Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 14

However, she also knew today was an important day. She picked Zhao Shi Cheng, so she must not ruin everything. Otherwise, where else would she find such a good teammate, who had deep feelings for her? He was the first man who made her feel close to the point of not wanting to be apart from in her long life!


Finally, after a bunch of overly complicated and unnecessary formalities were completed. Tang Wan was also pushed into the bridal chamber to wait for the bridegroom to enter the room.


She was already curious about the matters concerning the wedding night for several thousand years. For the sake of being able to experience it tonight, she also specially researched several books. After all, the Tang Wan in this time period was already remarried. If she was to ask others, it would be rather out of place, so she could only depend on herself to study it.


It was said that lust was the best gift the heavens gave humans. After trying it, they can never cease, and thus become addicted along the way. Some even commit great crimes for it, like doing many irredeemable acts. Such descriptions made Tang Wan very curious; what sort of feeling was the so-called ‘floating like a deity’ feeling?


But she was already an immortal and it clearly wasn’t a big deal.


With slightly excited curiosity and skepticism, Tang Wan finally heard Zhao Shi Cheng’s footsteps. She hurriedly picked up the kerchief that was tossed who knows where and put it on. After that she sat on the bed dignifiedly and just like she turned back into a well-bred lady from the Tang family.


Zhao Shi Cheng dismissed the bridesmaid and the others and entered the bridal chamber by himself. When he saw her sitting erected on the wedding bed, he thought of the fact. She was now his bride and a feeling of happiness instantly rushed to him.


He quickly walked forward and picked up the steelyard to lift off Tang Wan’s kerchief. Under the gorgeous makeup, she looked just like a tree peony in full bloom but didn’t lack the beauty and elegance of a lotus. Her skin was like jade porcelain and her lips was the color of cherries. She was sweet and charming like a bright moon making him look on foolishly.


Tang Wan saw he was standing blankly and didn’t quickly get on the bed to complete the major event in life. Her heart can’t help but be discontented. However, she remembered what the book taught her, she had to put the weapon of women to good use to seduce men. Hence, she slowly stood up, moaned softly and then delicately fell on his body.


In her mind, right now Zhao Shi Cheng’s desire should be rapidly rising and then he will get on top of her forcefully. The two could then do this and that. Who knew that before her fantasy even hit its conclusion, he suddenly stood up straight and held her still? He even said with an apologetic expression on his face—


“Wan er, it’s my carelessness. It took this long to just come back to the room and take off the kerchief, you’re probably extremely hungry.” He didn’t forget about her ocean like appetite and presumed she was probably starving which is why she was so weak. He also helped her to the side of the table goodheartedly.


Tang Wan only felt like her face was filled black lines. She almost wanted to grab his collar and punish him on the spot. She already heard Tang furen say the bride can’t eat for an entire day early on. So, she ate a big pot of meat early in the morning and was still full right now. Moreover, the dishes on the table were only some Chinese dates, fruit and things like that. She didn’t have a single interest in them.


However, seeing how serious he was, she found it hard to say no and politely took two bites. She even frequently glanced from the corner of her eyes at his movement.


Zhao Shi Cheng was more nervous than her, but he worked as a government official. For a long time and was still able to hide this kind of small emotion. After he had sat down and drank the nuptial wine with her, he then heard her say—


“I’m full.” Tang Wan tossed an amorous glance at him and suddenly threw herself into his embrace again with boundless coyness.


His heart jumped, and he looked gently at the hairline on her head. He seemed to be suddenly enlightened and easily carried her to the bed, placing her down lightly.


Is it starting? Is it happening? Her large sparkly eyes stared straight at him, anticipating that he would go savage on her… err no, it’s making clouds and rain with her.


“I see you don’t have much of an appetite. You’re probably very tired this entire day. If you’re tired, then you should take a good rest.” After he had said this, he politely moved back from the bedside. He didn’t dare to take a quick look at her, for fear that he will be attracted by her and be unable to maintain his demeanor.


Tang Wan stared at him extremely stunned. She only saw him walk to a corner of the room and started to take off his wedding attire and change into informal clothes.


So he was taking off his clothes. Why was he keeping such a far distance from her, sheesh! She was reminded by his movement and started to strip her own clothes at lightning speed.


When Zhao Shi Cheng finished changing his clothes and looked back, he nearly sprained his neck.


When he caught sight of the girl on the bed who was nearly naked. Although her body was covered by a thin blanket. But the shoulder and beautiful legs that peeped out were downright captivating. His nosebleed was practically about to gush out. He could only stand blankly on the same spot, looking at her without blinking his eyes.


“Come here,” Tang Wan waved towards him and said coquettishly. “Am I not beautiful? You don’t like it?”


