Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 1

The scholar Lu You and his cousin Tang Wan were childhood sweethearts and they had a good relationship with each other. By the time Tang Wan came of age, the two even made an oath of undying love for each other and a secret promise to marriage.

However, Lu You’s mother, Madam Tang had a bad relationship with her brother and sister-in-law. Naturally, she didn’t like Tang Wan this niece of hers. But because Lu You really loves Tang Wan and cementing old ties were seen as a good thing, in the end both families allowed Lu You and Tang Wan to get engaged officially. The Lu family, who had a good financial position, also presented their family heirloom, the precious Gold Phoenix shaped hairpin as their token.

When Lu You was twenty years old, he finally married Tang Wan, who he yearned for day and night, as his wife. The two of them were affectionate and respectful and naturally became inseparable. And together with Tang Wan’s overflowing literary talent and Lu You’s erudition, they were even more inseparable composing poems. They were not lingering at all.

The couple was so busy being affectionate, they almost forgot proper matters which angered Madam Tang greatly. In her plans next year, her son would first enter the locked room test, after obtaining the qualifications to be a scholar, he would then take a trial of the Ministry of Rites and finally enter the government officially as an official.
With her son’s talent, he will surely rise to top and bring glory to the family. The Lu family used to be a family of officials, but it declined. If Lu You suddenly rises, then as his mother she will naturally have face.

However, in her son’s eyes there was only Tang Wan right now. Not saying whether or not he had neglected his studies first, at least he won’t be visiting Tang Wan morning and noon like in the past, which is enough to make Madam Tang furious. Not to mention, Tang Wan’s outstanding appearance and high literary talent made others praise her nonstop. In this kind of situation, Tang Wan became even more unsightly in the eyes of Madam Tang, wishing that she could get rid of her and be done with it.

Madam Tang has repeatedly reprimanded Tang Wan using her identity as her aunt and mother in law. But Lu You’s pity towards her made Tang Wan endure everything and only ask to be with him. Until one day, Madam Tang used meditating as an excuse to ask the nuns in the temple the fate of Lu You and Tang Wan. Who would have thought that the nun said they were incompatible. If they continue their relationship, Lu You will definitely fail the exam, the worst may be dying on the streets and dragging his family down.

When Madam Tang heard this, she turned pale with fright. She hurriedly rushed back to the residence and summoned her son and daughter in law, demanding her son divorce this daughter in law.

When Lu You heard this, he naturally refused and the mother and son got into a big fight. Madam Tang cried her eyes out, even threatening to end her life. Lu You himself was both hesitant and filial, seeing how stubborn his mother was, he could only silently compromise.

In the end, with the fabricated reason of the lack of offsprings, Lu You divorced Tang Wan. But the two lovers grasped each other’s hand tearfully and can’t bear to leave, so Lu You hid the truth from his mother and placed Tang Wan in another house.

Tang Wan sat down in a small hallway. Her neat and long eyebrows that were just fixed slightly wrinkled and her eyes were half closed. Her beautiful and elegant face was filled with distress as her soft, white hands trailed down her pretty cheeks as she waited for someone she doesn’t know when will come.

Ever since Lu You left, she doesn’t know how long she waited in this position.

That night, the two fought over the matter of separation again. Due to the obstruction of his mother’s orders, Lu You had no choice but to return home everyday. And yet, he doesn’t dare to let his mother know that he still has contacts with Tang Wan. On the other hand, Tang Wan was feeling weary of this kind of furtive life. Born as a daughter of an illustrious family, she had never experienced any winds and waves in her life. But even if she loves Lu You, she also began to understand that many things cannot be solved with love. In the case of not bearing to separate, her pain deepened day after day, making her wish to wave goodbye to the society and resolve this matter weighing on her mind.

Right when Tang Wan was most weak-willed, she suddenly lost consciousness. Her body felt weak and she leaned on the desk. About a cup of tea’s time, she quietly woke up. Yet, the way she looked at her surroundings was no longer resentful, but filled with curiosity.

“This is the life of ancient times? It seems that it is way behind compared to the technology era. At least in the technology era there is electric lights, but here it is still using oil to light a fire…Well, the air is pretty good, living in this place, the food here probably taste pretty good.”

No one knew at this moment, Tang Wan‘s soul was already replaced by a big, heroic tiger.

She read the story of Phoenix Hairpin, naturally she knows Tang Wan‘s attachment to Lu You. Therefore, she was only curious towards everything in this era and not resistant. As for Lu You, who has been said to be of great talent, since he has good literary talent his head shouldn’t be bad. Naturally, he was the best choice as her future partner.

She stood up from the chair, walking to the bronze mirror to stroke her hair coquettishly and the more she looked the more satisfied she nodded.

“Not bad, not bad, this Tang Wan is indeed good-looking. The temperament is like a secluded orchid in a deserted valley. It’s just that this body is little weak, before this old lady…oh no, it’s this young lady here can hit a cow flying with one fist. Now, I’m not sure if I can even hit a dog flying.”

In the mirror, she spun around again using this weak, yet well proportioned body. She was not content rubbed her small flat belly.

“Also, this stomach is just like a bird. I don’t know how many immortal chickens and immortal rabbits can be eaten. Thinking about this,in the heavens, this young lady here had eaten until all the immortal beasts would avoid her whenever they saw her.”

