Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 9



“If there is her, then there’s no me! Mother and this slut, you can solely choose one! Renounce her out quickly!”


When she listened to Madam Tang saying slut and jinx, she was so furious her entire body trembled. She almost pounced forward to slaughter Madam Tang. According to her strength, she merely needed a single slap to kick Madam Tang flying out from the front door to the backyard.

It’s just that, that way Lu You would be able to witness it. When that time comes, she would in addition have to kill Lu You to silence him. But this would let Zhao Shi Cheng catch sight of it. She didn’t want to leave a negative impression on Zhao Shi Cheng, so she could only do her best to restrain herself and desperately press down on the table.


“Miss Tang, are you alright?” Although Zhao Shi Cheng didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s family matters, he also thought Madam Tang was rather domineering too much. Lu You was obviously also weak and incompetent, and he couldn’t protect Tang Wan. No wonder she was so afraid that she started trembling.


“I’m okay.” Tang Wan took a deep breath, hoping it would quell her anger a little.


At this time, Lu You finally compromised with his mother. He staggered toward Tang Wan and said his decision with deep sorrow.


“Wan mei, I’ll order some men to send you back to the Tang residence first.”

he suddenly lowered his voice and also said, “I’ll calm my mother first and then I’ll go meet you. Wait for me…”


His words immediately made Tang Wan, who had finally calmed down, flew into a rage. She only fell short of 0.01 seconds before acting and beating Lu You up. Zhao Shi Cheng couldn’t watch any longer and jumped out, pointed at Lu You’s nose and cursed. “Lu You, are you genuinely a man?”


“Zhao Shi Cheng, what did you say?!”


Lu You was insulted at his door by someone who was suspected to be Tang Wan’s new lover. He was naturally also burning with anger. But he didn’t gain the time to say a second sentence and Zhao Shi Cheng already reprimanded loudly.


“Did I mention anything wrong? You’re a cowardly man. You are incapable of even protecting your own woman, letting her suffer the invectives hurled her way as well as the groundless accusations. Yet, you don’t even have the strength to ward off blows. You’re simply the disgrace of men!”


After he had finished reprimanding Lu You, he turned towards Madam Tang. “And you wicked woman. You have the nerve to call yourself Tang Wan’s aunt, bullying the younger generation in such a vicious way. Handling matters in a domineering and unreasonable way! Your son is unable to study well because he doesn’t have enough self-control. How is it Tang Wan’s fault? It’s because there are unreasonable people like you that created so many tragedies!”


你是哪里钻出来的愣头? How dare you criticize me?” Madam Tang slapped the armrest of her carved wooden chair in anger.


“A man never conceals his name no matter what. I am Wudang army’s commander, Zhao Shi Cheng!” He stood in front of Tang Wan, helping her block off Madam Tang’s murderous gaze.


Tang Wan quietly looked at his thick and broad back. Although she had the ability to defend herself. He counted as doing something unnecessary. But she couldn’t help but curve her lips and enjoy feeling safe and at ease, being protected in the back.


Lu You went back to his mother’s side and whispered a few sentences in her ear.


When Madam Tang knew that Zhao Shi Cheng was the general’s son, she was a little scared for a moment. But she felt confident with justice on her side and didn’t drop her haughty manners. “As long as my son passes the examination, he will additionally occupy a high position and high salary in the future. There’s no need for you to utilize your official position to frighten me. Even if it is the general, he also can’t control Lu family’s family matters!”

She even stood up and walked in front of Zhao Shi Cheng, looking fiercely at him face to face. “Ergo what if I want to curse at that slut? Who are you to her? How much of this is your business? Right now, she’s only Lu family’s abandoned wife. Is there any benefit for you to protect this faded beauty?


[note] faded beauty- woman who had lost their chastity/honor [/note]


Even if you are an official, you can’t just simply meddle in our affairs.”


“As far as I’m concerned, Tang Wan is pure as jade and clean as ice


[note] pure as jade and clean as ice means pure and noble; uncorrupted [/note].


She’s both beautiful and talented. You wicked woman is only jealous of her, that’s all. As for Lu You, this frail and incompetent man, it’s him who doesn’t deserve Tang Wan!” He stood his ground, to the extent that his imposing manner became even more aggressive as he pressed one step forward at a time. Madam Tang was a little terrified and withdrew two steps back.


“I’m telling you, wicked woman, Tang Wan isn’t an abandoned wife! I will ask for her hand in a few days. She is our Zhao family’s future young madam. If you dare mention another word to slander her, the result isn’t something our Lu family can bear!”


When he said this, Lu You was so shocked he almost couldn’t stand up. Madam Tang was even cowering, more than half of her arrogance disappeared.

After seeing his objective was reached, Zhao Shi Cheng then looked back at Tang Wan. But his piercing cold expression just now immediately changed into one that’s like a genial sunshine and also slightly apologetic.


“Miss Tang, I…” he originally wanted to say that he was only in a moment of desperation, but both the mother and son was still there, so he might as well make a tough decision and stated bluntly;


“ What I said just now, I was being serious. After getting along with you several times, I have fallen for your talent and beauty. I really like you. I hope to take you as my wife and let you become the Zhao family’s young madam. I, I…” He swallowed his saliva and then forced himself to continue.“Are you willing to come with me?”


Tang Wan hadn’t realized that he was confessing, and it was Lu You who flew into a rage first. He didn’t care about his mother’s obstruction and shouted loudly, “ Wan mei! Don’t go with him!”


