Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 8

Zhao Shi Cheng and Tang Wan looked at each other and smiled knowingly at the same time. A wondrous feeling ran through their hearts as if at this moment, the distance between the two people shortened. The initial gap from being initially acquainted and the boundaries between males and females disappeared off and what was left was intimacy and compatibility.


“Young master Zhao is here for a blind date today…” The way Zhao Shi Cheng rejected Yang Xian He was so straightforward that somehow it made Tang Wan feel refreshed. It also gave her the mood to see him. “This young lady didn’t destroy any happy event, right?”


“Look at Yang Xian He for yourself. I can’t thank you enough.” Zhao Shi Cheng looked at her rosy cheeks. Under the background of the falling flowers, her beauty was unlike any other. His heart quivered and said with deep meaning, “I, Zhao Shi Cheng, was an unrefined person. I hope my prospective wife will be noble and talented. Initially, I thought there was not much hope in encountering such a women and I was destined to be alone forever. But recently I discovered that heaven still cares about me.”


It’s a pity that he was playing the lute to the “tiger.”


[note] The original idiom was playing the lute to the cow (对牛弹). It has a similar meaning to talking to a brick wall. Poor Zhao Shi Cheng. [/note].


Tang Wan was dense and completely didn’t understand the meaning behind his words. Only his tone had a sincere feeling to it and for some strange reason, it made her heart leap and her face felt hot.


Damn it, what happened to her body? She subconsciously used her hands to cup her cheeks. For other people, she appeared to be shy. But in reality, she was actually thinking if her strange reaction had been caused by some magic or curse. After all, she also had 11 rivals in Heaven…


Although she didn’t have any response, but Zhao Shi Cheng was already satisfied with her shyness. He knew he already impressed with her elegant demeanor. As long as he was sincere, he believed that one day he will move her.


In the end, Zhao Shi Cheng and Tang Wan handed in their new poem.


Eunuch Liu saw the entire situation in his eyes. The poem was used to satirize Yang Xian He. He didn’t dare to recite it. In addition, the several scholars, who compare and assess the poems, also had a headache because Yang Xian He’s poem was plagiarized. Who would agree to give her first place? Zhao Zhong Shi would probably be angry. Although Tang Wan and Zhao Shi Cheng’s poem was pretty good, but if they judge this poem to be the best, the rude Yang Xian He might get her father to cause them trouble.


They didn’t want to offend Yang Wen Chang nor did they want to offend Zhao Zhong Shi. In the end, they racked their brain and could only be conscionable, bestow tonight’s first place to the person who was originally third place.


The winner, moreover, knew that Zhao and Yang, the two people, were fighting fiercely on court. When he was given this significant honor, he was panic stricken and broke into a cold sweat. In his mind, he cursed furiously, the various scholars were really cunning!


A bright moon hung in the sky. Zhao Shi Cheng brought into play his knightly…oh no, according to the words of the era, it should be brought into play his gentleman’s manner and personally escorted Tang Wan home.


He knew that Lu You arranged for her to live in another residence. Perhaps when he escorted her to the door, the one who opened the door would also be Lu You! When he thought of this, he thought Lu You was even more terrible. They were already divorced, but he still seized her person. Making her care about him, yet unable to obtain the proper title. That she should have and therefore suffer repeatedly.


He looked at her attractive face under the moonlight several times. Her moth eyebrows


[note] moth eyebrows suggested the fine and delicate eyebrows of women were like a sweep of the moth’s antenna. [/note]


Slightly wrinkled and her cherry lips pressed tightly together. He merely thought of it as her worries recurred. When she thought of going back to the dense meshes of love of that residence and that’s why she looked listless. For a moment, he couldn’t think of a single comforting word to say.


Who grasped that, Tang Wan lamented in her heart right now. But she was actually feeling apologetic she borrowed so many famous masters’ masterpieces. Yet she couldn’t even get a first place in the poetry contest. Therefore, she missed the royal banquet. She wrung her wrist in disappointment. She heard a course of fish required several stages of procedure. Plus the fat roasted chicken that was glistening yellow. The plump, tender and fragrant stewed pig trotters, the lamb leg with a heavy taste and sufficient weight…


“Ai, I definitely don’t want to return home.” When she goes back to Lu You’s house, she would have to live through days of being nearly vegetarian. Her heart was filled with unwillingness.


As expected! Zhao Shi Cheng’s heart was filled with pity. Since she mentioned it voluntarily, he couldn’t help but say. “Miss Tang, I might be a bit disrespectful for saying this. But if you genuinely don’t want to stay with Lu You, you should stop living there. If you don’t have any place to stay. I, in addition, possess some properties. I can allow Miss Tang to stay there.”


Tang Wan could suspect his sincerity but couldn’t help but be a little moved. She could also express his unease and couldn’t help but chuckle. She teased, “Even though you’re a military official, you possess some scholarly air. You’re also trustworthy. I never expected to learn from Lu You and also hide a lovely girl in your house.”


She originally had a bold nature, and she temporarily forgot to pretend to be a lady. Fortunately, he didn’t realize anything was wrong due to his nervousness. He only refuted for himself awkwardly and with guilt. “No, no, no. I only wanted to help Miss Tang. Miss Tang didn’t have enough food or clothing and was also in state of anxiety while living at Lu You’s place. This isn’t a place meant for tormenting a great lady like you. If you live at my place, I can take care of you.”


