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No Fatigue 81. Natural Phenomenon Bevahiorist - David Zafran Chrebl pt 2

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

We’ve finally passed through the sea of character development (read: filler). The next 2 chapter is the extra chapter about the other reincarnator’s PoV blablabla. Basically, we’re back to the plot.


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My brother standing in front of me was a genuine genius.
From the point in time he heard about the story of my previous life until now, David-niisan had already demonstrated his sharp wit.

For example, he uncovered the real identity behind the notorious 「Slashing Demon」 in the royal capital.
He noticed the correlation between the number of slashing demon occurrences and the weather condition in that time of the year. He conducted several experiments and uncovered its real identity.
The winds in the royal capital winter were strong enough for it to be called wind season, which overcharged the wind spirits. These excess power inside the wind spirits and the terrified citizen’s delusion created this phenomenon called the slashing demon. A magical phenomenon with power equivalent to the advanced 【Wind Magic】 called 《Wind Thrust》 occurred naturally without anyone’s intention. This was the real identity that he uncovered.


In addition, using his superior intellect, he had solved unresolved mysteries several times in the past. He solved the murder case of Lord Arthur Waynback and the robbery case of the goddess Kosta’s statue, just like in the mystery novels back in my previous world.

In other words, David Zafran Chrebl was a young genius, Natural Phenomenon Behaviorist by day and great detective that solves impossible cases in his spare time. If I consider his brain as a cheat, then his cheat is way more cheat than mine. Compared to him, I was no more than a Watson in front of Sherlock Holmes.

By the way, his middle name 「Zafran」 was the name of a wise man that played an active role back in ancient times. The name was bestowed upon him by his majesty the king when he became a librarian in the Royal Library.


「Come to think of it, Popurus-san said that he wanted to improve the chemical used in paper manufacturing process. Have you heard about this?」

David-niisan asked.
His long dark brown hair that was combed neatly shook, some got into his glasses.
Inheriting father’s bloodline as an elf, David-niisan’s appearance was well-featured. But the eyes behind his glasses were possessed by a blazing and intense curiosity.
He combed his hair back and fixed the gap in his glasses. If any glasses-boy loving women saw him doing it, they may squeal in a high pitched voice.


「Yes, I’ve heard about it… Since we’re going to dissolve wood, should we use alkali? Or maybe sodium hydroxide? I wonder if we get some by electrolyzing seawater…」
「Electrolysis, was it? I’ve read about it in your notes so I know how to do it, but isn’t it difficult to gather electricity in the first place? Based on your knowledge, don’t we need a battery or power supply to do that?」
「Don’t we have the more convenient 【Lightning Magic】 in this world?」
「Hiring a mage will cost us some money, but I guess this can’t be helped. There are only a handful people who have aptitude in 【Lightning Magic】 to begin with, so……」

「Then we have no other choice beside building a generator, do we?」
「Generator… It’s the one that uses electromagnetic induction, was it?」
「Exactly. When we wrapped a coil around a magnet and move it, we can use the current that flows through the coil. We can use the steam for boiling water to turn the turbine. Oh right, turbines are long boards that looked like feather that can turn in circular manner. The other way to achieve it is by amassing a huge amount of water in a dam and use that water to turn the turbine」
「The latter one is basically a water mill, right? If we attach magnet to the water wheel and surround it with a copper coil, it certainly can generate electricity.
It is an unexpectedly simple mechanism」

David-niisan said in disappointment, maybe he expected something more complex.
I think he was the one who simplifies it way too much.



「There are quite a number of watermills in Monokans. Since they are the kind that utilizes the fast current of the lake, they are widely used to grind flour and for smithing. We can repurpose one of those kinds. Is there any other way we can generate electricity?」
「We can also use volcano heat, the ocean current, sunlight, or wind current」

Let’s keep quiet about nuclear for now.
Considering this world’s technical skills, the result would be too absurd.
Looking at how thoughtless they use magic, I’m afraid about how it will be implemented. Besides, there was also the consideration that Kizaki will also use nuclear weapons.


