Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 31

Tang Wan listened Zhao Shi Cheng and slowly put down her sword, but when she thought of Yang Wen Chang’s abominable deeds, she suddenly lifted her sword again. “But Yang Wen Chang actually caused me to have no place to eat my meals!”

Yang Wen Chang, who originally thought that he could relax now, quickly tensed up again. He didn’t know when that sword with no heart would strike down, causing him to nearly turn cross-eyed while staring and terrified to the point where he couldn’t even utter a sound.

“It’s alright. We still have three hundred million silvers. We can open a new Yingfeng Pavilion again and request for those chefs to come back and make your favorite dishes.” Cold sweat was almost about to stream down from Zhao Shi Cheng and he couldn’t help but smile wryly in his heart. His wife was unusually obsessed with eating.

“We can open a new one? The chef also won’t be changed? I can still go and eat?” When she heard this, the anger in her heart also went out at once. She happily threw the sword before her body.

This throw coincidentally flew past Yang Wen Chang’s head and removed a strand of his hair. Yang Wen Chang couldn’t take the scare repeatedly, his two eyes rolled over and he fell backwards to the ground with a thud.

Only then did Tang Wan and Zhao Shi Cheng react. They hurriedly looked towards the ground and only saw Yang Wen Chang foam at his mouth and was already unconscious.

She went over there and kicked him. After that, her arched eyebrows knitted and she squatted down, examining his breathing. Afterwards, she stood up with an awkward expression. “Husband, he seems to have…died of shock…this probably wouldn’t count as me killing him, right?” She took a quick look at the sky diffidently and quietly thought, I didn’t kill him, the heavenly law’s punishment couldn’t be counted on me.

“It probably…shouldn’t.” A generation’s wicked prime minister unexpectedly died so stupidly, dying of fright from a sword a woman flung out. If they told this to someone, it would even make people die of laughter. But in the scenario, it seems that it wasn’t right to laugh or feel sad. His handsome face didn’t know what expression to make and appeared to be slightly stiff.

At last, this operation of saving the captive was grudgingly considered to be satisfactory and came to an end. In addition, they killed many foreigners. Zhao Zhong Shi’s heart was filled with contentment, naturally, he would praise his own family’s daughter in law’s bravery greatly again.

“Tang Wan, you really our Zhao family’s good daughter in law! This time, I will definitely help you ask for a recognition of your merits. Let us all go to the Yingfeng pavilion and arrange a banquet to celebrate today!”

“Father, you forgot that the Yingfeng pavilion has been sold off by me.”

“Yang, Wen, Chang! I’m gonna kill you—-”

“Wan er, don’t be impulsive. Yang Wen Chang already died.” Zhao Shi Cheng pulled her back in haste.

Zhao Zhong Shi also followed him and convinced her with well-meant words, “Daughter in law, it’s just not having a place to eat. Is it possible for you to whip the corpse for this matter?”

Yang Wen Chang kidnapped the magistrate of the capital’s wife, Tang Wan and also colluded with foreigners. In the end, Great General Zhao and the capital’s magistrate worked together and sent armed forces to suppress him. After his plan failed, he committed suicide. The rest of his clan was also captured all in one go. This time they didn’t even have the chance to be exiled and was directly sentenced to death one by one.

Form then on, the rich and influential Yang family of this generation sunk in the midst of history’s long river.

As for the Zhao family, because they discovered that Yang Wen Chang colluded with foreigners and also tracked down some people in the imperial court who were involved by following clues, helping the government solve many hidden trouble, they did a great merit once again. The Great General of Zhen Bei, Zhao Zhong Shi, can’t be promoted any higher and had no alternative but to give him the ability to have his residence set up and the rituals for entering and leaving was the same as the three offices. This was equal to having his own fief. He could establish an official residence inside his fief and all his treatment was equate to the three offices.

As for Zhao Shi Cheng, his position was shifted upwards again and granted the title, FuZhou’s chief officer of imperial clan affairs and manages the general affairs of the South’s imperial clan.

