Baobei, Baobei

[NW] Baobei Baobei Chapter 10

Jiang Moxiu was a person who would not visit without reason.

Angry as she was, Baobei’s heart still skipped a beat when she picked up his call. She spent close to half an hour in her dorm getting ready, and when she went down, she saw that high profile man leaning on his car, halfheartedly kicking the gravel on the road.

He’d waited for half an hour! So many people had pretended to walk past him, and so many had their cameras pointed at him! Lecturer Jiang was the talk of the town, and he was at the dorm of his rumoured girlfriend! This would definitely cause the gossip mongers to dance in celebration!

While Baobei might have been harsh with her words, but in thirty minutes that she got ready, she had chosen a nice outfit, braided her hair, and put on some light make-up.

“If you have something to say, say it quickly!”

“Let’s talk in the car.”

“No way! We can just talk here!” The young lady was kicking up a fuss. No matter what, it looked like Lecturer Jiang was placating the young lady who was throwing a tantrum. They seemed to have quarreled before this, could it be because of the school belle’s confession?!

Lecturer Jiang smiled. Hands in his pockets, he leaned forward and met her eyes. From this angle, his deep eyes were even more mesmerizing.

Baobei had to admit that she had been charmed.

Lecturer Jiang looked at Baobei’s dark eye circles, and touched them lightly. “You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Baobei unconsciously leaned backwards.

This was a scene out of a drama!

Lecturer Jiang caught her by the waist.

Under the watchful eyes of the public!

Everyone around them inhaled a sharp breath. Baobei breathed in the hardest.

“Are you trying to do a live show?” Baobei was scared silly, and did not notice that his arm was still on her waist.

True enough, they were surrounded by many eyes - people who were either peeking at them or giving them disdainful looks. And of course, there were also many cameras pointed in their direction. Urgh … Baobei had finally experienced what it was like to be famous; she was internally screaming, people are actually stealing pictures of us!

Lecturer Jiang twirled Baobei around, and gave her a light push into the passenger seat. He closed the passenger door and returned to the driver’s seat, his face full of smiles.

The rumour that Baobei was dating had finally been proven true. Anyone could tell that this was a situation where the boyfriend was coaxing his angry girlfriend!

At this point, Baobei only wished she was blind and could not see what was unfolding before her eyes!

She had unconsciously looked up, and coincidentally saw her three roommates perched on the balcony, watching the show. In fact, everyone else in her block had also come out to their balconies. Baobei no longer had the guts to look at the other blocks around them.

Shi Xiaoxi was seen waving a flag at them. At the same time, Baobei received a message. It was also Shi Xiaoxi: My dear, I’ll take care of the other two in the dorm, please go on without worries. You don’t have to come back tonight too, I’ll remember to lock the doors! Go pounce on him decisively!

This beast!

Baobei wound up the window.

Lecturer Jiang started driving, and noticed Baobei’s furious expression from the corner of his eye. “In a bad mood?”

Baobei felt that this was probably his way of making small talk since both of them were feeling awkward and were not talking. It turned out that they didn’t have much in common to talk about!

“Life is short, why should I allow unimportant people to affect my emotions?” With that, Baobei put on a cold expression. Baobei knew that she had gone overboard, her actions had exposed her true feelings! True enough, when she stole a peek at Lecturer Jiang, he was grinning from ear to ear.

This was all Lecturer Jiang’s fault! He said he liked her, then left it at that! Baobei had never had a relationship, what was she to make of that? She would ask if he truly liked her, or whether he was just teasing her!

He’s too evil!

He’s a downright pervert!

There was only silence in the car. Then, the mood in the car changed.

“Hmph! I’m already down, so why were you looking for me?” She should have asked the question when she first met him; wasn’t it too late now? Baobei was usually a sharp girl, but she was putty in Lecturer Jiang’s hands.

“Your sister asked me to give you a lift”.

What an irresponsible reason. Did this mean that he wouldn’t have looked for her if her sister didn’t ask for him to do so? Baobei was angry; she puffed out her cheeks, and turned her head so sharply that she almost twisted her neck.

Her anger soon dissipated though. This young lady was quite adaptable. She had just become the type of girl that she hated.

What Baobei hated were girls who acted pitiful. Why would someone rely on others to treat them well, when they could jolly well treat themselves better? A shopping spree would resolve a bad day at work; a new relationship would resolve an old relationship problem; skincare, plastic surgery or a facelift would resolve physical flaws; reading or finding means to vent anger would resolve any difficulties in life. People could always find ways to treat themselves better. Only the most useless people would always act as if the world owes them a living. If all else fails, you could just spend money; spending money would always make someone feel better, that life didn’t treat them that badly.

Even though her cheeks were still puffed out in anger, she took a deep breath and calmed down.

“It’s not the weekend today, why is my sister looking for me?”

The driver shrugged his shoulders in a cute way without responding.