Zhao Shi Cheng vigorously swallowed his saliva and walked straight towards the wedding bed like he was possessed by ghosts.


Tang Wan happily thought to herself, this time, I finally seduced you, right? It’s about time you hungrily pounce on me for some snu snu now.


Contrary to expectations, his response was always beyond her expectations. When his hand was just about to touch her flawless, snowy skin. He could still actually change course and pull up the thin blanket on her body, completely covering her delicate body.


This time, she was speechless. She started suspecting whether a certain part of him had problems functioning, so he behaved strangely in this way.


Heaven knows how much willpower Zhao Shi Cheng used to not forcefully go on top of her. He had taken a few deep breaths and calmed his state of mind before he slowly said, “Wan er, don’t worry. I won’t force you on bedroom matters. I can wait.”


“What are we waiting for?” Tang Wan asked in reply blankly. She couldn’t even wait for any longer, what is he waiting for?


“Waiting until your heart can really accept me,” he smiled somewhat forcefully. “I know that Lu You’s shadow won’t disappear from your


[note] He’s addressing Tang Wan as his wife, but I just translated it to you. [/note]


Heart this quickly. It’ll be very difficult for you to accept another man right now. But I’m willing to wait, to wait until your heart truly accepts me.”


“I’m fine!” When she saw he was sensible up to this point, she was simply about to faint. Could this man’s righteousness be unused on this matter? If he wants to go on top of her, then go on top of her. Why was he so talkative? She might as well take the initiative to press down him. She could care less about exposing herself now. “There’s no need for you to take this to heart so much…”


In an instant, her birthday suit was exposed. Her half covered, half exposed soft, white breasts and slender waist made Zhao Shi Cheng narrowly escaped from turning into a wild beast. He was so close from going against his own conscience and eating her. However, his astonishing reasoning pulled him back. He lightly pushed her away, but he himself leaped back three feet.


Sweat as big as a bean dripped down from his forehead and in the end, he burst out of the room.


His series of movements made Tang Wan thoroughly dumbfounded. She didn’t even have the time to call him. However, his astonishing reasoning pulled him back. He lightly pushed her away, but he himself leaped back three feet. Did he get possessed by Liu Xia Hui


[note] On a certain night, Liu Xia Hui took in a beauty who was asking for shelter from the cold. He allowed her to sit in his embrace to warm herself up and didn’t do any inappropriate stuff to her. [/note]?”


Or… Was he looking down on her because of her body? That shouldn’t be the case! She turned her eyes towards herself. Her frame was slender where it should be, but it wasn’t where it shouldn’t. What exactly did he dislike? He had a way to not eat the meat on the tip of his tongue?!


Tang Wan was already angered by him so much that she was laughing. This dunce, for what was he trying to be so upright for? Judging by his tortoise speed development, on what day will she be able to truly experience what was called ‘floating like a deity’?


Right when she was endlessly criticizing him in her mind, the bridal chamber door suddenly opened again.


Zhao Shi Cheng ran back in again. He was carrying a quilt in his hands and he kept on gasping for air.


Tang Wan looked at him puzzledly. It was summer right now. Was it necessary to tuck two quilts?


He didn’t wait until she asked him and stammered to explain. “Um…The wife doesn’t worry, I won’t infringe upon you at will. I merely thought that if I didn’t sleep at the bridal chamber tonight, you’ll be the topic of people’s conservations tomorrow, so I came back again. But don’t worry! I, I, it is fine if l sleep on the floor…”


Although she had complaints towards his manner of avoiding conflict, but she had to admit, she was really moved by his regard. Even though, he would often overthink matters and misunderstand her meaning, but he genuinely a considerate man. He would rather suffer hardships then let her suffer grievances in any way.


A man like this was her husband…Right now, Tang Wan completely forgot whatever competition from Heaven and forgot what partner. She only thought a woman who possessed such a husband ought to be extremely happy.


Therefore, she didn’t force him anymore. She only beckoned him and then just pulled him onto the bed. When he frantically sat back up again, she just laid on his chest, making him unable to move around.


When she heard the intense sound of his heartbeat, she knew it wasn’t that he didn’t have any feeling for her. She smiled sweetly, “Husband, who sleeps on the floor during the wedding night? It’s alright, you can sleep on the bed tonight.”


Tang Wan smiled even more brightly when she glanced at the hot seat on his head.


Whoever taught a husband, you to really like being an upright gentleman. Then you just endure it!


T/n: This chapter is so funny. I never knew Tang Wan could be this mean. Zhao Shi Cheng will totally regret his decision if he could read her mind. Haha, what an interesting wedding night this was.

Happy early Chinese year, everyone! Here’s a red envelope ?


Update: Chapter 14 is edited. I also changed, “It’s about not time you lamb-press the tiger now,” to something more accurate.

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