And what made people the most surprised was Tang Wan. She used the power of one to resist a hundred people. Her heroic name was spread far and wide. Even the matter when Zhao Shi Cheng went to annihilate the Iron Gate Fort and she hurriedly called in reinforcements at night to save her husband, was completely revealed. She became famous in the capital all at once and also received the title, Gao Ming furen [note] Gao Ming furen (诰命夫人) is a lady with an honorary title that is conferred by imperial mandate. [note/]

At present, the Zhao family was relocating to the fief granted to them and also had their own source of revenue. Zhao Shi Cheng could finally stop worrying about their family’s economic situation. However, for the sake of his beloved little wife’s desire for good food, Yingfeng Pavilion resumed business one by one and because of that, he also quietly became a wealthy merchant. With his management skills, maybe he already entered the list for the country’s top ten rich and powerful person.

As a result of Zhao Shi Cheng being conferred the title of the minister of the imperial clan and must arrive at FuZhou within a month’s time and assume his post, when the Zhao family was moving, he also brought Tang Wan along and followed the canal; and on the way, they traveled in style and arrived in FuZhou very quickly.

FuZhou was one of the six big cities and was also known as Rong city. It always had countless different types of small-fruit fig trees. Moreover, their water transport was clear. The vine hanging down from the old tree and the small boat on the flowing water had a special kind of style. Furthermore, because this place was accessible from all sides, there were many children from the Zhao imperial clan who moved here, and also people from different parts of the country who came to do business in addition to many foreigners. If they add the local people here, the gathering of talents formed a lively scene.

Tang Wan glanced left and right, extremely curries towards this scene that was completely different from the capital. All of a sudden, a few horses on the Main Street came whistling from a distant place. The pedestrians fled in succession. The ones, who couldn’t make it in time, were even wounded from lashes of the horsewhip. This was enough to show the arrogance of the bearer,

“Scram! If you, who are blocking the way ahead, injure my horse, I won’t let you off!” The leader was only a young man. His entire body emitted an air of arrogance. The horsewhip on his hands lashed out randomly everywhere. Many innocent people were all injured by him.

The young man seemed to amusing himself, bring several friends out on the Main Street to jump about randomly everywhere. The horses even kicked down quite a few stalls, but everyone all dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak out. Zhao Shi Cheng took this scene in and his eye expression couldn’t help but turn grave.

He was told early on that after the imperial clan moved to the south, they acted unreasonable and bossy and was out of tune with the local residents. They considered themselves a cut above others and oppressed the people. Now that he saw this, the distraction was even worse than he imagined it to be.

At this time, those horses was about to run near Zhao Shi Cheng and his wife. Suddenly, that young man took one look at Tang Wan and was astounded by her beauty and deliberately urged the horse to go over there, with the appearance of almost running into her.

The guards behind Zhao Shi Cheng was just about to act, but Tang Wan made a move first. She picked up a few pieces of rock and flicked her fingers. Several horses cried sadly and shrilly and unexpectedly all fell forward together. Those profligate sons of the rich also all fell flat on their face, causing the people on the street, who were looking on, to be dumbstruck, but secretly applaud to themselves.

The young man, who took the lead, was the first to rise to his feet. He pointed to Tang Wan and the others, lashing out, “Damn it. You dare cause me to fall off my horse. Don’t you know who I am? You guys don’t want your life!”

Tang Wan might have astounding martial arts skills, but her ability to argue was certainly completely lacking. Of course, Zhao Shi Cheng also couldn’t have her being lashed out against by someone and being pointed at. He stepped forward and replied drily, “As a matter of fact, I want to know who you are.”

“Hmph! You’re not from here, right. I am Zhao Xing. My father , Zhao Chong Qiang, has the same position in the family hierarchy as the current Great General Zhao.” At this time, those friends of Zhao Xing all scrambled up one by one. Although they were badly bruised from falling, but it was mostly external wounds. His courage also grew a little bit. “You, who aren’t from this town, today, I will be generous and show you mercy. All you have to do is kneel down and kowtow towards me for a few times, pay a hundred silvers for each person and then leave this young lady behind and then you can scram!”

“If it’s already enough that you injure people along the streets and extort money from people using threats, but you actually still want to rape woman?” Zhao Shi Cheng’s expression was extremely cold.

“If your emperor is surnamed Zhao, then you can also be arrogant like this.” After Zhao Xing said this, he laughed savagely in a loud voice.

His friends next to him all followed suit as well, laughing heartily while harboring malicious intentions.

