Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 30

“Hey, I already told you guys, my husband is very stingy. He won’t bring silvers to ransom me. You can just forget about that idea.” She didn’t merely catch sight of Zhao Shi Cheng’s grieving appearance because she had eaten up his income for several days for one time. Although he often tried his best to conceal it, but she could still tell. “Three million silvers, Ah! Have you ever thought that if my husband had this sum of money how many woman he could marry whose talent and beauty far exceeded mine? Why would he still want to take it and redeem me? If the one doesn’t go, then the new will not come,right?”


Tang Wan still had ample energy to talk rubbish, naturally she had the certainty that those people can’t hold her back and her reason for not escaping was also very simple. She wanted to know whether or not Zhao Shi Cheng will actually take three million silvers to redeem her.


Hence, even if she was talking leisurely, but her heart was quite apprehensive. She recalled herself asking him, if he used the Yingfeng Pavilion to exchange for her, would he be willing? At that time, he didn’t actually answer upfront, but when this occasion truly arrived right now, what will he do?


Soon enough, the time they arranged upon had arrived. The Zhao family’s father and son duo slowly appeared from the other side of the mountain path, bring a few guards along with them.


When she saw Zhao Shi Cheng’s worried look, Tang Wan was nearly about to cry tears of joy.


He really came! Regardless of whether or not he brought the ransom, at least he was willing to go to a dangerous place for her. This was enough….


“Yang Wen Chang! As a criminal the government sent to exile, you actually still dare to kidnap the relative of an important official in the imperial court. You’re indeed extremely daring!” When Zhao Zhong Shi saw Yang Wen Chang, he got angry at once and immediately rained curses on him.


Yang Wen Chang merely smiled coldly. “Speak less nonsense! I won’t accept my fate at this point. The day when I make my comeback is the day of the Zhao family’s death! Did you bring banknotes?”


Zhao Zhong Shi didn’t speak. He looked towards his son.


Zhao Shi Cheng fished out a bunch of banknotes from a small box inside his bundle of cloth without batting his eye and slowly said, “Three million silvers worth of Wan Bao Bank’s banknotes, not a single silver short.” He looked at Tang Wan and anxiously said, “Wan we, are you alright? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely get you out of there. If they dare to touch a single hair on you, I will go all out on them!


When Tang Wan saw that him take out so much money in one time and actually didn’t have a single hint of heartache on his face, she was so moved for a moment that the rim of her eye turned red. She suddenly felt like she was really unworthy of him. For the sake of a silly answer, she made him feel worried up until now.


Obviously, the one he loved the most was her. He wouldn’t even bat his eye if he had to lose his family fortune. In his heart, she was even more important than his own life. She was always careless. When did she also start to fuss over such a small matter? She actually felt wronged because of his stingy disposition.


Tang Wan finally understood how much she loved him. The eyes of a lover were unable to tolerate a single grain of sand. Of course, she hoped that she was his most important treasure and nothing can be compared to her.


However, the more moved she felt, the more guilt she also felt. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was greedy for food, she wouldn’t have been drugged by the Lu family’s people and delivered before Yang Wen Chang. If she didn’t have a little bit of discontentment towards Zhao Shi Cheng’s stinginess in her heart, she could have already escaped and there also wouldn’t have this kind of confrontation scene today.


“Husband, I’m sorry…” She pursed her lips and really cried.

“Wan er, it’s good that you’re okay.” Zhao Shi Cheng never saw her like this, with the look of a tear-stained beauty. His heart ached to the extreme.


When Yang Wen Chang heard their married couple’s affectionate conversation and mocked, “If you have any last words, then quickly brief it. All of you won’t be able to leave this place alive today anyway!


Zhao Zhong Shi’s expression darkened. “What do you mean?”


Yang Wen Chang gave a loud shout and a group of warriors holding swords charged out from beneath the mountain, surrounding the Zhao family’s father and son’s troops densely.

When he saw that although these people disguised themselves as commoners, but their appearance was different from the Han people, Zhao Zhong Shi couldn’t refrain from being extremely shocked and cursed angrily, “Yang Wen Chang, you have the impertinence to collude with foreigners!”


The originally ‘proper facial features’ of Yang Wen Chang instantly became distorted. “We Yang have fallen because of you Zhao. We’re close to being exterminated. What’s the deal with colluding with other families in comparison? One day, I will pave my way back to the central, and make the emperor of this land change his family name to Yang!”


“You’re betraying your country!” It’s not like Zhao Zhong Shi didn’t make preparations. His large hands extended and sent out a signal firework towards the sky. The troops he arranged at the foot of the mountain will charge up here shortly.


Yang Wen Chang smiled sinisterly and coldly. “I specially chose this place. Your troops should still be surrounded by my men at the foot of the mountain right now. Even if they suddenly broke through the tight encirclement and charged up here, this mountain path couldn’t accommodate too many people at once. Zhao Zhong Shi! Zhao Shi Cheng! The time for you, father and son duo, has arrived!” He stopped being long-winded and ordered that group of foreign warriors to take action.

At any rate, the banknotes will still enter his hands just the same if he killed them. He didn’t have any scruples and with regards to the group of foreign warriors who infiltrated the capital, they were willing to listen to Yang Wen Chang’s orders, it was also because Zhao Zhong Shi was the head of the military officials, the Song Dynasty’s backbone;if they could kill him, then destroying the Song Dynasty was only a question of time.


Zhao Zhong Shi was bitterly disappointed. He first held a sword and guarded his son, who wasn’t well versed in martial arts, and fought at close quarters with the enemy. However, he was heavily outnumbered. In spite of the fact that Zhao Zhong Shi was more impressive, he also couldn’t help but gradually be in a disadvantageous position.

