Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 19

As for how these seven or eight men were beaten up, a person with a wise heart like the private advisor Cao, directly interpret it as the wife and children of the general’s residence were probably always protected by someone in secret. Perhaps, even Tang Wan herself didn’t know. Therefore, these seven or eight men could count as walking right into the trap. And this kind of explanation also won a group of magistracy officers’ agreement. No one wanted to disturb the Zhao Shi Cheng couple at this time to ask this dumb and insensitive question.

Finally, the couple slowly separated. Zhao Shi Cheng wiped his face, a little embarrassed of his unrestrained actions just now. He turned towards private advisor Cao and was about to explain why that group of man fell to the ground, yet he didn’t expect his subordinates already helped him think of a reason—-


“Daren, furen is your lucky star as expected. The rumors in the capital were indeed not wrong!” Private advisor Cao pointed towards the several people who fell on the ground and smiled. “This group of bandits were probably related to the scribe and Eunuch Liu’s case, only this time they were unlucky and actually even dared to put their hands on furen. That’s why they taken down by the guards the general secretly ordered to protect furen.”

When Zhao Shi Cheng heard this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When did the general’s residence even start to hide secret guards? According to his stingy temper, it’s definitely impossible to order a guard to secretly protect every family member. His money must be spent on where it was needed most. However, since private advisor Cao said it like this, he was happy to push the boat along with the current.


“That’s great! Take these people to the yamen to wait for their trial! This official won’t be returning to the yamen.” He held his beloved wife in his arms lightly and turned to leave.


“Where is daren and furen going? Do you need some magistracy officers to escort you?” Private advisor Cao asked.


“There’s no need. I’m only going to YingFeng pavilion. I won’t be in trouble.” To Zhao Shi Cheng’s knowledge, Tang Wan with a strange strength was more useful than all the magistracy officers.


“What is daren going to do at YingFeng pavilion at this time?” Private advisor Cao was confused.


Zhao Shi Cheng didn’t even answer yet, but Tang Wan quietly glared at private advisor Cao. This old lady was about die of hunger. Naturally, it was only the YingFeng pavilion that her husband opened that could still cook food for her to eat at this time. What is this stubborn old fellow doing asking so much questions and delaying her eating time?


However, private advisor Cao thoroughly misunderstood the expression in her eyes and thought that she was blaming him, this subordinate, for actually prying on his superior’s intentions. He hurriedly changed the topic, “Since daren said you didn’t need someone to escort, then this servant will take the men back to the yamen first with the magistracy officers. Daren and furen, take care.”


Zhao Shi Cheng nodded his head and rushed to bring his beloved wife out to eat a midnight snack.

As for private advisor Cao, he stared at Tang Wan’s figure, lost in thought.
As expected, this wife of Zhao daren, isn’t simple…

Zhao Shi Cheng successfully covered the news of the matter of Tang Wan being ambushed because only his people saw it. Before he finished interrogating the seven or eight men who was caught late at night, it was best to first not reveal the news because he discovered that this group of people weren’t ordinary bandit, but an organization. It would be better if they could round-up the whole group in one go, or else there will be endless troubles in the future.


Nevertheless, after experiencing this matter, he didn’t dare to keep Tang Wan in the general’s residence by herself anymore. He might as well bring both her and Xiao Chun to the official residence. It didn’t affect his work and also spared the couple from separating and longing for each other everyday.


At this time, the locked room test in the capital had just ended for a period of time. Perhaps it was because they captured a few people last time, there wasn’t any new murder cases that occurred again. Zhao Shi Cheng could also relax a little.


When it was the day the results were published, with the precedent of many scholars,who failed the exam and had harmed others in a frenzy in former years, he already arranged many people to be situated near the imperial notice board and was in charge of controlling the order.


As the magistrate, it was natural that he would go to the imperial notice board to inspect. But, this time, he specially brought Tang Wan and Xiao Chun out to watch the fun so as to avoid her being too bored in the yamen.


The two people stood at a place that was relatively empty and watched the massive groups of scholars and peasant under the list of names,who still stopped to view it. There was people who were proud of themselves and laughed heartily. There was also people uttered cries of anguish. What’s more was the people who watched the fun and pointed out, even the peddler who sold food came.


Tang Wan eyed the stall selling kabobs covetously. Her saliva nearly flowed out.


Zhao Shi Cheng didn’t understand why she was suddenly in a daze. He followed her gaze and saw that direction was the most front end of the list of names.


“First place is him, no wonder…,” his expression changed slightly and his tone also became a bit serious. He gazed at her as if to speak and then stopped.


Tang Wan didn’t even have the time to open her mouth and ask him to buy around ten sticks of roast meat before several shadows suddenly obstructed her line of vision. She lifted her head and saw Lu You, Madam Tang, Madam Wang and a group of guards and servants following behind them.


Although Zhao Shi Cheng really didn’t want to meet them, but he still maintained his demeanor and smiled lightly. “Young master Lu, congratulations.”


Right now, he could be counted as a thorn in Lu You’s heart. Lu You didn’t believe that his words were sincere at all. He mocked back a little, “Compared to Zhao daren who didn’t need to study long and hard under a cold window and could obtain power without breaking into a sweat, Lu You still isn’t as good as you.”




Zhao Shi Cheng knitted his brows. He only said one word, but Lu You didn’t pay attention to him. He turned towards Tang Wan and both of his eyes were immediately brimming full of tenderness. “Wan mei, did you see it? I got it, I got first place!”