「I see, as long as you can turn the turbine, anything will basically work. Even though it’s limited in winter, I think we can utilize the winter wind to generate electricity」
「However, since electricity is convenient, a lot of power stations were made and caused a lot of pollution to the surrounding」
「Pou lotion…?」
「For example, when we burn a large number of coals, it will result in a lot of soot, right? That soot will drift along with the air and soon cover an entire city. It happened a long time before I was born, but pollution problems still happened in developing countries」
「Makes sense, I guess those are things that you won’t believe unless you experience it yourself.
There will be disputes between the power plant owner and the surrounding resident if we spread contaminants through the air, isn’t that right? Like how even in the areas around the『New City』, there are several concerns around the leatherworkers workplaces regarding the smell from the surrounding neighborhoods」
「I see niisan has understood well…… That is exactly the reason」

Aside from that, I also explained about the global warming issue caused by carbon dioxide emission.

「If we light too much fire to increase the amount of carbon dioxide, it will heat the entire world, is it?
That’s something beyond imagination」

He said it as he gathers everything and wrote them onto his own note.


「But leaving that aside, I still need more information regarding the chemistry field」
「Since I honestly don’t know even the basics of it. I expect to find them at the lower level of the labyrinth」
「Even so, understanding the foundation despite not being an expert is quite an amazing feat. I don’t think it’s possible to do so in this world」
「It’s not like I’m special or anything. It’s all thanks to the compulsory education in my previous life」
「The obligated 9 years of education, was it? Just imagining the number of schools that we need and how to secure enough lecturers made me dizzy」

I used Melby’s newly acquired skill 【Hypnotism】 to try writing everything that I learned from my compulsory education into a collection of notes. David-niisan read the notes thoroughly and repeatedly, and by that process also ingesting the knowledge from my previous life. I also handed the copies to the other family members and Popurus-san, who we entrusted the Chrebl Firm to.


「When I think about the other reincarnator, I feel irritated because I can’t spread this knowledge recklessly. But I can raise the living standard in this world at once if I do that……
I’m sure that 『Other guy』 would like to know about some certain specific information in this note」
「Definitely… Just in case, I asked His Majesty the King for help in gathering information, but with Sonorat pestering us, we can’t really gather information in the northern side of the continent」
「By the way, it’s not about reincarnator, but I heard a rumor」
「What is it about?」

David-niisan spent most of his time inside the library, but he seemed to have acquaintances from various places, so he’s quite well-informed.


「There’s a rumor that the hero Alsheraut had disappeared…… or so it says」
「I thought you already know about it since you are also spending time in the library. Shall I explain it once more?」
「Yes, please. I think there are things that I overlooked」

My brother nodded and explained.

「A hero is someone chosen by a sacred sword.
The difference between the sacred sword and a normal enchanted sword is that the sacred sword is an ancient artifact. It was said that the sword was given by the gods themselves.
The sacred sword can somehow detect the nature of its wielder. Basically, it will pick a good-hearted person as its wielder. However, it’s not like there are no corrupted heroes in its history. In that case, the sword will be called the cursed sword instead, not the sacred sword. In other words, the sacred sword are not those swords that had chosen its wielder, but the swords that is wielded by the good-hearted person. That is why the Sacred Sword has a certain political value」

It was the first time I heard about the latter half.
So according to this definition, our Steph couldn’t be called a hero despite being called the 《White Frilled Hero》 since she wasn’t selected by the sacred sword.

「Similarly, the heroes themselves have their own political value. In other words, there is a tendency to take a person with 『Good Heart』 as hero material.
That being said, most people who were selected by the sacred sword has a strong sense of justice and honestly wish to protect and help the weak. That is why heroes are respected by ordinary citizens.
Incidentally, the name 『Al』 is inserted onto the hero’s name. The current royal family of Santamana Kingdom tried to imitate it and attach the name 『Il』to their names, though」
「Why didn’t his majesty Visgard the First has the name 『Il』 attached to his name?」
「His majesty is an illegitimate child. At first, he didn’t have the right to succeed the throne, but the crown prince contracted a disease at the time and passed away」
「What about Alfred-tousan?」

I asked since our father had 『Al』 in his name, but I was given a cold look instead.

「That is a coincidence. Leaving that aside, about the hero rumor」
「About the hero’s disappearance… was it? Why wasn’t it confirmed yet? Someone like that tends to stick out like sore thumb wherever he goes」
「The hero Alsheraut is famous for hiding his identity. It was said that he was in charge of helping the refugees during the conflicts that are still happening in Sonorat, but there is a talk that he’s hiding because he was sick of being pushed around by his political enemies. His sacred sword is called 〈Space Ruler〉 which seemed to amplify space-related skills. That is why if Alsheraut wants to hide, it will not be such an easy task to find him」
「What’s with that? Then let’s say he wanted to hide himself, what is his intention for hiding himself?」

My brother shook his head as an answer.