A foreigner spied an opportunity and quickly slashed a sword towards Zhao Shi Cheng’s arm. Blood rapidly dyed his sleeves red.


Zhao Shi Cheng’s injury practically occurred in a flash’s time. Upon seeing this, Tang Wan, who was surrounded, her eyes were about to emit fire. Her delicate body was also trembling with anger. She practically said with clenched teeth, “You dare injure my husband? You actually dare to injure my husband!”


If she rushed over there just now, her husband wouldn’t have injured himself! At this moment, she completely lost her reason and with a wave of her fist, she beat two family guards flying. After she seized a sword from one of them, she kicked that person flying and also chopped down the last one.


Yang Wen Chang didn’t expect how she became so extraordinarily brave and was extremely dumbfounded. He promptly distanced himself from her under the safeguard of his family guards.


Tang Wan didn’t have time to butcher this instigator. She activated her feminine might and wielded her sword all the way. She crushed all resistance throughout her pathway. If the enemy wasn’t hit flying by her, then they were chopped down.


Due to her fierce might, Zhao Zhong Shi’s pressure greatly diminished and he quickly retrieved the dominant position. In addition, his troops also broke out of the encirclement and went up the mountain. With them around to pin down the enemy, she finally came to Zhao Shi Cheng’s side.


“Husband…” Tang Wan grabbed his sleeves that was dyed with blood tightly and shook her head, said tearfully, “It’s all my fault. If I didn’t get capture, you wouldn’t have gotten injured…”

In her long life, including from she had yet to become an immortal, this was the first time she cried. In her world, shedding tears was the behavior of the weak. However she clearly had the ability to kill everyone here, yet she never expected that she would also have such a day where she will cry for the sake of a man.


As it turned out, when you were pained to the utmost point, it will transform into

tears that was like pearls, that all symbolized precious feelings.


She truly loved him. She loved to the point where she couldn’t control herself.


“Wan er, don’t cry. I’m fine. “ How could Zhao Shi Cheng stand her crying. He couldn’t be concerned with his wounds and hastily held her in his arms. “I don’t blame you. You were just captured by accident as well. As long as you’re safe, then it’s alright. This small injure of mine is nothing much.”


When he talked about his wound, Tang Wan held the sword in her hands tightly and pushed him away lightly. “They actually dared to injure you. I will definitely kill these people!”


“No!” Zhao Shi Cheng quickly stopped her and consoled her while enduring the pain. “I know that you never killed someone before. Although I’m not clear as to what your reason is, but I don’t want you to break your vow because of me.”

Under his reminder, she gave a start, suddenly remembering she could mustn’t by all means break the prohibition against taking someone’s life, or else if by any chance after she died a natural death in this lifetime, Zhao Shi Cheng could ascend to heaven, but on the contrary she would go to hell. If the partner she found after some effort seperated because of this kind of reason, then this will be ridiculous.


Fortunately, when she lose her reason just now, she didn’t have time to kill them because she urgently need to get to Zhao Shi Cheng. She only made those people lose the ability to move, that’s all. Or else, she truly did cause a grave mistake that couldn’t be redeemed.


“Husband, thank you for reminding me.” Tang Wan panted lightly and threw down the sword in her hands and entered his embrace again. “And also, thank you for being willing to spend money to ransom me. I didn’t dare to believe that you will really raise three million silvers.”

Zhao Shi Cheng patted her back. Her soft and fragrant body as well as affections and consideration made him not feel painful anymore. “As long as I can save you, three million silvers is nothing. It’s just that for the sake of raising the money, I sold several branches of Yingfeng Pavilion. In the future, if you want to eat something in the Yingfeng Pavilion, it won’t be so convenient.”


She suddenly became silent. Subsequently, he felt her body gradually became stiff. When he looked down at her puzzledly, he discovered with astonishment that her dainty cheeks were enveloped by dark clouds and her beautiful eyes was staring fiercely at Yang Wen Chang who was in a distant place.


“He actually caused Yingfeng Pavilion to be sold and caused to me to have no place to eat!” If you said that just now Zhao Zhong Shi was slashed by sword, Tang Wan only lost her reason for a moment, then when she heard that the Yingfeng Pavilion was reduced by several branches, her reason was annihilated now.


The hatred of snatching her food was absolutely irreconcilable.


She pushed Zhao Shi Cheng way once again. The tip of her toe slightly hooked, the sword on the ground returned back to her hands again. Soon afterwards, she lifted her sword and charged towards Yang Wen Chang aggressively like a Chongche[note] Chongche—a weapon used to destroy city walls or doors using the force of collision. [note/] “Yang—-Wen—-Chang! I’m going to kill you!”


She charged all the way over there like that and there was actually no one who dared to stop her. The foreign warriors who accidentally blocked her a little bit or didn’t have time to run away, all flew away for some reason, even the family guards who protected Yang Wen Chang didn’t escape by sheer luck. Quickly, she forced her way before Yang Wen Chang and her sword was just about to strike on top of his head——


“Wan er!” Zhao Shi Cheng chased behind her and hurriedly shouted, “Spare him!”


The minute Tang Wan heard his shout, she stopped her movement coincidentally. The sharp edge of the sword just stopped at a place that was one inch away from Yang Wen Chang’s forehead.

Zhao Shi Cheng had a sigh of relief and advanced forward in a quick pace and persuaded, “There was naturally a law to handle Yang Wen Chang. Didn’t you not want to kill? Don’t dirty your hands because of these kind of people.”

Yang Wen Chang was so frightened, cold wear dripped down and complexion turned pale. He stared at the shiny edge of the sword in front of his forehead and his body shuddered like the autumn leaf.


T/n: I was nearly about to say Rest In Peace, Yang Wen Chang.

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