The so-called locked room test, to put it simply, was an imperial civil examination specially started for the descendants of the imperial clan and the sons of influential officials. Recently, Lu You was given the position of a diplomat as a supplement to his ancestor’s achievement, therefore, he had the qualifications to sit for the exam. And after he was admitted as a candidate in the highest imperial exam, he would be able to attend the Boards of Rites exam again next year. If he obtained another first place, he would reach the heights of heaven from thenceforth.


“Oh,” Tang Wan replied indifferently. The focus of her gaze wasn’t even on him, rather she looked past him towards that savory kabob.


“Next, as long as I can advance to the third rank of the candidates who passed the

imperial exam in the general exam next year, I will be able to fulfill our childhood promise.” Lu You wanted to take her hand by instinct, but she coincidentally passed him along the way and dodged him.


Why is Lu You so noisy! She was in the process of gazing at the meat to stop her hunger, yet he kept on blocking her view like a mosquito buzzing nonstop. She rather listen to the hissing sound coming from roast meat on the fire than listen to his voice.
When he saw Tang Wan dodge Lu You’s hand, Zhao Shi Cheng’s heart felt a little better, but it was only a little because her expression of bewildered grief betrayed her feelings.


She chose him and left Lu You. He also knew that she tried her best to get along with him and treat him as her genuine husband. But now, it seemed like he was only that close. As long as Lu You appeared, he seemed to retreat again and again in defeat.
However, the reason why Tang Wan seemed to be slightly depressed was miles away from what Zhao Shi Cheng thought it was. Because her stomach became more and more hungry and because the three people from the Lu family appeared to be really unappetizing, it affected her appetite a lot, making her somewhat impatient, and her appearance were originally delicate and beautiful, when she didn’t smile, her arched eyebrows slightly knitted and looked even more delicate and charming.


“Oh.” She tried to use a single word and dismiss Lu You again.


“You, you don’t have anything to say?” Lu You didn’t know how much he hoped she could tell him she was really pleased, she missed him a lot, or that she was waiting for this day to reconcile with him and such. Even through it wasn’t really possible that it will come true, but hearing it will also somewhat comfort his lovesickness.

Unexpectedly, Tang Wan only made a casual remark absent-mindedly and said, “Then congratulations.”


Normally, Zhao Shi Cheng should be happy about her indifferent attitude, but the loneliness in her eyes couldn’t hide from his eyes. Initially, it was supposed to be her who was at Lu You’s side today, sharing the feelings of joy. When he thought of this, he immediately felt like he ate quite a few pieces of rock. His heart felt heavy and he almost couldn’t breathe.

Nevertheless, the love triangle on this side made Madam Tang and Madam Wang, one side, feel unpleasant to the eye the longer they watch, especially Madam Wang. How could she tolerate it when she saw her own husband completely forget about her right after he saw Tang Wan?


She took a deep breath and said, pretending to be gentle. “Mother, am I the Lu family’s lucky star? Not long before I married into the family, husband got first place. It is probably better than a certain jinx.”


Lu You understood her taunt and asked discontentedly. “What did you say?”


“Did she say anything wrong? Tang Wan is a jinx!” Madam Tang became angry the minute she saw Tang Wan. Of course, she would support for her own daughter in law. “With this kind of jinx at your side, Zhao daren, you have to be careful. At any rate, you’re still an official. Even though you relied on your father’s achievements to get the position, you still can’t let Tang Wan jinx you. Didn’t you see that Zhao daren haven’t assumed post for long and there was already two important officials who died in the capital.”


“This has nothing to do with Tang Wan.” Zhao Shi Cheng’s expression became dark.
Madam Tang sneered. “Could daren have taken this manner onto himself? Yes, the two murder cases was investigated for so long, but there’s not a single clue, making the entire capital extremely jittery and scared. Zhao daren is such a good official! Son, ah, when you become an official in the further, you must use Zhao daren as a model of what not to do.”


Lu You simply didn’t have to time to stop his mother’s loose tongue. Sure enough, Zhao Shi Cheng was already completely disregarding Madam Tang’s face and directly assumed the authority of an official, yelling, “Madam Tang, do you two really think this official won’t be angry?”


Madam Tang was so used to being arrogant that being yelled like this, just made her remember that Zhao Shi Cheng was an official with actual power right now. She secretly swore at herself for being so mad for a while that she just forgot the current circumstances.


“I’ll let you know that this official doesn’t care how Lu You will make rapid advances in his career, but right now, he merely possesses an official rank. You still don’t know whether or not he’ll granted an official position, while this official is already a rank four magistrate. You actually dared to speak a lot of nonsense in front of this official and every word is humiliating this official and this official’s wife. Do you not your head anymore?” Zhao Shi Cheng usually had a good temper, but the two people clearly stepped on his bottom line.

Madam Tang and Madam Wang were defeated. They recoiled their necks, not daring to utter a word again, but they continued to frequently glare at Tang Wan with a hostile gaze.


Lu You was really anxious. He possessed an official rank himself and wasn’t afraid Zhao Shi Cheng would do anything to him, but his mother and wife were merely commoners. It was bad to anger Zhao Shi Cheng. He looked towards Tang Wan, hoping that she would help the two people beg for mercy. “Wan mei…”


Tang Wan merely kept thinking about the kabob and simply didn’t listen to what they were talking about. On top of that, she wanted to quickly send these several, annoying mosquitoes away and thus impatiently waved her hand, and said, “Husband, let them go.”

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