Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 20

Zhao Shi Cheng’s heart tugged and his expression became even more unsightly. He stood up for her, yet she was so soft-hearted. Although it could also be said as magnanimous, but on second thought, wasn’t it a special tolerance towards Lu You?
However, he definitely won’t make her unhappy, as a result, he tried his best to hide the discomfort deep in his heart and said in a deep voice, “You’re still not leaving quickly!

Lu You took a bow and endured his anger while leaving with his mother and wife.

Tang Wan still appeared to be laden with anxiety, watching them leave. Zhao Shi Cheng hesitated to speak many times and finally, he really couldn’t resist asking, “Wan er, did Lu You evoke your troubled thoughts?

“What? No, I was only thinking…,” of buying a hundred eighty skewers of meat.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me. You forgave Lu You and Madam Tang’s impertinent remarks today. That is your magnanimity. I won’t have any complaints,” he actually squeezes out a smile.

“Why are you smiling so strangely?” When she saw his unnatural smile, she instinctively wanted to touch his face. She suddenly felt like she seemed to have overlooked something.

However, Zhao Shi Cheng turned his head, avoiding her touch, “It’s alright. You don’t need to care about me. I already told you that I can wait until you completely accepted me. You don’t need to force yourself…I’m going to the front to look. It seems like someone is causing trouble. Let Xiao Chun escort you back.”

After saying this, he lifted his feet and left as if he was afraid that she will say something that will hurt his feelings.
Tang Wan didn’t even have the time to call him to stop. “Hey…this dummy, theres is rather too much small scenarios in his heart.”

She was able to see that his mood wasn’t very good, but exactly why was he feeling this way? She used her head for once and carefully thought about it…Ah! Was it because of Lu You?

This was surely the case! Lu You and Tang Wan had a past relationship. Zhao Shi Cheng, this dummy, certainly mistaken her for having unfinished feelings for Lu You again.

His gloomy expression today was obviously because of her. In addition, he was afraid to make her feel sorry so he put on an air of cheerfulness. It was as if she could understand his resignation and inner conflict and her heartstring was suddenly tugged. It was only then that she realized with surprise that his emotions would unexpectedly also affect hers. If he was happy, then she was happy as well. If he was sad, then she would be sad as well. She simply didn’t want to see his sad face.

He truly loved her…Tang Wan was a little ashamed. He did a great deal for her, yet she didn’t seem to be able to do something for him and neglected his feelings time and time again and at last, hurt him.

Looking at his back, she felt that her nose tingled faintly and her heart ached a little bit for some strange reason.
“Xiao Chun, did I do something wrong?”

On the way home, Tang Wan thought about a lot of things. For her who really lacked experience in regards to love, she was unsure of the reason why Zhao Shi Cheng was unhappy from the beginning to the end. Her brain was almost about to be squeezed dry. In the end, she could only consult Xiao Chun, who was in the middle of a passionate romance with Wang Qiang.

Xiao Chun sighed. She was at the imperial notice board just now and saw everything clearly. “Young Madam, you made a horrible mistake! Zhao Daren doted on you so much and was gentle and considerate of you, yet you helped cousin young master plead mercy with a look like you still have feelings for him. Zhao Daren clearly could have been angry, but he was also scared that you’d be unhappy so he endured it with difficulty. Even I feel bad for Zhao daren.”

As expected! Tang Wan was quite resigned. She didn’t have that kind of feelings for Lu You. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t look at those cursed kabob. In any case, she didn’t get to eat it in the end either.

“Young Madam, even though you and cousin young master are childhood friends, but cousin young master’s love is too selfish. The love Zhao Shi Cheng shows towards you is truly selfless. You have to forget the past and treat him well…”

Tang Wan interrupted her long winded talk, “Xiao Chun, what is love?”

With regards to this, she was really baffled. She had asked Lu You before, but she wasn’t very satisfied with his answer.

Although Xiao Chun thought that it was strange of young Madam to ask this question because young Madam clearly loved Lu You deeply before, how could she not know, but since young Madam already mentioned it, she expressed her opinion extremely seriously, “Xiao Chun believe that love is the kind of aspiration that hopes the other party is happy. Being happy for his happiness and sad for his sadness. True love doesn’t have any conditions because you love that person so you want to be together with him forever and not, thinking of getting something from him and definitely not because of their looks or wealth. When two people are separated from each other, as long as they think of being able to see them again, they will feel delighted in their heart, but when they can’t see them, they miss them a lot…”

When Xiao Chun saw that young madam listened puzzledly, she could only use herself as an example. “Uh, I also can’t explain it clearly. It’s similar to me loving Wang Qiang. Even if he is only a small guard and isn’t very tall, I still want to be with him. If he’s happy, I’m happy. If he’s sad, I’m sad. Wasn’t he standing behind cousin young master just now? I just saw him, but I miss him a lot right now…”

As it turned out…Tang Wan seemed to have understood a little, at first, she approached Zhao Shi Cheng because he really was the ideal candidate for her partner, but later on, she completely forgot about the matter of that competition and simply liked to hang out with him. She never married him because he looked handsome or because he had tons of money.