「That is actually the strange thing about his disappearance」
「 This is something I just heard from his majesty yesterday. Apparently his majesty asked the hero Alsheraut to check the situation of the places northward of Sonorat」
「That is… very suspicious」
「But this is not the only time a hero had disappeared. Since long time ago, heroes are known to hide themselves sometimes. Being 『Pushed around politically』 is just one of the reasons. He might also suddenly pop up in the middle of the royal capital, or so His Majesty said」

「……Is that okay for a hero to do that?」
「As a result from hiding, the heroes tend to be stronger than before they went to the trip. So it’s not like the heroes are skipping work to laze around. This is not limited to Alsheraut. It was said that the heroes tend to move according to their own justice and judgment. And they also have the tendency of being an oddball among oddballs」

David-niisan explained, which sounds weird since he was the weirdest oddball in our Chrebl family.


「The other reason for his sudden disappearance is he probably encounter 『Something Bad』 in Sonorat. And suddenly in the middle of pursuit he…… well there is a chance that it might happen」
「If that’s the case then what he found is probably……」
「It’s probably the reincarnator Tooru Kizaki. Even though it’s not like there’s a high chance that it will happen」
「What did his majesty say about that matter?」
「Taking consideration of the possibility, his majesty ordered the spies in Sonorat to do an investigation」
「Since that’s the case, then we have no choice but to rely on them, right? As much as I want to, it’s not like I can just march towards Sonorat right now」


「I understand your anxiety, but do you understand our parent’s feeling if you really did that?」
「Of course I know about it. I know that they will worry. But I can’t help but to think that it will be impossible for us to take a step back if something bad really happened」
「In my opinion, there are cases where people should worry, and there are cases where the worry is way too unreasonable. However, in either case, that feeling will snatch our ability to make a calm judgment. What you should be doing now is becoming stronger together with the people around you. And not doing anything too reckless」
「I know but……」
「I understand your anxiety. For you, this reincarnator is your greatest adversary. However, as I said before, you get nothing from your feeling of anxiety. For that reason, shouldn’t you focus more on the things that are in front of you?」

「The things in front of me?」
「There are a couple of them, but for now how about breaking through to the 5th floor of Royal Library Labyrinth?」
「In other words, I should study the knowledge sealed on the 4th floor, is it?」
「Since you’ll be okay even without sleeping, you often have too much free time, right? Your anxiety will crawl around that kind of time. Read books, train together with father and mother, and tutor Steph and Elemia. It’s a healthy, reliable, and effective way to use your time. After all, as you get older, time will be a luxury and it will be harder for you to use it」
「Niisan……You sure you haven’t reached 21 years old?」

David-niisan said weird mature stuff sometimes.
Maybe because he spent most of his youth being buried in the books written by sages of old times, he matured more than his actual age.


「Even though you should be in the age where you fall in love」

I said it unintentionally. When I was his age in previous world, my love life was also……


「I am in love. To the beautiful and extraordinary woman in the form of the knowledge that this world contains」

Oya, he declared it without hesitation.
………It was unexpected but maybe, this person was maybe beyond saving. And somehow, I got the feeling that he was getting worse day by day.

Even though he’s an ikemen……



「……hm? What’s wrong? I can feel the pity from your eyes. Personally, if a suitable woman appeared, I will fall for her. However, I haven’t meet the right person so far」
「What is your ideal type of woman?」
「I guess she has to be as quick-witted as I am and has a deep understanding of knowledge. Her noble soul must be attracted to the mystery that lurks behind everything in this world. Her heart and soul was what written by the poems of the old poet, Aeroz, himself. Our love will be like a match made in heaven…」

Does she even exists!?
I think this brother of mine was too drunk to the idea of love from the old books around him. Asking for a woman whose heart and soul was like what the old poet described is basically the same as spending his whole life in seclusion.


「Those kinds of women don’t exist. Even if they are, how would you even catch her attention?」
「Catch her. Seduce her. Those cheap techniques should come later, shouldn’t they? If I fall in love, of course I want our souls to be attracted to each other naturally like what the fates have decided」
「……You are surprisingly romantic, aren’t you, David-niisan?」

Even after considering his position as the young and smart ikemen of the Royal Library, does he set his standard too high?

And so I prayed.
Let this unworthy little brother pray that David-niisan goes against the odds and finally meets the girl of his dreams, as impossible as it may be.

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