Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 13

“Okay, stop saying some rubbish. If you’re here to talk about the past, you can leave now. I’m already getting wed. I don’t have time to talk with you.” She patiently dismissed him. If it were not for not wanting to alarm the guards, she would want to instantly strike him down and fling him towards the opposite street.


Lu You only then mentioned his purpose for coming with difficulty after being said by her in this way. “Wan mei, listen to me. Don’t marry Zhao Shi Cheng.”


“Why not?” Tang Wan furrowed her brows.


Of course, he won’t directly speak of Yang Wen Chang’s scheme. But he also didn’t hope for her to be implicated after marrying into the Zhao family. He could merely change his way of saying it, “Right now, Zhao Shi Cheng is only a military commander. He never had any military merit or official achievements and it’s only an empty title. His literary talent and reputation were also fake. He completely doesn’t understand how to be an official, not to mention talking about helping the people. Managing his family, governing the state and bringing justice and virtue to the country. A person like him remained just a profligate son of the Rich. Even if he could depend on his father to inherit genuine power in the future, in the end, he will also be defeated due to his insufficient abilities. Wan mei, I do not wish for you to be dragged down by him!”


She rolled her eyes and said disagreeing, “You’re telling to be not married right now, but is it possible? Have you ever thought of my reputation? After being divorced by you and subsequently terminating engagement…” If she was the real Tang Wan, wouldn’t she hang herself? But she could merely utter the last sentence in her mind.


“Wan mei, I won’t despise you. I’ll love you forever!” Lu You suddenly wanted to grasp her hand agitatedly.


What kind of person is Tang Wan right now, how could she allow him to touch her? She dodged with deftness and said with slight annoyance, “You said so much rubbish, but I want to ask you, can you give a proper title? Can you defend me when your mother bullies me? Can you defend me when I am condemned by the public?”


For a moment, he didn’t comprehend what to say. It wasn’t possible for him to break through the obstacle that was his mother. After Tang Wan was divorced, he was indeed helpless, overlooking the people who gesticulate at her. But if she demanded him to give up on her, he absolutely couldn’t do it. That was the emotions that remained unchanged from childhood till death!


“Wan mei, I confess I am incompetent, but you can’t question my emotions.”


She glared at him with an expression that said he was beyond cure. “Can emotions be eaten like meat? I’m declaring you, everything that you can’t do, Zhao Shi Cheng can do it. Why would I give up on such a great husband?”


Lu You felt as if his heart was dealt a fatal blow. He asked with low spirits, “Did you fall in love with him?”


“Love?” This time, Tang Wan was interested. “What is love?”


She knew that this time she descended to the human world and transformed into a human. She will experience life’s love, hate, anger and infatuation. She understood the last three emotions, but it was only love that she was puzzled of. She didn’t completely comprehend what was that feeling.


He said with curt finality, “Love is willing to expend everything, constantly caring and the opposing side is sole person in your heart.”


She looked at him with doubt, thinking in her mind, he really was worthy of being the number one scholar. He displayed talent as expected, even being able to mention such words that slapped his own face. “In that case, you also weren’t capable to do that. What did you do you for me? You’ll draw back your hand after your mom scolds you; how did you cherish me? You even married Madam Wang, exactly how many exclusive people do you have in your heart?”


Although she couldn’t exactly say whether or not she loved Zhao Shi Cheng, but her instincts told her that he apparently loved her a lot. Or else, who would go up against the future star of the imperial court for an abandoned wife. Even to the extent that he wouldn’t want marry Yang Xian He?


When she thought of this, Tang Wan suddenly felt like her heart was sweet as if it was submerged in honey. She suddenly undoubtedly wanted to see Zhao Shi Cheng, that honest, rash fellow.


“Therefore, you should stop having any wishful thinking towards me. Zhao Shi Cheng were a hundred times more delicious than you. I’m definitely marrying him!”


Lu You completely didn’t hear clearly whether what she was saying was. “A hundred times more delicious,” or, “a hundred times better.” His complexion turned pale and he moved two steps back with shock after learning that in her heart, he actually couldn’t be compared to Zhao Shi Cheng. Very recently when he wanted to defend himself, at the time, a shadow gradually walked from the end of a street.


That was Zhao Shi Cheng. His expression was hard to decipher. It looked like he was furious but also like he was depressed. He came in between the two people and said indifferently, “It’s late at night. It seems to be improper for young master Lu to be here meeting with my fiancé.”


Lu You said a little sapped, “I… Wan mei is my…”


Zhao Shi Cheng immediately interrupted and said, “Even though you just got married, you caused your wife to guard that empty room and came running over here. People are bound to talk behind your back. Wan er has already suffered many hardships for young master Lu. I hope you can at least behave like what’s expected of you. Do not harm her any further.” He almost didn’t yell ‘Get lost’ right off.


When Lu You saw that Tang Wan didn’t have any intentions of speaking up for him, he could merely leave in disappointment.


Zhao Shi Cheng only turned around to face Tang Wan when he could no longer see Lu You’s figure.


She looked at him somewhat nervously, after all, she met Lu You at night and it was unavoidable that he would be furious.


His expression dimmed and said with an apologetic expression, “ I’m sorry, Wan er. I didn’t have the intentions of eavesdropping on you. You’re probably curious why I suddenly appeared. Because my father has many political enemies, after I was engaged to you, I secretly ordered people to guard the Tang residence. Just now, it was my guard who saw that Lu You appeared and specially notified me. That’s why I rushed over.”