Not to mention some Bull Demon King, Zhu Bajie first, just seeing her from far away would cause them to run like the wind. Also, when Chang é attends Queen Mother of the West’s party, as long as she knows she was there, she won’t bring the Jade Rabbit even if she gets beaten to death. This was how you will know how scary this greedy tiger’s name was in Heaven.

Just when Tang Wan sighed, there was a call outside the door. And then a beautiful maid pushed open the door.

Tang Wan only changed her soul and all the memories inside her brain were still there. Naturally, she knows this maid was her personal maid whose name was Xiao Chun.
She does things cleverly, has a bright personality and was the person she trusted the most.

Originally, Tang Wan lived alone in Lu You’s other courtyard, grieving over the passing of spring the whole day. If not for Xiao Chun accompanying her, she might have already found a beam to hang on.

As a result of paying attention to the threshold, Xiao Chun entered the room with her head lowered. When she lifted her head, Tang Wan’s eyes can’t help brighten.

“Xiao Chun, you look like you’re very delicious…” Her saliva was running down, but this kind of voracity was not something she can control. She doesn’t know whether her descending to the human world had cause any changes to her body structure. She had a favorable impression on people who look very delicious.

Xiao Chun carried a food basket, seeing that her young miss was watching her, she can’t help but blush. “Why did the young miss keep staring at Xiao Chun?”

Tang Wan was cheeky and said, “Xiao Chun, let’s talk about it. How about you let me take a bite? Look at how tender your skin is.”

Xiao Chun was first stunned, then she smiled. “Young miss really knows how to make joke. Even if my skin is really good, it cannot be compared to yours. Look at young miss, your skin is as white as snow and there’s not a single flaw at all, making the young ladies from the entire capital envy you.”

Thinking about it was fine, but she knows she can’t actually eat Xiao Chun. This kind of appetite counts as her instinct. Anyway, now that she has a human body, she will have natural resistance towards eating the same race. Otherwise, if she descended down to earth and forgo her abstinence from eating, she will finish eating the entire world in a few days’ time. Then successfully conduct charitable work and go to hell.

Since she can’t eat humans, she could only turn all of her attention towards the food basket Xiao Chun was carrying.

Xiao Chun took out the contents from the food basket and placed them on the table.

“This is fragrant bamboo shoots. It was picked up early this morning. It’s still sweet! There’s also five colored vegetable jelly and fried silver buds. They’re all young miss’s favorites,” Xiao Chun introduced one by one.

What? There’s not a single meat. Tang Wan’s face was heavy.

“I don’t want to eat this.”

“Young miss, guye… although young master Lu didn’t come for a few days, you shouldn’t stop eating for several days. Look, you emaciated a lot. When young master Lu comes, he will think that we didn’t take good care of young miss. Young miss, eat as much as you can.”

Xiao Chun misunderstood that Tang Wan ‘s dejected expression was because Lu You broke his promise and tried to console her.

“Can I eat something else?” Towards the entire table of vegetables, Tang Wan didn’t any interest in it. Who ever heard of a vegetarian tiger?

Thinking the young miss has figured it out, Xiao Chun expressed her pleasant surprise. “What does young miss want to eat? Xiao Chun will immediately prepare it.”

Tang Wan thought about it and decided that for her first meal in the human world she should be a little polite. “Then, give me some roasted chicken and some roasted pig. Is there beef? I heard that the human world’s simmered- fired dishes’ flavor is not bad. Give me a big pot of braised beef… Uh, fish is also okay, just randomly give me
a jar of carp fish soup.”

When Xiao Chun heard this, she was so stunned that both her eyes bulged.

“Young miss, are you too aggrieved, that’s why you became so strange? You usually don’t eat meat! Also, the amount you requested is more than enough for the entire residence to eat for 10 days.”

“So there isn’t any?” Tang Wan’s eyes dimmed.

She had long heard of the human world’s delicacies are everywhere. But how come Lu You was poor to the point that he can’t buy a bit of food?

Just when Xiao Chun was feeling troubled, a man pushed the door and entered.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Chun happily called out.”Guye…uh, young master Lu, you finally came. Young miss has waited for you for a long time.”

After that, Xiao Chun winked at her. “Young miss, Xiao Chun will not be bother you, Hehe!”

After finishing, she cleverly retreated outside, not forgetting to close the door so that the lovers’ conversation will not be overheard by others.

Lu You haven’t seen Tang Wan for many days now. Under the pressure of his mother, he could only secretly sneak out. Furthermore, he can’t stay for long,

Because he knew that he gave her the cold shoulder, seeing that she had a pure and fresh demeanor although she was depressed; her thin, dark red clothes contrasted against her skin making it appear more white and fair-skinned, her powdered neck was slender, with a broad forehead hanging low and her posture elegant and noble, his heart was moved and a tinge of lament welled up. He can’t help but lightly recite.

“She finished bathing from the Hua Qing pond,
Dabbing red cotton powder on the Jade skin,
Then trying on the lotus root silk dress gracefully,
The cloth was cut by feet looking red as can be…”

Tang Wan‘s arched eyebrows knitted, she looked up at him and angrily said. “ Why are you such a bumpkin? What era is this, to be still reciting poems right after seeing someone? Plus, the meals aren’t handled very well. You really should reflect on your mistakes.”

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