And when he was busy with public affairs and didn’t return home late into the night, her heart was already filled with longing, to the extent that she would secretly run outside to find him by herself. When she saw him sad just now, her heart also became heavy right afterwards unless she saw his smiling face, or else she knew that she wouldn’t genuinely feel happy.

If this was love, then she already fell in love with him! She chose him to be her partner. In the future, even if they return to heaven, she will stil want to live together with him forever, but she didn’t reject this the least bit and even felt grateful that the person at her side was him. Why was she so dumb and only comprehended this emotion called love so late?

“Xiao Chun!” Tang Wan suddenly grabbed her hand. “Say I made a grave mistake today and actually made husband sad, what do I have to do to make husband happy?”

Xiao Chun looked at young madam’s serious expression and burst into giggles abruptly. “Young Madam, you are the best answer. Isn’t it fine if you just gave yourself to him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” All of a sudden, Tang Wan didn’t understand.

“Ah, Young Madam, you and daren haven’t consummated marriage yet, right?” Xiao Chun served young Madam everyday. How could she not know this?

“Daren ought to be waiting for you to like him wholeheartedly. If young Madam agreed to consummate marriage with daren, then didn’t this mean that her heart is already tilted towards daren? Sometimes, when a man split hairs, he won’t listen to anything you say and he will understand your actions.”

When Xiao Chun saw that young Madam’s entire face was bright red, she thought it was because she heard such barefaced words and was extremely embarrassed. However, Tang Wan’s face was actually bright red right now because she could hardly contain her excitement.

“You’re right! I’ll push him down later…uh no, I will try to ‘communicate’ with him again tonight.”

When she thought that tonight she will be able to experience the so-called world paradise and floating like a deity, she was almost too impatient to wait.

The two turned at a curve on the street. Xiao Chun, who was one step ahead, immediately saw an old man walk out of a big residence ahead with her sharp eyes. “Huh? Isn’t this private advisor Cao?”

“Private advisor Cao?” Tang Wan also saw this elder clearly and called out to him friendly. “Why are you here? Do you live here?”

Not waiting for private advisor Cao to reply, Xiao Chun actually started laughing. “Young Madam, this is Civil official Lin’s mansion. How is it possible that private advisor Cao would live here?”

Private advisor Cao laughed drily, “What a coincidence, actually meeting furen and Xiao Chun at this place.”

“What are you doing here?” Tang Wan recalled that just before she left the residence, Zhao Shi Cheng ordered private advisor Cao to take charge of the yamen.

“Uh, I have some public affairs to consult about.” Private advisor Cao explained simply, but his gaze was a little evasive.

Tang Wan looked at him fixedly and suddenly laughed knowingly. “Since private advisor Cao already came out, then I’ll let you go home early today. The yamen doesn’t any matters anyway. I have some things to discuss with Zhao daren tonight so you don’t need to come back to the yamen again.”

Private advisor Cao’s expression changed and said with difficulty, “That’s not possible.”

“I will help you talk to Zhao daren. Then, it’s decided.” The moment she thought about the ‘important matter’ she’ll do tonight, she grew more and more excited and her eyes became even more profound.

She and Xiao Chun exchanged a knowing glance and even smiled mysteriously. After that, they left together.

The master and servant’s appearance of deliberately mystifying things like this caused private advisor Cao’s scalp to tingle. Half of his heart sank and he couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild.
It’s night.

Tang Wan made preparations in her room. She used the experience she accumulated for several thousand years from ancient and modern times as reference and prepared to seduce her husband. She didn’t expect that taciturn person was actually in his study, working by the lamplight and wasn’t going back to his room like he was at odds with her. But fortunately, she also had a good helper.
Inside the study, Zhao Shi Cheng’s hand held an official document yet his head was blank. He had absolutely no idea what exactly was he looking at?

Today, he indeed cared about Tang Wan and Lu You’s interactions. He obviously shouldn’t be eating this vinegar, but this kind of upset wasn’t that easy to control. He could only chose to avoid her to not make his own unhappiness affect her.

Be that as it may, there was someone who clearly didn’t want him to run. The sound of hurried footsteps coming from outside the study cause him to recover from absent mindedness. He raised his head and saw Xiao Chun panting as she rushed inside. As soon as she met his eyes, she pointed behind herself and said anxiously, “Daren, Young Madam, she…”

She didn’t even finish her words yet and Zhao Shi Cheng already couldn’t sit still. He ran in the direction of her room in a hurry and directly making Xiao Chun, who thought a stomachful of words to drag inside the room, stunned beyond words.

Zhao Shi Cheng went straight back inside the room. When he arrived in front of a tightly closed door, he didn’t have time to knock and just charged inside. It’s just that when he went inside, he saw his beloved wife sitting on the chair dignifiedly, but the clothes on her body were simply, simply…simply too provocative!

That couldn’t count as clothes. Even if it was light silk fabric that was cut before, it only covered half of her soft and graceful figure. The fragrant shoulder and beautiful back that was exposed as well as her slender, jade legs let him know without thinking that under the light silk, she was definitely naked.

Zhao Shi Cheng abruptly sucked in a breath. “Wan er, what are you…”



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