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No Fatigue 79. Alfred's Reminiscence (Beginning) Part 2


TL: MayonaizeShrimp
Editor: Karuma

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「And so the strategy was called the Hikisanbou」


「First, divide your army into 3, then put 2 of them on standby. After the main army made contact with your enemy, pretend to turn back and invite them to chase you.
What’s next? The enemy who was caught in the momentum was suddenly ambushed on their left and right, of course, put them into a mass confusion. Since their formation was extending vertically during the chase, it’s possible for the smaller army to defeat the enemy even though they are outnumbered by a large margin.
Pull back on purpose to bait the enemy, flank the enemy from left and right, then command the main army to turn back again and attack the pursuing enemy from 3 sides. For this reason, the strategy is called Hikisanbou」

「So it’s similar like Tsurino Fuse?」(TL: 釣り野伏せ Tsurino Fuse is the same thing but used by Yoshihisa Shimazu in the warring states period. There’s no English equivalent for this)

「Surfing no-bus-say? Ah, so there’s similar tactic back in your previous world? So there are people who think alike even when separated in different worlds, I see.
It was quite a dramatic strategy, often cited in war histories and tales. But to be honest, it’s not a really good strategy.
First of all, you need to hold a special terrain that can hide your soldiers without your enemy noticing. The forests in the valley of mountains is ideal for this purposes. However, you must remember that there are limits to the number of soldiers that you can hide in these locations.
Next, is the matter of strength. It’s not funny if you were defeated because your main army who was making the first contact with the enemy in the center was annihilated while being chased.
Also, the flanking army in your left and right might be caught in a skirmish with their scouts. Depending on the soldier, you might not be able to use bows or magic in the fight since there’s a chance for friendly fire. And from the perspective of the leader of the flanking army who hide for ambush, you have to choose a place that not obstructing your vision and timing. And that doesn’t include the weather.
There’s always a chance for a false signal. After all, it’s acting. A calm and experienced commander will notice it. Everything will crumble if the enemy commander noticed your strategy. If I were the enemy, I will pretend to chase you from behind then strike any of the 2 ambush you prepared. Then I will destroy the remaining ones. In short, crushing every one of those three groups.
Furthermore, if you know this kind of tactics beforehand, you can deal with it easily. It’s one of the great advantages if you learn the arts of war. It’s dangerous to be too focused to your own strategy. It’s often said that the main task of the commander is to find the countermeasures of the opponent’s strategy」

「Back in my previous world there is a saying “The crafty schemer drowned in his own scheme”」

「That’s a wise saying, isn’t it?」




Due to Sonorat’s southern feudal lord alliance’s strategy, the battlefield was engulfed in turbulence.
Although their position was overwhelmingly disadvantageous, General Fergusson still tried to rally his soldiers together. He is really an exceptional commander when he doesn’t let his head boil.
Originally, the Southern feudal lords alliance had fewer number of soldiers than the Santamana kingdom’s army. They even split their already small army into three for the hikisanbou strategy. Even though they were trapped, the Santamana Kingdom’s army won’t sit still and be killed so easily. Even though they were so brave, they were still in a huge pinch and all they could do was endure it.
As the result, the ridge turned into a battlefield where the soldiers intertwined, creating a havoc.

Meanwhile, the scout group of 40 men that I led was like a driftwood being swept away by a muddy stream. Besides, the main force itself were in a state of mass confusion. Should we join? Should we escape?

「Mooou~! This is what I told you before!」

The adventurer snarled.
Indeed, the lady adventurer had insisted that it was a trap all along.
I was in the same opinion, but the general commander was not me, it was General Fergusson.

「There’s nothing we can do about it! What do you want me to do!?
We are knights, we have no choice but to do as we ordered!」
「That doesn’t mean that you have to die when you were told so, this rock head!
You looked really young but your head is elder-elf class! Of course, in a bad way!」
「what! Do you, wandering adventurers, always says something as freely as this!?
Furthermore, there’s no way a mere adventurer like you can meet an Elven Elder!」

「S-so rude! Even though I look like this, I’m still an A ranked adventurer!
By the way, I still make more than a certain rural noble who is running left and right doing other’s bidding!」
「Fu! You adventurers can act all high and mighty only because we kept the public order! You can go back and report to your guild that you just insulted the nobles of Santamana Kingdom!」

「Please, both of you. If you keep quarreling… we will be found out by the enemies」

We ran the pathless road while arguing.
The scout party of 40 moved toward the rear guard of the main force, which should still be alright, in order to link up we ran as fast as we could.
Fortunately, there are two people here who were familiar with the topography.
We managed to get through the valley and reached the small ridge where we could see the battlefield clearly.
The ridge was on the opposite direction from the main battle was located. It’s a great location to penetrate the enemy ranks. In the small distance between us and the main battle, we couldn’t see any enemy’s soldier. From this point, we could see the hastily made fort and every movement the enemy made.
When I ordered a rest, the knights from the scout units sank to the ground in exhaustion.


「……hey, so what do we do?」

The cheeky adventurer glared at me for answer.
To not be exhausted after running in that distance, she was truly an A-rank adventurer.
Popurus fainted halfway and was carried by one of my subordinates.

