Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 2

What era is it? Aren’t all the people in this era reciting poems? Also, what other food? He blanked out for a minute, then immediately responded to the fact that his young lady was having a temper right now. This made him feel remorseful. “Wan mei, are you angry?”


He hesitated for a moment and clenched his teeth. “How about… tomorrow night, the city’s scholars are having a gathering. I’ll bring you there.”


She’s angry? What anger would she have? She’s only hungry, okay?


She sulked. “I’m not interested.”


Lu You sighed and explained awkwardly. “Wan mei, I didn’t take you there in the previous meetings because we’re already divorced. I was scared that you would be discussed by others. If my mother knew it would be even worse, I hope you understand my reasons.”


She was really talented and she was usually happy to join these kind of exchanges between scholars, not the slightest stingy towards revealing her talent. After he divorced her, she gradually withdrew from the scholar’s circle. If he didn’t bring her, she would lack a reason to come by herself. Speaking of this, it was also his fault.


“I’m still not interested.” Tang Wan was still lacking interest. To be honest, if he brought her to a fighting match or a big restaurant, she would be a bit more happier.


He once again automatically made up a long, sad and grieving story to explain her emotions. He thought he was understanding. “Wan mei, don’t bear a grudge, I know you really want to go.”


“If you take me there right now, won’t these things still happen?” She fought the urge to roll her eyes. She must still maintain Tang Wan’s image, in case she scared them away.


“Well… lately, you’ve been in low spirits. It’s best to go out and walk and have some fresh air, but what you said is also right… what should we do?”


Tang Wan was really speechless. She began to wonder if this fellow was really suitable to be her partner. His personality was so indecisive, always hesitating when he meets a problem and he also likes to recite poetry just like a bumpkin. If by any chance, he went to heaven and halfway through the competition, met the Antarctic senior immortal ,who was riding his immortal pet, pass by and stopped to say, “Don’t envy him riding the crane up the clear, blue sky.” Or saw Erlang Shen bring his dog along to watch the competition and can’t help but say, “ Dog berry barking from the clouds at night.” Then she has no reason to compete!


Lu You saw that she was taciturn, and thought that she was moved but was considering his problems, and understandingly said,“Ok, ok, I’ll take you there. The gathering this time will be at Ying Feng Pavilion. The scenery there is elegant and the food is exquisite. I think you’ll like it there.”


He rambled a lot, but she only heard the most important sentence. Her bored expression immediately faded away and her eyes brightened. “The food is exquisite? What kind of food?”


“Mostly seasonally fruits, such as fresh pears and pomegranates.”

“Is there anything more yummy?”

“There are also desserts, like pine nuts and hibiscus cakes.”

“…I suddenly didn’t want to go.”

“There should be some roast chicken and steamed meat.”

“This is good! I changed my mind, please, take me to…”


The gathering of the scholars circle will be held each month. It was mostly the capital’s scholars gathering together to recite poetry and discuss principles. Therefore, regardless of whether or not they have an official title, the younger generation all want to rely on this occasion to show their limelight. Especially since both men and women are free to participate, making this event have a romantic air to it.


Lu You was quite famous among the scholars. His poems were widely circulated in the circle, and he has a love story that was like a legend, which people take even more delight in talking about. After all, there were many scholars who admire Tang Yan. Lu You and Tang Wan had a difficult love but no fruit, making people sigh afterwards with a feeling of watching the show.


That night, Lu You and Tang Wan appeared together. Everyone knows that the two have long since divorced, yet also clearly knew that the lotus root snaps but its fibres don’t break.[note] The lotus root snaps but its fibres don’t break. —(of lovers, etc.) still in contact though seemingly separated; separated but still in each other’s thoughts(copies from Pleco) [/note] Therefore, they sensibly laugh up their sleeves and didn’t expose their ambiguous relationship, greeting them as usual. After all, Lu You was very outstanding and his future held great things. There was no need to offend him over a small matter.


“Wu Guan, you finally came. We waited for you for a long time.”

Wu Guan was Lu You’s courtesy name. Many scholars come over to greet him. He smiled lightly and exchange greetings with them, immediately leaving Tang Wan behind.


However Tang Wan didn’t care right now, she quietly left Lu You’s side and swallowing her saliva, searching everywhere. “Where’s the roasted chicken? Didn’t he say that there’s also steamed meat?”


Upon seeing this, everyone only thought she was in a disturbed state of mind that’s why she seemed a little dazed. They were not concerned at all. Heaven knows that she’s so hungry her stomach almost turned over. If she turned into a tiger, she would eat everyone in here in one bite.


Only, there are not many people here that seem delicious… Tang Wan thought, a little disappointed. Suddenly, she fixed her gaze on what was like a small light in the darkness. She didn’t even give a thought to it before quickly walking toward that direction.