He actually apologized first? Tang Wan widened her eyes in surprise. His magnanimity was merely never recognized until now. Although it was obvious, the sorrow in his eyes was so evident…she didn’t know why, but her heart strangely tightened, sensing that he was depressed. “I moreover didn’t know I would meet Lu You. I came out with Xiao Chun just now to meet with her lover, Wang Qiang. Wang Qiang is Lu You’s guard. But I didn’t think that Lu You would in fact also appear and say many strange stuff.”


“So…you didn’t plan to meet with Lu You beforehand?”

“Of course not.”

“In that case, you told Lu You that I was a hundred times better than him just now…was, was it intended to make him angry?” Zhao Shi Cheng was extremely nervous he stammered.


Did she say he was a hundred times better than Lu You? She carefully thought back and suddenly recalled she should have been saying he was a hundred times tastier than Lu You. This outrageous misunderstanding made her laugh. But his hopeful but also scared of being hurt look was really cute and even made her heart melt.


“What I stated is all true. I absolutely think you’re a hundred times better than Lu You.”


He actually heard most of the conversation between her and Lu You. He didn’t cease it right away, because it was out of his personal interest that he wanted to hear what they thought about him. He had not expected that, not only did she completely take his side, she even dissed Lu You. It’s possible she has some interest in him?


When he recognized this point, Zhao Shi Cheng was over the moon. He couldn’t help but embrace Tang Wan tightly. He felt as if he obtained the most glorious thing in this world. “Wan er, hearing you say it that way, makes me really happy. Genuinely, I’m so happy!”


Tang Wan clearly could have dodged or thrust him away, but she didn’t want to do it like this. The feeling of being embraced by him was unexpectedly pleasant. It caused her to have some sort of fulfilling sensation. As if a certain piece missing from her heart, for years, was filled by him.


She nonetheless wanted to enjoy this sort of fine feeling longer, but he rushed to let go of her and stroked his own hand awkwardly. “That…Wan er, I was extremely delighted just now and was rude for a moment. I hope you aren’t displeased.”


Tang Wan couldn’t refrain from laughing out loud and laughed very brilliantly. At some degree, this man was innocent and very much suited her liking. Clearly, he could accuse her and get angry for tonight’s matter. But he gave her incomparable magnanimous and equally loves.


Affirmative, this man dearly cherished her a lot.


After confirming this matter, she suddenly experienced that when she returned to heaven in the future, the best partner was Zhao Shi Cheng. She merely wanted to be with him. Even if she was given a better partner, she wouldn’t accept.


In the memories belonging to the previous Tang Wan, she once caught Xiao Chun kiss Wang Qiang when Xiao Chun was displaying her thanks to Wang Qiang. At that time, Wang Qiang was both happy and enjoyable. Meanwhile, the current Tang Wan was filled with gratitude and touched towards Zhao Shi Cheng. Under the doings or ghost and gods


[note] doings of ghost and god-unconsciously doing something that you initially didn’t believe of doing [/note],


she very naturally copied Xiao Chun’s actions and took a step forward, stood on tiptoes and kissed his cheeks.


It was as if Zhao Shi Cheng was struck by lightning and was dumbfounded on the spot. He instinctively stroked his face. That fragrant, slippery, soft and tender feeling seemed to have remained on his cheeks. His discontentment towards Lu You completely disappeared and a frenzy of delight replaced it.


Heavens! What worthy deed did he accomplish tonight, that enabled him obtain a kiss from Tang Wan?!


“Hahaha! This is great! Hahaha…” Zhao Shi Cheng couldn’t help but dance for joy.


Because it was late at night, his excited yell was particularly clear. The oil lamps in the Tang residence were lit up one by one and very quickly. Tang laoye dashed to the back door to look, annoyed and amused at the same time and said. “My worthy son-in-law, what are you hollering in the middle of the night for? How come you’re here?”


“I… that…Wan er, she…eh? Where is she?”


“Wan er is already asleep. If you miss her, then come back in the morning.”


“I, I, I… sorry, father in law, I was so happy for a moment…”


In the second floor of the garret that the two people could see when they lift their head up. An attractive figure looked at this scene, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. At the end, she saw Zhao Shi Cheng admit defeat and slowly closed window.


“Blockhead, heehee!”


The Great General’s youngest son, Zhao Shi Cheng, was taking a wife. The woman he was marrying was the capital’s illustrious female scholar, Tang Wan. The wedding was naturally grand and incomparably lively. In comparison, the trivial occasion in which Lu You married Madam Wang was not worth mentioning. With this kind of prestige and wealth on the line, that old matter with Tang Wan and Lu You was hastily buried in people’s minds. On the contrary, everyone envied Tang Wan for enjoying such good luck, reaching the sky in a single bound.


Tang Wan originally thought that since there were many people. It was very lively and there were also some customs that she considered extremely odd. The wedding would be vaguely interesting. However, when she was ordered about like a doll. She couldn’t talk, couldn’t laugh and couldn’t walk around randomly as she pleased. She also had to pretend to be delicate and weak. Allowing people to support her the entire time, even when she had to cover a piece of cloth in front of her eyes. Merely couldn’t see the road clearly, she was about to go ballistic. Beating the matchmaker, who was supporting her, all the way to her grandma’s house.

Update: I corrected a mistake in translation in the sentence, “This fragrant, slippery, soft and tender feeling seemed to have still remained on his cheek…” I described it too much. I changed it to, “That tender and soft feeling seemed to remain on the cheek.”

Chapter 13 is edited.

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