“What you said is right.” Not having enough food was a problem, Tang Wan thought it over seriously. “But what kind of reason do I need to move out.”


When her words entered Zhao Shi Cheng’s ears, it automatically translated to what kind of status should she use to live in his house. The more he believed the more his heart became fervent, his words of confession was about to be blurted out. “If Miss Tang doesn’t mind, I’m willing…”


The two people were at present standing at the door of Lu You’s separate residence. Unexpectedly, the door suddenly opened. The one who opened the door remain an elderly servant with an unkind expression.


When the old servant saw Tang Wan, he said in an odd manner, “ Cousin Young Miss, the Madam has been waiting for you inside the house. Please come with this old servant, quickly.” After he had finished, he turned around arrogantly and left.


Tang Wan immediately recalled that the Madam the old servant was talking about was Lu You’s mother, Madam Tang. Who knew that she met the old with that quickly. Her already bad mood became worse.


Zhao Shi Cheng saw her expression was really serious and also knew what to expect. It seems that Lu You couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Because of his pity and protection towards her, he took the initiative and said, “Miss Tang, I’ll go with you.”


She looked at him with surprise. She lived for several thousand years, yet she never had anyone take the initiative to protect her before. Even if she didn’t need his help, because of his actions, she was little moved. There was a strange feeling arising in heart. It was as if the man before her, who she could kill with a single strike of her hand, could really shelter her from the wind and rain like a mountain. His figure seemed to be imposing all of a sudden and for the first time, she thought she could rely on someone.


So she smiled, smiled without any pretence. “Then, let’s enter together.”


Tang Wan lead Zhao Shi Cheng inside the room, her expression was relaxed. When she entered the room, sure enough, she saw Madam Tang sitting arrogantly on the seat of honor. Next to her, standing hunchback and crestfallen, was the unlucky Lu You, who had been crushed by the pillar of the winding corridor. His head was still wrapped in white cloth.


Coming to this era, Tang Wan saw Madam Tang for the first time and almost vomited on the spot.


Heavens! This woman seems too invincibly unpalatable. She didn’t even need tasting Madam Tang’s meat and the bitterness and foul smell of fish emerged in her mouth. It was enough to say that Madam Tang was definitely not a good person. At least for her, Madam Tang was here today to find trouble. She certainly won’t let the matter be.


“Hmph! Tang Wan, it’s hitherto enough that you came home this late. But you also brought a lover!” Madam Tang started to accuse her indiscriminately. “As expected of a slut, getting into a relationship with another man this quickly. You dare take advantage of our Wu Guan, live in our Lu family’s courtyard and cause Wu Guan to come back from the flower festival injured. You jinx!”


“Mother…” Lu You heard his mother swearing unpleasantly and immediately interrupted and cried out.


Come to speak of it, and he had some responsibility for when his mother came here today. Someone in the place informed Madam Tang that he was injured, but he didn’t go home and instead came to the other residence to wait for Tang Wan. His mother couldn’t find him, so she asked around and then found out about the matter of him hiding the beauty here.


Not only did Madam Tang not give Lu You the chance to interrupt, but she also scolded him as well. “Don’t forget, you already divorced this woman. Why are you taking care of this woman? It’s simply a waste of Lu family’s rice!”


Her attitude already made Tang Wan mad. When she mentioned rice, she felt fire arise in her heart as well. Her hand couldn’t refrain from pressing down on the table, resisting the urge to punch her.


But her actions in the eyes of Lu You and Zhao Shi Cheng, looked like she was miserable. That’s why she couldn’t stand firmly and lean against the table. The former stretched his hand to support her, but the latter moved faster and directly supported the back of her waist.


This was the first time the two of them were so close. Zhao Shi Cheng was naturally reluctant to let go, but Tang Wan felt extremely awkward and strange. A voice in her heart clamoured for her to push him away quickly. But her instincts allowed her to lean in his arms.


Upon seeing this, Lu You’s expression sank. He withdrew the arm that was awkwardly hanging in the air.


Madam Tang was even more furious. “Wu Guan, just look at this slut. She’s being affectionate with this man like there’s no one here. Does she even care about us?!Good thing, she’s no longer a wife of the Lu family. Or else the reputation of the Lu family will be lost!” She pointed at Tang Wan fiercely. “From now on, you should get out of here.”


“Mother, it’s late. Where do you want Wan mei to go?” Even if Lu You was jealous, but he still cherished her deeply. He rushed to plead for her.


“It’s none of our business where she’s going to live. At that time, it was her who influenced you and made you focus on romance all day instead of studying. She’s simply a fox spirit.


[note] fox spirit- a seductive woman [/note].


How can mother let her stay by your side again? Mother is only telling her to get out. It’s already courteous that I didn’t drown her in a wicker basket.” Madam Tang completely didn’t spare any mercy. “Wu Guan, in order for you to forget this slut, mother already got you another marriage. It’s the daughter of the Wang family. She’s virtuous and considerably better than Tang Wan. You can go propose marriage to her a few days later.”


“Mother, it’s not long since I parted with Wan mei. It’s too fickle of me to marry someone else.” Lu You was absolutely against this idea.


“I told you to marry, so you must marry. Are you going entangling with that slut forever? Wu Guan, listen to your mother, it can’t be amiss. You should promptly drive her out!”

Update: Chapter 8 is edited.

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