Their laughter may have entered a certain someone’s ears. In the restaurant nearby, several young men with extravagant clothes suddenly ran out. As soon as they saw Zhao Xing laugh, the young man with extravagant clothes, who was the leader, also laughed. “Zhao Xing, what good deed did you do again?”

Zhao Xing took a look at the person who came and his eyes lit up. He was originally a little wary since Zhao Shi Cheng still had his guards behind him, but now there were even more friends and brothers here so his confidence was even more ample and his attitude was even more condescending. “Zhao Qi, do you know that these outsiders actually dare to put on airs and start to lecture me? Tell me, whether or not they have eyes?”

“They don’t have eyes, indeed.” Zhao Ai and the others followed suit and started laughing heartily as well. “Aren’t you going to kneel and apologize for your wrongdoing quickly?”

“Hey, let that young lady come to me first, or else even if you kneel down, I will also break your leg.” Zhao Xing gazed at Tang Wan lustfully.

Zhao Qi’s eyes also lit as soon as he saw Tang Wan. “What a beauty! Zhao Xing, you chose this woman first. Can you allow me to have her as well?”

“That’s without a doubt, hahaha…”

At this moment, Zhao Shi Cheng was already burning with anger. Who would have expected that the first day he assumed office, he would meet such a situation. Good, this was very good. He could take advantage of this chance to reorganize FuZhou’s atmosphere, or else he would still be underestimated by people! He was no longer windy with those profligate sons of the rich and directly ordered, “Arrest all of them!”

The guards were just about to take action, but Tang Wan lifted her white wrist slightly and said with a sombre expression, “There’s no need. It’s fine to just let me do it.”

After saying this, her footsteps gradually advanced.

Although Zhao Xing and the others didn’t attach any importance to Zhao Shi Cheng and the others, they also thought that this scene was very abnormal, but Zhao Xing thought confidently that perhaps the young lady was scared of them so she walked right into the trap. He didn’t really take it to heart that much.

When Tang Wan arrived in front of him, she punched him in the face right away. His head was swimming from the punch and he immediately fell to the ground. The rest of the people from the Zhao family started to jeer, but she simply didn’t feel like paying any attention to them. With the speed that the naked eye practically couldn’t see, each person was given a punch. The group of profligate sons of the rich quickly fell into a pile, crying out all was lost.

Zhao Shi Cheng just really wanted to laugh when he saw this. Zhao Xing and the others didn’t have eyes. Who couldn’t be messed around with, but they just had to mess with Tang Wan. He could only say that her beautiful and delicate appearance makes too easy to deceive people, wasn’t it also him, who overlooked the obvious danger and wholeheartedly believed that she was pitiable and tragically bullied by the Lu family at first.

But fortunately, he liked her true personality even more and was more suitable for the Zhao family. Otherwise, even he would feel like getting married with her was really an enormous fraud.

Zhao Xing and the others were all tied together swiftly.

At this moment, the manager of the restaurant on one side worked up his nerve and ran out, yelling, “Don’t go yet!”

Zhao Shi Cheng turned around and looked at the manager. He didn’t speak at all.

The manager has seen countless people and also realized that Zhao Shi Cheng probably had an extraordinary identity. He said with difficulty, “Uncle, this Zhao Qi…didn’t pay the money for the food yet!”

Zhao Shi Cheng looked towards Zhao Qi and said coldly, “Pay the bill.”

T/n: Lol, when I was translating this part, I was like imagining a little scenario like this.

“If your emperor is surnamed Zhao, then you can also be arrogant like this.” After Zhao Xing said this, he laughed savagely in a loud voice.

Zhao Shi Cheng: Ahem, my surname is actually Zhao as well.

Zhao Xing: …

Also, can I just say that Yang Wen Chang died in a very sad way.

In the underworld…

Gatekeeper **looks bored and doesn’t even look at him: Name?

Yang Wen Chang: How dare you ignore me! I am the right prime minster of the country, Yang Wen Chang.

Gatekeeper: Yeah, yeah. So what, you’re dead right now. I’ve already saw the emperor of Tang Dynasty, Alexander the Great and blah blah blah…Now, reason of death?

Yang Wen Chang: I didn’t die.

Gatekeeper: That’s what everyone says. Let me just look it up. I don’t have time for this.

Flips through book of life and death

Gatekeeper: Oh, it seems that you have died from shock.


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