Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 10

When she overheard this, the extremely shameless Tang Wan blushed with shame for once. The Tang Wan, who valued feelings and suffered the condemnation of the public for Lu You, was this body’s legitimate owner. She meekly accepted Madam Tang’s rude words because she didn’t get the chance to beat her up before Zhao Shi Cheng already cut her off. As for the poems in the flower festival, it was the stolen works of famous poets, so it was even more not worth mentioning.


The girl he likes, is it the Tang Wan before she transmigrated? From this perspective seeing the motive, he has for marrying her, she felt a little upset for some reason. What he saw wasn’t her real self. She was an immortal for several thousand years. How could she be of no match for a woman from ancient times?


Tang Wan didn’t understand where this envious mentality was coming from. She sounded out and asked, “Um… what if I wasn’t as great as what you’ve said? To be honest, I also have some small faults…”


Zhao Shi Cheng smiled serenely, “How can anyone have no weakness? There’s no one who’s perfect. Miss Tang, you don’t have to be modest.”


She laughed hollowly and asked again. “What if my appetite is a bit bigger than normal people?”


He pondered in his mind that perhaps Lu You caused her fear being hungry and mistakenly thought that she possessed a big appetite. In reality, look at how she walked like a delicate willow being supported by the wind and her carriage was slender and graceful. How much could she eat? “Relax, I’m indeed hoping that Miss Tang would eat more!”


Tang Wan’s eyes immediately lit up. “In that case, what if my strength is larger than normal girls? For example, it’s enough to open a stele and split a rock.”


This time, Zhao Shi Cheng completely thought she was joking. Her slender fingers were not inferior to light blue. If she touched the rock, it might even be cut. She even wanted to open a stele and split a rock?


“Miss Tang, I don’t even know martial arts and my strength can’t be compared to the average soldier. But didn’t I become a military official? If you married me, you can just live a comfortable life and would do as you please. You don’t have to have an amazing military strength to marry a military official, so Miss Tang, please don’t pretend to be strong.”


Just listening to him said that after marrying him, she could live as she pleased, made her elated. She turned a deaf ear to the rest of his words. “Don’t call me Miss Tang. Just call me Wan er.” Because of his persuasion, her feelings of jealousy towards the previous Tang Wan disappeared. A sweet feeling arose in her heart for no reason. “Since it is so, then quickly proposing the marriage.”


Originally, Tang laoye and Tang furen was extremely angry that their daughter didn’t immediately come home after being divorced and stayed at Lu family’s other residence; staying in contact with Lu You. But this time when she came home, rumors immediately spread throughout the capital that Lu You was remarrying.


The partner was the daughter of the Wang family. This meant that their daughter kicked out of the Lu family for the second time. Tang laoye and Tang furen loved their daughter and couldn’t bring themselves to scold her again.


Furthermore, their daughter also brought back good news that gave a little comfort to the parent. Their daughter struck a relationship with General Zhao’s youngest son! Although Zhao Shi Cheng’s official title was an empty title, but he was a member of the royal clan and had big connections. He was a hundred times better than Lu You. Therefore, the parents were also eager for the Zhao family to come to propose.


It’s merely that after waiting for a long time, they didn’t wait until Zhao family’s matchmaker came, yet they waited for an unexpected wedding invitation. Tang laoye was extremely angry that he almost stormed towards the Lu residence.


Lu You, that unfaithful lover, not only did he fail to live up to his daughter’s deep affections. He was going to remarry and even dared to issue an invitation!


Although Tang laoye was Lu You’s uncle, receiving the invitation was not unreasonable. But in this situation, the wedding invitation was without a doubt a provocation. But seeing his daughter wasn’t unwanted, Tang laoye repressed his anger.


Time quickly went by, and it was already the day Lu You gets married. But the Zhao family didn’t appear.


“Did the Zhao family go back on their word?” Tang laoye walked around the hall. He naturally didn’t attend Lu You’s wedding. But on this day, he clearly seemed even more anxious. His complexion became gradually grew worse. He renewed the question he asked already for like eight hundred times. “Wan er, are you sure that Zhao Shi Cheng will come and ask for your hand in marriage?”


“He will come. I believe him.” Although Tang Wan was equally puzzled at why Zhao Shi Cheng hasn’t come yet, but she believed that Zhao Shi Cheng won’t go back on his word. Therefore, she calmly picked up a mincemeat cake and was about to set it in her mouth while furthermore saying, “Maybe the Zhao family had something that delayed them.


“Eat, eat, eat. You merely know how to eat! What happened to you? How come your appetite became so big?” Tang laoye slapped off the cake in his daughter’s hand. “You aren’t allowed to eat anymore! Didn’t I brief you to eat half a bowl, every meal and two small dishes of vegetables? Look at your gluttonous face right now, if the Zhao family perceive this, they might even break off the marriage.”

After he had scolded his daughter, he immediately had a sour expression on his face again, like a bear being imprisoned for too long, he continued to circle around the room. “What if they already broke off the marriage?!”


Tang furen was almost dazzled by her husband. She sighed and persuaded, “You should stop scaring yourself. If they’re going to come, they will come. There’s no need to cast your anger at our daughter,” she looked towards her gloomy daughter and couldn’t help but persuaded her. “But Wan er, recently you have been eating too much. It’s time to restrain yourself.”


