Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 4

Most of these untouched foods were based on the principle of not wasting. In fact, he merely didn’t want to throw these foods away. He would consistently bring them back home to include food for the people at home. This way, the meal costs at home also be saved up.

Therefore, Zhao Shi Cheng took two food baskets. Without batting an eyelid, he first collected the roasted chicken that the ten people on the table had never touched. Presumably, in a banquet where everyone strived to be temperamental and elegant, putting a few roasted chickens out was just to keep up appearances and brighten the dishes. Who would really pull out a chicken leg to eat and make their whole face greasy…

After criticizing in his mind, he suddenly discovered there seemed to be a person standing behind the curtains. He walked over confused and raised the curtains to look.

“Miss Tang? You haven’t left yet?” Zhao Shi Cheng gaped, looking at the Tang Wan in front of his eyes. He never expected to sight her in this shameful manner. Her right hand was bracing a chicken leg that had already been nibbled a few gaps. A small greasy face like a small, greedy cat.

She was caught red handed. Tang Wan was clearly shocked. A piece of chicken was stuffed in her mouth, and she didn’t want to spit it out. But she didn’t have time to swallow it. “Ahh…,” she couldn’t think of a reason to explain her embarrassing appearance. Could she seriously say this lady here wants to eat meat?

He was dumbfounded for a long time before he asked the second question. “Why are you hiding here alone?

“That… I…” She seamlessly put the chicken leg to the side and casually wiped her greasy hands in her dress. She couldn’t help but worry if she had scared off her prospective partner.

“And on top have a very… hungry look on your face?” Looking at the longing expression on her face, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Uh, I…”
“I understand!” He suddenly shouted out loud.
“What do you understand?” Tang Wan opened her eyes wide, stunned. She still hasn’t understood yet. What did he understand?

“Lu You is awful. He’s simply not a man.” Zhao Shi Cheng knitted his eyebrows and said as a matter of fact.

She was confused. Although she did not admire Lu You, but she wasn’t sure why her mumbling would cause the man to be implicated for no reason.

However, her perplexed expression turned into desolated and miserable when it fell into the eyes of Zhao Shi Cheng. It developed him affirm his guess even more and equally made it difficult for him to calm down.

“You certainly didn’t eat your fill at Lu You’s place?” He nodded his head at his conjecture. “Lu You’s mother, Madam Tang, is famous for being imperious. Lu You is probably afraid that if you were to eat exotic foods and Madam Tang knew, he is bound to be scolded so he made her go hungry. That’s why you hide here to eat.”

“Uh, you’re right.” Since he already speculated the reason, Tang Wan responded by following his train of thought. Soon after that, she turned her head around and quickly took out her handkerchief to clean herself up. When she turned back, she was still the miserable and aggrieved beauty with temperament Tang Wan. “To be honest, after I had come here, I was never full…”

Naturally, she was talking about after she came to the human world. Because the original Tang Wan was nearly a vegetarian, after she replaced Tang Wan, Xiao Chun didn’t have the time to prepare meat for her. Adding to the fact that she was afraid of scaring others, she was simply forced to control her appetite so she never did eat enough.

The speed of her change in attitude made even Zhao Shi Cheng, who had seen the strangest or eccentric people, clicked his tongue in wonder. However, he condemned this on the fact that a beauty had been starved to the point that she indeed didn’t have the time to care about her image. He couldn’t bear it in his heat. Not to mention, he initially obtained a favorable impression Tang Wan. Therefore, in his eyes, she definitely possessed a legitimate reason for doing something improper.

He looked at the roast chicken in his basket, then at Tang Wan who clearly looked extremely hungry. He only hesitated for a few moments, and then took out one of them; exposed a plate to place it in and presented it to her,

“Miss Tang, this gift is trifling but it’s the thought that counts. This roast chicken is for you, to relieve your hunger first.” After that, he sighed in his heart. Apologies to the gardener let me borrow your portion first to give to this beauty.

Tang Wan didn’t speak and only looked that the rest of the roast chicken in the basket innocently, just one to relieve her hunger? It really must be a joke. One roast chicken was barely enough to fill a tooth, okay.

Zhao Shi Cheng clearly identified the desire in her eyes. In his heart, he yelled at Lu You even louder. How long did that man starve her? Because he couldn’t bear to imagine her disappointment, he forced himself to take out the other two roast chicken.

“How about I provide you three roast chickens? That should probably be enough food to last you a few days.” The guards guarding the entrance, sorry, your portions were also given away.

Give me a break! Three roast chickens could only be eaten for one meal and it’s also a very unconvincing one meal… She became completely disheartened, looking at him with eyes filled with resent.

Zhao Shi Cheng clenched his teeth and pushed two baskets towards her. “Okay, I’ll give all of it to you.”

Tang Wan instantly lit up, grinned as she called Xiao Chun over and accepted the all of the roast chicken. “Bless you, young master Zhao. Young master Zhao is extremely generous.”

