain.

For the sake of fairness, the zodiac decided to win using the same genre. They nit picked left and right and finally chose the Ancient Legends section.

And that was only because the bizarre mouse said, “ Recently, transmigration is really popular. Those transmigrated people can get the ancient people’s respect just by using their cheat. So we should just go to the ancient times to trick someone into going to Heaven.”

The zodiac were very much in agreement, one by one they enter their stories, but they don’t know that their plan couldn’t keep up with the changes made.

Change 1: Transmigrated people can’t chose their roles in the story. Their hard journey had only started.

Change 2:They went to the wrong section. The stories they entered are not the real legends but the works that were collected in the past when they held an essay competition—“Pseudo-legendary story”.

Therefore, a period of interesting, romantic and hilarious non traditional transmigration story begins…

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