[NW] Legged Mimic, Miss Harumi – Reincarnated Into a Monster in another world ~ Chapter 6 - Peerless Warrior Mimic

Arc 1: Aldora Labyrinth

Chapter 6: Peerless Warrior Mimic

Translation by Glass

"Magic Missile!"


The novice fighter's guts sure ate it.*

*T/N: He took the hit full on.

Huh, and that was just an ordinary body slam!

While it would not be incorrect to say that magic missile is just a thrusting technique, with that incredible speed involved it packed more than enough power.

"Wh- what the?!"

Due to my sudden attack, the adventurers started panicking. Hmmm, a classic six-man party huh.

In that case, let's mop up the front line.

"Mimic Pinball!"

Floor, wall, ceiling. Dashing at the right intervals, striking and ricocheting to change directions, basically messily rampaging about, really,  even this one is a simple technique where you didn't need to think about anything but the resulting damage is enormous.

In no time at all the front line fighters are minced meat.

The rear guard has two wizards and one priest.  They sure look scared.

"Hey hey! No shootin' me with magic now~!"

I taunt them by beckoning and motioning with my hands in the air. Even if the words don't get through, the gestures definitely will.

"Y-you! Fireball!"

The wizard chanted a spell.

A ball of flame formed at the end of his wand, and in a snap, flew towards me.


It's a direct hit.

I see. So no matter what spell it is, or what kind of magic, even if you could tell by looking at the end of the wand, it seems that any launched magic spell is too fast to dodge.

Anyway, I'm totally fine.

Yeah, I wanted to test if I could tank the magic.

"No way!"

The magic user's face looked incredulous.

Now then. You too can become my experience points!

"Explosive Legs!"

Jump and kick in one go.

The kick by itself is at a level that even a magician can withstand.



Five seconds later, the wizard exploded and thus the entire party was eliminated.

What an easy win.

While I'm a little worried about the equipment, there's no point in not utilizing such useful items.

And so. How's my level so far?

Oh, it's 11 now.

At this rate, let's go hunt some adventurers!


"Passing Exploding Legs!"


This move is a type of technique that involves running past the side of any adventurer I happen to spot which, incidentally and mainly because if I just pass by them like that, even if it was enough to kill them,  brings out a sense of dissatifaction because I had not aimed a little bit more directly at them.

But anyway, the first floor basement's novice adventurers are no match for me anymore so I can't just pick them off one by one.

Because now, you are all quick experience points for me!

Now, how's my level going.

Oh, my status just confirmed it's at 12.

Since it became 12 just now, there's no sign that it's rising anymore.

Even though I've been defeating so many.

So no matter how many more novices are defeated this is probably the limit.

Besides, even if I search around, there's a lot less novices now.  

Now what.

Oh yeah. I think I've wandered all over the first basement floor, so it feels like the size is about 20x20 blocks. As far as I could tell. Since a block is about 5 meters, I think that's 100 meters squared.

Well, if the enemies here aren't enough anymore, maybe I have no choice but to head down.

With that said, time to go look for the stairs.

Although I've explored most of the first floor basement, what I haven't searched was from the dungeon entrance to the east area of the dungeon.

I have a feeling it's where the adventurers are gathered but, well I think it'll work out somehow.

Trudging along at a steady pace, once again I arrived in the vicinity of block E0N0.

I'll peep the situation from the north passage.

The entrance is a staircase at E0N0, with the surrounding area being a 4x4 block wide public square.

The outskirts of this square are lined with street vendor stalls, seems like you can buy a lot of various stuff.

I wonder if there's a lot of food stalls. There's probably a lot of essential items for adventuring.

The adventurers seem wholly absorbed in their preparations for their journey. It looks like they're doing their final checks like inspecting their equipment, or deciding on their strategies.

And they seemed to completely believe in the safety of the starting area's public square.

But of course, there are still people who are wary of the surrounding area, but since there's only the occasional weak monster of the first floor basement to contend with, there's no sense of tension at all.

So it's that. The illusion of peace has made clowns* out of everyone. Then I have no choice but to be the guy to slap them out of it. Slap that "peace" out of them.

*T/N: She uses the boke-tsukkomi routine as analogy = peaceful adventurers (clowns/idiots/funny man) and herself as the tsukkomi (straight man). The Boke-Tsukkomi routine is a type of Japanese double-act comedy called Manzai, often punctuated by the tsukkomi smacking the boke in some fashion, usually with a paper fan.

Who knows, maybe I'm just being carried away. Maybe I'm just overestimating my level of power because of my over-powered equipment.

But, I'm also one of those so-called monsters, which possesses something like battle instinct. Even if it doesn't work, I'm inclined to think that inflicting even a little damage to the adventurers goes a long way. Well, actually there's no point if you absolutely can't deal any damage at all, so you might as well run away.

Well, that said.

"Magic Missile!"

First of all, strike with full power.

"Passing Exploding Legs!"

Kick the lookout at the entrance of the public square while invading the interior.

"Explosive Legs!"

Kick an adventurer within reach. If you're not ready for battle yet, that's on you. Aren't you taking the dungeon too lightly?

"Explosive Legs! Explosive Legs! Explosive Legs!"

Dash, kick! Dash, kick! Dash, kick!