I ignored the adventurer’s question and recount our forces.
Out of 40 scouts we had since the beginning, we were down to 20.
They were not killed, but they fell behind and got separated.

I watched the knights, and ignoring the adventurer’s question.

「Hey you… Do you often called the frozen ice noble due to your attitude?」
「I…… care not about those things」

The truth is, I was often invited into high-class gatherings, but ever since I lost my wife, I refused all of them.
No, even if my wife was still here, I would still refuse to go to those gatherings. Especially since it is filled with half-elves hating nobles.

「That cold attitude is so~ amazing! Of course, the ladies would flock around the cool ikemen like you」
She said sarcastically.


「You’re noisy. You would look prettier if you kept your mouth shut. I wonder why you adventurers are so cocky and spoiled」
「Araa… I’m honored to receive such compliment from you… Not!
Do you always putting people off like this?」
「I don’t know even if you asked me. But, to be so “unyielding”, won’t you find it hard to find a man?」
「I don’t really mind no one approaching me. Aren’t you the same?」
「Me? ………well, you are right. Especially after losing her…」

The adventurer muttered, then she noticed something.

「Hey, Ice prince」
「I know, Flaming moron」

Before I could warn the surrounding knights, several soldiers appeared from the nearby bush. They were wearing Sonorat’s uniforms.
One of my knights yelled in panic.

「Kuh!? Enemy! Get in position!!」

The enemy soldiers drew their weapons and attacked us.

Our soldiers morale were at rock bottom.
The knights were still exhausted after running so far, there’s no way they could retaliate.
I forced my tired body to stand and faced the enemies.

「Get behind me, Popurus-san!」

I ordered the traveling merchant to get behind me and I poked at the leader-looking soldier.
But this soldier was quite strong. I had reached the peak of 【Spear Techniques】with my spear, this soldier was probably the same with his 【Sword Tecnhiques】.
Of course, the spear has the advantage of attack range, but he’s still not an opponent that I could beat easily.

ーーWhy is a person this strong placed in this kind of place?


「Shit! This guy is tough…!」

The enemy soldier cursed and jumped back, taking some distance away from me.
Then the enemy soldier seemed to order something to the other soldiers.

「ル-Conset・卜-Flame ー 《Flame Lance》!」

The female adventurer attacked the soldiers without missing any weak spot.
Their leader was knocked down and their soldiers were trembling in fear.

「Get them!」

I ordered the knights.
That was probably their aim.
I don’t think the enemy commander, who brilliantly used hikisanbou strategy, would send soldiers to this place without any meaning.
If we can get information from these guys, we might be able to lean their whole plan.

Even so, our opponents are elite soldiers. Beating them will prove to be difficult.

「Adventurer! Lend me a hand!」
「I’m not “adventurer” my name is Julia!!」

The female adventurer turned around while complaining and supporting the knights with her fire attribute magic.
I commanded the soldiers to surround the enemies, but as expected, they knew they were outnumbered.

「fuuu… I was surprised」

The female adventurer let out a sigh a relief.



「卜-Flame・∨-Spread ー《Fireball》!」

Suddenly, fireballs sent flying from behind the trees.

「ーku! Careful!」

I quickly jumped on the female adventurer, pushed her away from the firing line and rolled together on the ground.
The fireballs exploded near us.


My back was roasted in blistering flames.

「Ice Prince!?」

The female adventurer raised her voice.

Even without my order, the knights rushed to the source of the fireballs. Not long after, the enemy mage’s scream could be heard from the trees.

「A-are you alright, sir!?」

One of my knights rushed over.

「I’m fine… I only took a little bit of flame… Ah-Ouch!」

I tried to get up but I felt a heavy pain on my back.
Apparently, 《Fireball》 exploded on a rock and the impact blasted a piece of rock and it hit my back.

「Ice Prince!」
「I’m alright… It’s just a bruise」

Unfortunately, there are no one in our squad who can cast 【Healing Magic】.
I guess I have no choice but to endure it for a while.

「why… why did you protect me?」
「Fuun. It’s not like what you were thinking. My body just moved on its own」
「Risking your life to protect a temporary mercenary, Ice prince-san is really isn’t suited to be a commander. but… thank you…」
「You are welcome. You also used your magic to help…… How many of us died?」

I asked the knight.


「About 5 people, sir」
「I see…」

5 people died due to my carelessness.
I pushed my soldiers to the limit and dropped our guard when taking a break. I didn’t consider the possibility of being found by the enemy soldiers.
It’s still hard for me to accept people’s death.
They always reminded of my late wifeーKanan.


「……nce-san! Ice Prince-san!」

When I came back to my senses, the female adventurer looked at me anxiously.
Her face and Kanan’s face overlapped for a moment in my eyes.
I shook my head to clear the illusion and answered the female adventurer.

「Aah… Sorry. I was lost for a while」
「Are you really alright?」

I turned my face away from her and ordered the surrounding knights to stay alert.
The adventurer, feeling ignored, pouted.


「……It’s Alfred」
「That was my name… Julia-san」

The adventurerーJulia-san was caught speechless. I ignored her again and ordered the knights to interrogate the freshly caught enemy soldiers.

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