Until she stopped in front of a tall, temperamental and handsome man. The more she looked him, the more her eyes brightened.


“You…” are very delicious! She spared no effort to control her mouth from drooling.


The other person recognized her, although in his heart he was stunned, the way he looked at her was very clear. He heartily said,“Young lady Tang.”


“You know me. Then this will be easier to do.” Tang Wan suddenly grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a place where there is fewer people. Regardless of his pleasant expression suddenly becoming strange, he only looked at her grabbing his hand.


After she let him go, he let out a sigh of relief, but before he could ask, she already opened her mouth.


“Can you run fast?”

“Ah? I’m not skilled at running, but I’m probably okay.”

“Are you good at swimming? Good at mountain climbing? Or have you ever practiced flying?”

“What? Flying is the means of immortals. Is young lady Tang joking? I don’t understand what you mean.”


Oops! Tang Wan silently cried out in her heart, her eyebrows knitted in frustration.  She forgot she was a human again and a literary beauty at that. How could she ask questions rudely like before? Right now, this man didn’t know those means of the immortals yet, after death…uh, after ascending to the heavens, he will learn about it.


Therefore, she held back her surprise and became dignified and gentle. She even had a hint of bashfulness. “It is Tang Wan who is being rude. If I may be so bold to ask what is your name? Tang Wan was only excited that’s why I asked a lot of questions, because young master seems different from the others…” Really delicious!


Like his delicious appearance, his meat definitely tastes better than Queen Mother’s peaches. This kind of person definitely has a special expertise. Compared to Lu You, that not good not bad taste, maybe he was more suitable to be her partner.


You need to know that the tiger corresponds to the third of the Earthly branches[note] (twelve) Earthly Branches- used in combination with the ten Heavenly Stems (天干) to designate years, months, days, and hours (copied from Pleco) [/note], which is the first month. Doesn’t that mean she should be the first of the twelve zodiacs? Right now, she was forced to accept third place. She was uncomfortable about it for a long time.


Zhao Shi Cheng stared at her. His wrist seemed to still have the remains of her warmth and his heart cannot help but slightly warm.


“I’m Zhao Shi Cheng, General Zhao Zhong Shi’s son. As for Miss Tang thinking I am different from the others, it might be because I am the only military official here. On such occasions, military officials won’t appear.”


As the general of the Wudang Army, his post as the general was very much ceremonial and he did not need to take office. Because he had no military merits and his father was a general, so the government gave him such a false title. He only attended this gathering that was out of his element today because the organizer of this gathering, Sun Ting Cai was his best friend. Furthermore, Ying Feng Pavillion was also his private property, only not many people knew of this matter.


He smiled gently, making a bow with his hands clasped. His manners were impeccable. On one hand, he admired Tang Wan’s demeanor and elegance. On the other hand, the naughtiness that she just revealed inadvertently made his heart beat.


Presumably, everyone doesn’t know that this talented girl actually also has this side. Even so, Zhao Shi Cheng admired her more and more. After all, Tang Wan was said to be like a fairy. After really interacting with her, he discovered that fairies also have a personality and this side of her makes people want to be close to her even more.


“Military official is even better. They have a good temper.” Tang Wan said. Her expression sunk and a little helplessly said. “It’s better than some scholar who think themselves as high and pure, hah…”


Her words were not finished, she meant that Lu You didn’t feel very delicious. In the eyes of a tiger, she instinctively rejects him. Although, she can see that Zhao Shi Cheng doesn’t know martial arts at one glance, his temper was also upright, but that spirit was different from those scholars and the meat quality was good, ah!


Plus, the way he looked at her was very sincere making her feel that interacting with him is very comfortable. Not like when she just entered the room, those bunch of so called scholars watching her, their eyes either with criticism or with contempt, otherwise it’s covet, to the extent that some females didn’t even conceal their jealousy.


However, when her words passed through the completely ignorant Zhao Shi Cheng’s ears, he totally took it the wrong way.


He subconsciously looked at Lu You who was not far away talking to people. He suddenly had a hint of dislike towards him. As a man, he could not treat his woman kindly, especially like Tang Wan this kind of astounding and talented woman, yet also making her sad and cause people to talk about her. This really makes people look down on him.


The two chatted happily. But when it fell in the eyes of Lu You, who was always using the corner of his eyes to pay attention to Tang Wan, it became unsightly. He dared to bring her here, precisely because he thought everyone knew of their relationship, no one would cast eyes on her. Who knew that an unexpected intruder would pop up halfway?


Therefore, Lu You brought some scholar friends and slowly strolled there. It was like he just saw the two of them talking and bowed to them. “You are…”


“I am Zhao Shi Cheng, serving under the post of Wudang Army’s general.” Zhao Shi Cheng lightly returned the bow.


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