Tang Wan looked at Zhao Shi Cheng expressionlessly and then looked at Lu You. She was speechless for a moment.


Zhao Shi Cheng was extremely nervous. He knew that Tang Wan and Lu You’s love was deep. It might cause the opposite effect if he butted in like this and even caused her to stay away from him. While on the other hand, Lu You saw she didn’t make a decision for a long time and his heart slowly calmed down. Their relationship has been nurtured over a extensive period of time, not to be beaten by the likes of Zhao Shi Cheng.


Heaven knew that Tang Wan’s thoughts and what the two people thought in their minds was one hundred and eight thousand li apart.


When she first transmigrated into the role of Tang Wan, the original plan was to choose Lu You as her partner. But soon, she realized that he didn’t seem to be “very useful” so she decided to seek the delicious looking Zhao Shi Cheng.


Unexpectedly, it was really the time to make a choice right now. She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Everything was really the will of Heaven. Because of the lament in her heart, her expression appeared to be hesitant to make a choice. In truth, the answer was already in her heart.


She looked towards Zhao Shi Cheng, slowly breaking into what he saw as the most prettiest smile he ever saw. “Young master Zhao, let’s go.”


When he saw Tang Wan and Zhao Shi Cheng walking away together without looking back, how could Lu You tolerate this? He hurriedly took a step and chased after them.


“Wan mei! Don’t go! You have to stay and let me explain.”


“Wu Guan! You’re not allowed to chase them! Get back here!” When Madam Tang recognized her son actually stupidly chasing after them, she was extremely outraged, she struck the table harshly.


Unexpectedly, the seemingly sturdy table collapsed and was incomparably accurate, slamming onto Madam Tang’s foot. It hurt so much that she cried out loud and fell on the ground.


When Lu You, who was always filial, overheard his mother’s wails.he had no choice but to return. He anxiously called for servants and also the doctor.


When the two people, who had already reached the gate. They heard the commotion and blood curdling screams, they also couldn’t help but look back.


“What happened inside? Why is Madam Tang’s cries so shrill?” Zhao Shi Cheng mumbled in confusion.


Tang Wan seemed to have thought of something and rubbed her jade hands guiltily. She laughed hollowly and said, “Who cares! From now on, I don’t have anything to do with them.”


This sentence was as if she was bidding farewell to her past. As he listened, his heart almost flew up.


Perhaps, the distance from the day he really obtains her heart isn’t far…


After leaving Lu family’s separate residence, Zhao Shi Cheng escorted Tang Wan once again, but this time it was to send her back to the Tang residence.


Moreover, his mood wasn’t like when he left the flower festival that lost because at that time, Tang Wan still belonged to Lu You. Right now, she was leaving with him, and he didn’t know how happy he was.


Just now, he talked big in front of Madam Tang and Lu You saying that he will take Tang Wan as his wife. He didn’t know if she will think he was abrupt and rude. After all, this move was tantamount to breaking her relationship with Lu You.


Although she hasn’t shown any signs of dissatisfaction, but a passionate and sentimental woman like her also had high aspirations. Maybe she just didn’t want to show any weakness in front of Lu You and his mother and placed all her grievance and sorrows in her heart, trying to look happy.


Thinking of this, Zhao Shi Cheng’s mood grew heavier. He sneaked a peek at her from the corner of her eyes. As expected, although there was a light smile on her beautiful and flawless face, but her eyes were lifeless. It’s clearly because there’s some kind of sentiment was bothering her.


However, he was actually overthinking it. With the current Tang Wan’s nerves that was as thick as a thigh, there were no worries or sentiments to worry about. She was just thinking that he actually took the initiative to say that he wanted to marry her.


It’s simply a fat meat delivering itself to her mouth. With such a good partner, winning the competition was a promising future. In the future, she’ll be able to boss people around in Heaven. Even when the Queen mother of the west saw her, she would have to move to the other side, haha…


Zhao Shi Cheng couldn’t stand such silence and finally, opened his mouth first with embarrassment. “Miss Tang, just-just now, it’s me who’s too reckless. I didn’t even ask for your wishes first and arbitrarily proposed to you.”


Who would have expected that Tang Wan looked at him smilingly, as if she really didn’t mind at all. “Are you really going to marry me?”


He immediately burst into joy and hurriedly said with happiness, “If Miss Tang doesn’t mind marrying down


[note] marrying down- a woman of high birth marrying someone with a low status [/note]


I definitely wish to do so. A fairy like woman like Tang Wan has a graceful appearance and exceptional talent. It’s my fortune to be able to marry Miss Tang.”


Although she wasn’t bothered about trifles and was even sloppy, but when she heard this man’s compliment, she couldn’t help but be pleased with herself. Even thinking without shame that if he married her, he would become an immortal and of course, it was his fortune.


But after thinking carefully on the profound secret behind his words, he seemed to highly value woman’s talent. Even if she was bold and uninhibited, she also couldn’t help but suffer a bit guilty. “Am I as great as what you said?”


“Miss Tang is a hundred times, a thousand times better compared to what I’ve said.” Zhao Shi Cheng wasn’t someone who curried favor, nor will say any sweet words and honeyed phrases. His words completely came from the bottom of his heart because in his heart, she was perfect.


“Miss Tang valued sentiments. For Lu You, you rather endure the public opinions of people; towards Madam Tang’s malicious words, you respected her seniority and meekly accepted, weren’t refuting a single word; even at the flower festival, you used a single poem to anger Yang Xian He, using the most graceful way to fight for your pride. These behaviors altogether aren’t something a normal woman would have.”

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