Tang Wan helplessly lowered her shoulders. Heaven knows she was so hungry her chest was sticking to her back. It was even more miserable compared to living at Lu You’s place. When she remembered that Zhao Shi Cheng said that she could lively freely after marriage, right now, even she couldn’t stand it and cry out in her heart; Zhao Shi Cheng, you bastard, where did you go? Quickly marry this lady here!


Suddenly, the sounds of firecrackers came from outside, making the members of the Tang family enter a moment of silence. Because the Tang family’s front door wasn’t facing the street rather, you had to turn into the lane and also the Tang family was the only family in this lane, normally if there was a party sent by the groom to meet and escort the bride to the wedding, a celebration or other activities, the sounds of firecrackers won’t travel inside the lane unless it came for the Tang family.


“Could it be the Zhao family came?” Master Tang was radiant with joy. He didn’t wait until the servants went out asking and trotted out of the room. He was about to go to the front door to welcome them.


Tang furen and Tang Wan rushed to chase after him. They saw Tang laoye open the front door. Outside the door, the sounds of the firecracker resounded and the deafening sound of gongs and drums was still the same. But the party passing by didn’t seem to be the party for proposing marriage and sending betrothal gifts, instead it seemed more like a wedding procession. More importantly, Tang laoye saw with sharp eyes that in the middle of the long wedding procession, the groom was actually Lu You.


In other words, it was fine Lu You was remarrying, but the route to escort the bride to the groom’s house for the wedding actually went around the lane the Tang family was in. Obviously, the Wang family lived at the other side of the capital. This clearly was displaying their strength!


Feasibly it’s because Tang Wan walked away with Zhao Shi Cheng that night and Madam Tang felt indignant. Therefore, she caused such an immature move and included the wedding procession take a detour. It was also only until the day of the wedding procession that Lu You knew. Although he had no choice, but an arrow fitted to the bowstring couldn’t avoid being discharged.


[note] an arrow fitted to the bowstring cannot avoid being discharged- reached the point of no return or one cannot but go ahead (source: Pleco) [/note]


As the groom, inevitably he couldn’t allow the bridal sedan chair turned back. Furthermore, he still loved Tang Wan. If he could see her again before he got married, it could also slightly comfort his heart that was like stagnant water.


Therefore, when the procession moved inside, Lu You was both anxious and expectant. He didn’t mean upsetting her, but this kind of actions greatly infuriated Tang laoye.


“Lu You, you bastard! Even if we are no longer in laws, you’re still my nephew. You actually used these dirty means to destroy my reputation!” Tang laoye sweared, having difficulty hiding his fury. “You, people of the Lu family, get out of this lane!”


The front end of the party was Madam Tang’s trusted aide. What the trusted aide wanted to see was the Tang family getting angry so he could go back and take credit of this accomplishment in front Madam Tang. Therefore, he shouted triumphantly, “Who’s the blind person in the front? Didn’t you see that the Lu family sedan car carriers were coming through? Quickly get out of the way, don’t ruin our happy event!”


“Who does Lu family think they are? As the maternal uncle, I don’t even think it worth it to attend your wedding!” Tang laoye denounced.


“Isn’t it because you don’t dare to come, you’re embarrassed to come? After all, our Lu family has divorced the daughter of the Tang family!” The trusted aide sneered.


When this was said, several people in the front of the party began to jeer at them. And the passerby standing at the entrance of the lane watching the fun, that equally knew of the grievances between the Lu and Tang family, gesticulated at them. For a moment, Tang laoye turned red in the face and wanted to dig into the dirt.


Lu You didn’t expect that those servants would be this arrogant and was merely thinking about immobilizing them. Yet, another group came in from another end of the lane. Their length didn’t not lose to Lu You’s wedding procession. Furthermore, the person riding on the horse at the most upfront was impressively the present Zhao Zhong Shi, whose prestige and power was like the sun at high noon. On top of another horse was Zhao Shi Cheng, who was wearing new clothes and considered an impressive bearing.


From afar, Zhao Shi Cheng could hear Tang laoye shouting curses. And he in addition definitely didn’t mistaken the figure of Lu You at the rear of the opposing side’s wedding procession. He pondered on the possible cause and effects of this matter and immediately knitted his eyebrows. He whispered a few words to his father.


Zhao Zhong Shi was a straightforward man. As the great general, he had a sense of justice even more. When he heard that his future in laws seemed has suffered humiliation, how could he restrain himself? He immediately came down from his horse and strutted forward, shouting loudly, “The people in the front get out the way quickly!”


The aide didn’t see who the speaker was clearly and only heard that arrogant tone. He sneered, “Who do you think you are, actually daring to inform our Lu family’s party to get out of the way?”


It’s fine even if he didn’t state anything. But the way he said it completely offended Zhao Zhong Shi. He merely heard the latter heavily snort and behind his back, four highly talented bodyguards came flying out in front of Lu You’s party with a commanding presence.


“General Zhao Shi Cheng is here. Who dares to get in the way?”


When he heard the title and name; the aide was so scared that his legs felt weak and fell on the ground. But the four bodyguards weren’t to be trifled with and they’re also uncompassionate. The four people walked forward side by side. They didn’t need to make a move, and just their bearing made the people in the front of the wedding concession take a step back automatically. People were pushing and jostled in an absolute mess. And the four people cleared out an open space to meet Zhao Zhong Shi.


Zhao Zhong Shi glanced at the Lu family’s party indifferently. “I brought my son forward to propose to the Tang family. Is the Lu family jealous or envious, actually daring to obstructing my path?”



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