Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 6

 “When I’m injured, I’ll take your lives!” Yang Xian He saw that Tang Wan only had one maid by her side. Guessed she definitely wasn’t some official’s child, her attitude became even more arrogant. “Since you’re so reluctant to let that wretched servant be slapped then, you should seize her place. Men, start slapping!

This woman’s vileness had already exceeded the limit of Tang Wan’s patience. Initially, she softened her stance only because she wanted to preserve her gentle image in the public. However, since someone was foolish enough to refuse face-saving offer, then don’t blame her for being unpolite. Before she was in heaven, she’s furthermore a ruthless character who killed god and killed Buddha on sight!

Her face sank, and the jade hand that was leaning on the pillar was about to punch the arrogant woman. At this moment, a familiar, male voice resounded and resolved a life calamity.

“What happened?”

From afar, Zhao Shi Cheng saw Tang Wan inexplicably mixed with Yang Xian He. The two guards also had their swords drawn and bows bent. He took into account that Yang Xian He was an arrogant and pampered girl. He was worried Tang Wan would get in trouble and rushed over.

When Xiao Chun saw it was Zhao Shi Cheng, she hurriedly ran out from behind her young miss. “Zhao Daren! Please save my young miss. That right prime minister’s daughter wants to take our young miss and even slap her!”

His eyebrows knitted, and he looked towards Yang Xian He. “Miss Yang, is that the case?”

Today, Yang Xian He was ordered by her father to meet with Zhao Shi Cheng. Although, in her heart, she liked his handsomeness; he was merely a general. She didn’t absolutely think highly of him. She also thought he enjoyed some unexpected luck to be a couple with her. He should naturally be flattering her. Therefore, her attitude became haughtier than before.

Her small chin was slightly raised and casted a sidelong glance to him. “Young master Zhao, you should stop interfering with matters that don’t concern you. I’ll talk to you after I teach this woman lesson.”

“What if I insist on interfering?” Tang Wan’s angry yet helpless expression stirred up Zhao Shi Cheng’s heart harshly, making his chest ache dully.

Heaven knows Tang Wan was only restraining herself not to take out Yang Xian He in one blow in front of Zhao Shi Cheng.

When Yang Xian He saw he didn’t know what was good for him, she was so angry her entire body started to shake and blurted out. “Zhao Shi Cheng, it’s your honor to be able to be to seek connections with me. You better not be a fool to reject a face-saving offer. Do you really think I like you? If my father didn’t require me to come and meet with you, I wouldn’t even want to come!”

The words she said weren’t reasonable. She didn’t think that, when comparing status, Zhao Shi Cheng’s father was the leader of the military officials. He was also part of the imperial clan. He didn’t lose to her father who was the leader of the civil officials. Not to mention, Zhao Shi Cheng also an official title in any case. Without her relationship with Yang Wen Chang, she was only a commoner.

In his mind, Zhao Shi Cheng already crossed out the matter of going on an arranged meeting with her. “It’s a excellent thing that you look down on me, or else I’d feel extremely troubled because I came here specifically forming a group with Miss Tang.”

“You want to team up with her.” This was ruthlessly rejecting Yang Xian He and outright slapping her face. How could she tolerate this?

“Yes. Miss Tang, I’ve been searching for you for a long time. Let’s go register at Eunuch Liu’s place together.” Zhao Shi Cheng no longer paid mind to Yang Xian He. He bowed towards Tang Wan and was about to take her away.

Yang Xian He shrieked angrily. “Zhao Shi Cheng! You dare to take her away? Don’t regret it when you leave!”

As soon as this was said, her guards immediately stopped in front of Zhao Shi Cheng and the others. However, Zhao Shi Cheng also wasn’t easy to deal with. He lightly called out, “Li Yong.”

A tall, strong man instantly appeared from the dark, standing impressively in front of the Yang family guards. It seemed that as long as the opposing party acted, he didn’t care if he had to add little red to the flower festival.

How could the guards of a civil official’s family compare with the guard of a military official’s family who had gone through fire and water? No matter how Yang Xian He resented, she could only watch as Zhao Shi Cheng easily take away Tang Wan the two master and servant.

Until they left that arrogant woman, Yang Xian He, Zhao Shi Cheng bowed towards Tang Wan. “Miss Tang, pardon me for my lack of manners. Just now, I said I wanted to form a team with you on an impulse. I wasn’t offending intentionally.”

When men invited girls to form a team, it’s usually because they have an interest towards the other party. Although he really did have the heart, it wasn’t good to express it bluntly.

However, Tang Wan was confused when she heard this. “Form what team?”

He was dumbfounded at first and then laughed. It seems that she really was protected by Lu You, not letting anyone covet. In the past flower festivals, he didn’t see her participate. It’s no wonder that she didn’t know.

Zhao Shi Cheng patiently explained to her. “The flower festival has a poetry contest. The registration fee is paid at the registration place. Men and women are free to team up and write poems together. The first place will have an abundant reward, and also be praised publicly.”

To be honest, she didn’t have any interest in some poetry contest. If it was an eating contest, she would probably be happy to enter. Too bad, the palace probably won’t grant this wish. Only she couldn’t state it to him honestly, making her feel frustrated and not know how to reject him.

Her distressed look fell into Zhao Shi Cheng’s eyes, naturally making his mood sink somewhat. It seems that she still cares about Lu You? Lu You didn’t come with her. He’s apparently frightened his mother will find out. However even so, she probably won’t team up with someone else and make Lu You look bad…

At this time, Yang Xian He actually appeared again and she brought a person that everyone never considered. 