Anyway, this is now a test of readiness! I mow down everything I come across.

After kicking around and about, I slip into the eastern passage.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, ka-blam!

From the rear I heard the dreadful sound of the explosion.  

I did kick that place up pretty good. That's more than double the explosions expected.

I turn around. The whole square is dyed bright red.

Yep. I don't even know what the actual level of power these guys had but, an easy win is —— oh?

Something squirmed in the pool of blood.

Something alive?

What do I do? Should I run away?

Nah, it looks pretty weak, maybe I should take a closer for now.


A middle-aged warrior. His lower half's been blown away, the right side is all in tatters but there's a good deal left intact on the left side. The head is not wounded.

His helmet and shield must've been real sturdy. However, in my case, my feet equipment's defense extends to the rest of the body, I wonder what's up with that.

"Shit....... What was that...... You, what are you......"

"I'm just a passing mimic, so what?"

Well, I can't really talk about it.

"Re, restore...... no, teleport first......"

Yeah? Teleport?

Something glowing appeared on the old man's left hand.

A precious stone? But, the moment I thought about it, it flashed.

"Whoa, that's bright!"

My eyes are blinded.

By the time my sight was restored, the old man was gone.

Ah, even though I don't have eyes, I can still be blinded by the glare. That means that even blinding spells have an effect on me. I should be careful about that.

That said, he managed to escape!

Teleport, huh. So that's a thing.

Well, it's not like I was aiming for complete annihilation, so it's fine I guess.

Now then. Let's take a look around. I didn't touch the food stalls, so they're still there.

Coming closer, I take a look at the wares.


The young lady's face at the stall went rigid. I don't think she's an adventurer. I had a hunch that killing her will not net me any experience points.

It's a store that sells chunks of meat sandwiched between bread.

I wonder if I can eat this type of food.

At that point I realized it for the first time.

"What is my main staple food?"

I haven't eaten anything so far, nor felt any hunger. While I wanted to fight humans when I saw them, I didn't think about wanting to eat them.  

Well, kobolds and orcs seem to eat normally  but compared to them, I'm just a mimic. I wonder if I was ever told that I don't need food.

"Well, let's test it. This one please."

Though, even if I couldn't get the message across, I reach out and take some bread.

I open the lid of my treasure chest body and throw it in.


Mmm. Yummy. I have a sense of taste and I guess it means I'm actually able to eat.  

Not to mention, I have fangs and tongue as well.

"Thank you for the meal."

Let's take a look at the other stores.

Armor, weapons, even stalls for tools. Looks like there are a lot of stores for selling anything that seems essential for adventurers.

However, I have no idea which stuff serves which function. On that note, maybe if I had an appraisal skill I'd be able to get stuff.

Well, you never know if there's stuff I can use here, so for the time being I'm gonna loot it.

I take a moderate amount from every store and throw it into my mouth. Since I'm technically a treasure chest, there's a storage function.  

After fishing around for items, it was time to tackle the real purpose of coming here - searching the east area.  

After looking for a bit, I found an elevator.

How did I know? It says 'elevator' right here, you see. Real easy to understand.

Since this is here, then you can head down as many times as you want.

Hmm. Since it's easy to win on the first basement floor, perhaps it's better to head down.

For now, let's go take a look downstairs.

With that thought, I headed to the elevator.


Going forward, I was repelled by something.

Eh? What's this?

I reach out tentatively.


I knew it. There was something right in front of the elevator.

An invisible wall?

No matter what, I guess I can't use the elevator.

What the hell, is it because I'm a monster.

In that case, is there an item I need?

Well, since I can't use it, there's no choice but to forge ahead.
Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack.

After exploring for a while, I come out to a large 4x4 block room.

There's a large hog in it.

It's wearing an armor and cape, so it looks more elite than an ordinary hog.

Hahah, I wonder if he's the boss of the first basement floor.

Further in behind him, there's stairs heading down.


"Bwee bwee bwee!"

I raised my hand and Sir Great Hog raised his in the same fashion. This way, he greeted me warmly. He doesn't seem like a bad guy.

I approached the stairs slowly.

Looks like these stairs can't be used either. There's an invisible wall here same as the elevator.

"As I thought, it's not possible to go down here, huh?"

"Bwee bwee."

Sir Great Hog shook his head slowly.

Hmm, although I can't understand anything he's saying, I feel like I've understood his meaning well enough.

Now then.

With this, I've already searched all of the first floor basement.

And, what I know now is that I can't leave the first floor basement.

For the time being there's no choice but to do my best here for the duration of the first season.

I head back to starting area's public square.

All of the people in the stalls are gone.

While going outside might kill me, just in case, I check the stairs heading up.

As expected, there's the invisible wall again.

Well, since I'm a monster of the first basement floor, I guess I've got a mission to do here.

"What! What the hell is this?!"

Someone is coming down the stairs.

It's an adventurer. Seeing the wretched state of the public square, he freezes on the spot.

"Explosive Legs!"


Yep. Actually, wouldn't this be the most efficient place to wait for adventurers?

T/N: She's spawn-camping, in short.

Thank you for reading! Something IRL came up but I'll post the next chapter within the week. Please note that the next chapter is a side story so this cliffhanger won't be resolved until chapter 8.

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