Oh my! Baobei smiled, took another deep breath and quickly turned away, as she gritted her teeth tightly.

This man deserves a beating! If she could, Baobei would have given him two tight slaps!

Her anger continued to boil…

“You’re already so old, stop acting cute! What’s wrong with you!”

Lecturer Jiang turned and looked seriously at Baobei, showing that he had taken in her words, very seriously at that.

When they reached San Shao’s house, the family was already preparing to have their lunch. Baobei found out what the occasion was - it was Mo Beiyu’s birthday! Realisation struck Baobei. The kid looked at his aunt hopefully, as if telling her, “Look, my parents have already given me birthday presents, Uncle Xia Tian had also gifted me, and since Aunt Baobei is here, surely she has a present for me too?”

The final straw came when Lecturer Jiang took out a huge train set from his car boot...  

He knew that it was Mo Beiyu’s birthday, and she hadn’t prepared a present, but didn’t say anything about it!

“Jiang Moxiu!”

He turned to look at her, and so did San Shao and Xia Tian, who had come out to welcome them.

In her anger, Xia Baobei gave Lecturer Jiang the finger, and her luscious lips slowly spelling one word: “F. U. C. K”

San Shao and Xia Tian paused, while Lecturer Jiang laughed.

This man is just looking for trouble!

At this point, Mo Beiyu was putting together the gigantic toy model. However, he could only look blankly at his toys when his aunt picked him up, and started showering him with kisses!

“Mo Beiyu, your aunt will give you her first kiss!” And continued showering him with her kisses.

Poor Mo Beiyu! For a boy his age, a woman’s kiss meant nothing to him! Even jelly candy was more precious than that! In Mo Beiyu’s mind, his aunt had missed giving him a present this year.

Xia Tian was in a laughing fit, while San Shao looked worriedly at Baobei and Lecturer Jiang.

Finally, it was Lecturer Jiang, the man who had been laughing and taking liberties with Baobei, who now looked angry.

“Wifey! Bring our son in!” Disregarding their friendship, San Shao’s first reaction was to protect his son.

The men at the door chatted for close to twenty minutes before they entered the house. Of the three men, only Xia Tian smoked.

Lecturer Jiang was the last to enter the house, and still looking grumpy.

The culprit for the change in his mood was in the living room, carrying Mo Beiyu and feeding him with yoghurt.

Baobei peeled off the cover and handed one to Mo Beiyu, and then opened another for herself. She then licked off the remaining yoghurt from the cover. As she did so, Mo Beiyu mimicked her actions.

Her actions were like a child, and made her look terribly adorable. Out of nowhere, Lecturer Jiang felt a reaction in his groin. Her licking action, as well as the yoghurt that remained on her lips, suddenly became sensual to him.

He awkwardly shifted his line of sight, but met with San Shao’s look of disdain.

This was even more embarrassing now.

The two who were enjoying their yoghurt started laughing, then used their yoghurt-stained lips to kiss each other.

Lecturer Jiang felt mildly upset.

“Cough! Children are ignorant, therefore they are innocent.” San Shao felt unjust for his son, who had unknowingly become the tool for their bickering. If his son was hurt by the man in any way, then it would be a great misfortune!

“Your shameless look is similar to how I was when I was younger”. The two “children” in the living room continued playing.

“Shameless! Shameless!” Mo Beiyu was overjoyed.

During their meal, Baobei devoured her food with a vengeance. She cleared out the entire table of dishes, and even fought with Mo Beiyu for the cake.

“You’re eating too much! You’ll surely get a stomach upset later!”. Xia Xu led a healthy lifestyle, hence when she saw Baobei binge, she tried to stop her.

“I won’t. I eat even more in school. My dear sister, I only have the desire to grow fat, but sadly I can become fat no matter what”. She continued eating.

“Your stomach is showing”. Xia Xu said disdainfully.

Unexpectedly, Baobei said matter-of-factly, “The stomach has to grow bigger someday. Rather than wait for someone to impregnate me, why don’t I fill it up myself?”

The Xia Family was familiar with Baobei’s shocking outbursts. Even San Shao had started getting used to it. Only poor Lecturer Jiang choked on his juice from her words.

Putting the discussion on food aside, Xia Xu turned to San Shao and said, “This afternoon, Mo Beiyu and I will be making a trip to the temple that Grandmother frequents to pray and give some offerings.”

“I want to go too!” Baobei immediately added.

San Shao was about to reply, when he felt a sharp kick on his ankle.

Being loyal to your brothers is not an easy task!

“Hmm, I have something on this afternoon…”

“Let me send sister-in-law there.” Someone spoke as he gracefully cleaned the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

Despicable! San Shao strongly despised Lecturer Jiang. Today was his son’s birthday, an event that only occurred once a year. How could he bear being apart from his family for long! “Let Moxiu send you there, I’ll go over to pick you up after I’m done”.

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