Zhao Shi Cheng seems terribly serious; his personality was actually completely straightforward and upright. He wasn’t merely clever but equally generous. She practically hitherto committed the decision. He would remain her prospective partner.

“This is what I should do, Miss Tang you needn’t mind.” Zhao Shi Cheng smiled warmly, but his heart was actually shedding blood.

Father, mother, please don’t blame your son if you miss a few meals. Your son was only displaying his manners. If not for the fact that Lu You was so stingy, your son wouldn’t need to donate the food from the residence out.

While he was thinking like this, he didn’t realize he was several times stingier than Lu You. Fortunately, Lu You didn’t have the skills and couldn’t hear his thoughts. Else, he would have angered till he fell sick and couldn’t leave the bed.

After the roasted chicken was handed over, Sun Ting Cai was also finished with sending the last guest off. He turned back and suddenly discovered that Zhao Shi Cheng was actually chatting with Tang Wan. They also appeared to be chatting quite happily. He knew the score and walked over with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“De Pu, aren’t you going to introduce me?” Although he said so, he didn’t wait until Zhao Shi Cheng opened his mouth and brazenly introduced himself to Tang Wan first. “Miss Tang, I’ve heard about you for a long time. I am Sun Ting Cai. I currently have the honor of being a member of the Han Lin Imperial Academy.”

“Haven’t you already introduced yourself? And you still need me to do it?” Zhao Shi Cheng said jokingly.

“I’m anxious you have been until now busy extorting my leftover food and gain no time to introduce me.” Sun Ting Cai was back from diverting himself. Merely now did he grasp what was wrong. “Huh? Why is my roast chicken completely gone? Hey, hey, hey, De Pu, you’re being stingy. I nonetheless want to come back and take two bites out of every chicken.”

“This… young master Sun…” Tang Wan couldn’t let Zhao Shi Cheng get blamed for this, lest he thought she was not loyal. Therefore, although she was extremely reluctant but she still pretended like she had no problems. And said, “Those several roast chicken, young master Zhao is very generous to give them to me. If young master Sun is inconvenient, I can call Xiao Chun to take them back again. You can slowly bite every one of them.”

“No, no, no, Miss Tang, I’m just joking. Even De Pu was generous for once. How can I lose to him? If you want, you can take them all back.” Sun Ting Cai suddenly shook his hand and refused.

“Much appreciated, young master Sun, I will not decline.” In her mind, Tang Wan excitedly shouted, I finally have meat! I at long last obtain meat! However, on the outside, she was gentle and sweet tempered.

“Young master Zhao, young master Sun, it’s getting late. I will say goodbye now.” She said politely. However, in her mind, she bit her teeth. Thinking,

You two better not be stopping me; this old lady here will be rushing home to eat her meat!

Fortunately, the two young masters were very sensible. In addition, it was indeed getting late, so the two men escorted Tang Wan out together. The fellow sufferers stood at the door, watching the carriage leave and couldn’t help but sigh.

“That…sigh, raising a woman is really costly. You see, we didn’t even get a single chicken wing.” Zhao Shi Cheng shook his head. Although he was willingly, but losing ten chickens at once really made him feel distressed.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sun Ting Cai nodded his head, agreeing with him. Due to the asceticism of the scholars, he held himself down on the dinner table. As a result, when he turned around and wanted to have a meal, there was nothing left.

“No wonder Lu You was so stingy.” Zhao Shi Cheng sighed again.

“Lu You is stingy? You…” Lu You had presented a priceless golden hairpin to Tang Wan as a love token. The entire capital knew about this. Even after the two had divorced, he didn’t ask for it back. But now Zhao Shi Cheng, this stingy fellow, was actually complaining he was stingy?

Poor Lu You, today, he was wronged again and again. If he knew, he’ll probably spit three liters of blood.

“Forget it, forget it. I just don’t know what Miss Tang wants to do with so many chickens. She can’t cease it alone.” Sun Ting Cai took a look at his friend.

“It must have been given to her residence’s servants. Miss Tang represents a kind-hearted person; of course she won’t only care about eating her fill.” Zhao Shi Cheng inferred from her reaction that, she was hungry, meant that everyone was hungry in the residence that Lu You used to hide her in. A fine woman like her would definitely share her food with everyone.

“You’re right. It’s very likely she’ll give people on the road the food she couldn’t finish.”

“It’s very likely. Miss Tang is very kind and helpful. The beggars on the road are blessed.”

“Can she be taking pity on the wild cats and dogs in the wilderness?”

“It must be, Miss Tang is undoubtedly a kind-hearted person…”

If these two naive men comprehended that the splendid fairy in their hearts. Tang Wan couldn’t wait until she returned to the residence; practically, immediately consumed the ten-roasted chicken in the carriage. The blood they spit will likely represent a few dozens more liters than the blood spit by Lu You…

Zhao Shi Cheng realized that, the him who always cared about money, recently conveys another image in his heart. It also occupied not a junior position, making him dazed from time to time, indeed sometimes forgetting to eat.

[note] to know the score (idiom)- understand what’s happening; know what’s what. [/note]


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