“Aiyo, what coincidence we meet again. I can help introduce these two. This day, I’m teaming up with young master Lu. Young master Lu is endowed with unusual literary talent and the best scholar in the capital. I believe you all know him?” She had learned about Tang Wan’s identity from someone else just now and deliberately invited Lu You. Using Yang Wen Chang’s power to force Lu You to agree to formed a team with her, so she could make them unhappy.

When Lu You saw that Tang Wan was with Zhao Shi Cheng again, his expression immediately became ugly.

When Tang Wan saw Lu You, she was even more miserable. Because of this, she couldn’t eat enough for every meal and consumed vegetable until she suspected that she virtually went to heaven.

Zhao Shi Cheng completely miscalculated Tang Wan’s thoughts. With her identity and mood, meeting Lu You was always bad. Although he was pained, he could only say, “Miss Tang, it was me who took the initiative to invite you to form a team. It’s alright if you don’t agree.”

When Yang Xian He heard this, she immediately sneered and said. “Rumor has it that Miss Tang is very talented. What, now you’re afraid? The first place of the flower festival poetry contest could participate the royal banquet. This is an extremely good thing for young master Zhao. He can appear in front of the emperor. If Miss Tang doesn’t agree, does that mean you don’t have the capability and afraid to ruin young master Zhao’s big chance? Or did I misunderstand and Miss Tang still has interest in Lu You, so when you saw young master Lu enter the contest, you want to abstain?”

Royal banquet! Tang Wan only heard these two words. Doesn’t this mean there’s unlimited amount of meat to eat? Moreover, it’s cooked by the royal chef. The taste of the meat was sure to be high quality. She’d be fool to not participate, so she looked at Zhao Shi Cheng with her shining eyes and said. “Young Master Zhao, I’ll enter!”

Zhao Shi Cheng deeply felt that at this moment. His mood couldn’t be described with just having a good mood so much that he could fly to the sky. “Okay! Miss Tang, let’s hurry and sign up.”

The two of them left together. Right after turning into the winding corridor that Xiao Chun had just been hiding in. Lu You chased up to them, his face ashen and calling out. “Wan mei, you…”

“Me what me? Who do I team up with obtaining my freedom? Even the emperor can’t control it!” After she finished speaking, Tang Wan suddenly felt guilty. She couldn’t help but look at the sky. There probably won’t be a lightning striking her body later, right?

However, Lu You had long been excluded from being her partner. She stopped paying attention to him. She took Zhao Shi Cheng and left, too lazies to talk to Yang Xian He and Lu You.

“Miss Tang, do you really want to team up with me? It shouldn’t be because of anger…” Zhao Shi Cheng saw she was walking quickly. He thought she didn’t want to face Lu You.

“Ai stop talking. Quickly, tell me what kind of dishes there’ll be in the royal banquet.” She didn’t have as much thoughts as he did. Her entire heart was taken away by the royal banquet.

“Ah? The dishes of the royal banquet?” Why did the topic jump to this? He was dumbstruck, but instinctively replied. “There should be some carefully cooked chicken, duck and fish meat.”

She looked delighted as she listened. “Chicken, duck and fish meat are good… uh, I mean, I’ll try my best not to drag young master Zhao down so that young master Zhao can participate in the royal banquet. Only how much is the registration fee?”

“One person seems to be a dozen silvers.”

A dozen silvers can let you eat the royal banquet. How cheap! She groped her sleeve pocket with great interest. But her body suddenly stiffened and she looked at him embarrassed. “I didn’t bring money. What happens now?”

Zhao Shi Cheng was caught in her beauty trap and said without thinking, “Naturally, I will pay. Don’t worry, Miss Tang.”

Tang Wan beamed with smiles. It made his thoughts ripple and reach out into his pocket. He suddenly found that today he coincidentally only brought twenty silvers. In that moment, it was like he woke up from a dream. He laughed bitterly in his heart.

Sure enough, raising a woman was expensive…

In the back, there was a sudden bang. It was chaotic and noisy. The two looked back subconscious. 

“Aiya! How did the pillar suddenly break? The roof of the winding corridor collapsed, and it’s weighing young master Lu down. Save him quickly!”

When she heard the uproar near them, Tang Wan looked at her hand guilty and quietly hid her hand inside her sleeves. She knew why the pillar suddenly collapsed. She had just put a hand on the pillar, letting Zhao Shi Cheng interrupt. She didn’t get to punch the people, naturally all the strength was poured into the pillar.

“Miss Tang, do you want to go over and see?” When Zhao Shi Cheng saw her complexion was cloudy. He thought she was worried about Lu You and asked very rationally, although in his heart, he felt a little awkward.

She wasn’t absurd enough to confess her crime! She pretended to sigh faintly. “Let’s go. With Miss Yang there, Lu You won’t be in trouble.”

[note] Got this from Pleco [/note]

[note] swords drawn and bows bent means a state of mutual hostility [/note].

T/n: I have some trouble translating some of the words so some of the words will be changed after I ask the other translators for help. I’ll let you know what I changed. Also, I got an editor too, Blacklotus, to help edit the translation that I’m starting to suspect is chinglish.

Update: I changed the fact that Lu You was best scholar in the capital to he writes the best essays in the capital. I’m sorry for translating it incorrectly.

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