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NF 81 extra 1. Released Beast - The Tale of a Man Who Was Entranced by the Darkness 0


TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: FrostedArcher

Author: This is the prologue from the perspective of the random slasher, Kirisaki Tooru.



Ever since I was a little boy, I always had some certain interests about killing. One day, I couldn’t contain my desire and finally managed to kill someone.


It happened sometime around summer, during my junior high years.

At the moment of me killing someone, I experienced some sort of ecstasy that I had never felt before.

That feeling shook me to the very core of my soul. It was something that I had always sought but could never grasp.


At first, I thought that I had messed up real good, but there was no guilt.
No regret.
Only pure genuine happiness.


If the police arrested and interrogated me back then, there was no way that they would release me back to society anymore.

I just couldn’t help it.
There was nothing else that could make my soul gasping like this.
As young as I was, I was still considered as a very smart child, so I understood my feelings well.


So I thought about it over and over again.
How do I hide my true self from the world while I relinquish this thirst from my soul at the same time?

I couldn’t.
Not with my pangs of conscience.


This cold society would reject me without a doubt. It was my fate to be alienated without being able to fulfill my desire. I felt like the whole world exists just to prevent me from pursuing my existence.


But why do I have to care for such a world?


It was the people who rejected me first.
The general society.
No, the whole world itself.

Why am I the only one who gets rejected?
Why don’t I have the right to refuse it?

This is non-sense!!


If the populous, society, and the whole world take me as an enemy, then I will also take them as my enemy.

And against those people, I shall fight back with every shred of my wits and use every ounce of violence.

If I didn’t, my soul would be crushed and I will live as a living corpse for the rest of my life.


For that reason, ever since that day in my junior high year, I spared no effort and grabbed everything I could.
I graduated from Touto University of Medicine and gained a reputation as a genius surgeon. And I finally gained the ability to summon the demon himself.

Or rather, it was to be expected that the evil god Monguenues had its eyes on me. (TL: it’s still not clear about the god’s gender)






Before I transmigrated to another world, I had to kill that gold-digging bitch first.

And so, I went to her luxurious apartment using my car.

ーHer apartment?

Actually, it was me who bought it for her.


I didn’t want to admit it, but she was once my legal wife.

To marry that woman was the biggest stain that ever ruined my life.

When the head of surgery department first introduced her to me, she looked like the very essence of gracefulness. But once she unveiled her façade, I couldn’t even decide if she was a pig or a monkey.


It all started when she didn’t like it when I strangled her in the bedroom. She screamed at me, asking for a divorce and consolation money. Because of that, my perfect career in the University Hospital fell apart. I lost my foothold and failed rising to the top of authority.

That woman, not only dissatisfied with her undeserving luxurious apartment, she also squeezed a large sum of money from me as her “monthly expenses”. It was money I paid her under the promise that she’d keep quiet about my “hobbies”, but that woman talked left and right about me to the wretches she associated with, as I found out by having a private eye investigate.


I shoved that evidence to her, but she got even more aggressive.


『What do you mean with that? Isn’t it a fact that what you did towards me is unforgivable?』
『Oh, that? It was just something I said to my friends over some tea. You have some problem with it?』
『I am the victim, so of course I can tell it to anyone and everyone, is it not?』
『If you don’t like it, you can always pay me the usual amount~』

No… That was the last straw.
It was clear that she had no intention to shut her mouth.
My past trauma throbbed.

『With things going on like this, shouldn’t you give me a formal apology and consolation money?』
『Don’t forget to leave the money column as blank, alright?』

This woman… does this bitch even have any value to be kept alive?



So I got into her room inside the luxurious apartment, saying that I had prepared the check.

As soon as I showed her the check, she laughed greedily.

And so, I wrapped my fingers around her neck.

My slender fingers moved swiftly and choked her pale neck.

Nothing beats the feeling of killing these kinds of bitches.

Looking at her begging for her sorry life just added my excitement even more.



At first, I was sexually attracted to the face of a suffering woman, but it wasn’t enough anymore… Not after I remembered the pleasure of murder.

I couldn’t reach my ejaculation before I saw my partner die.

Eat. Sleep. Kill.

Those 3 words were the best words to describe my greatest desire.


Of course, I felt no despair or regret from my action.

It was like watching filthy monkeys fucking each other. It was normal to not be aroused while watching those things. So pure and beautiful. The art of murder is the only thing that could quench this hunger from my soul, as it should be.


Ah, I was enjoying it too far and accidentally ruined my shirt.

I searched around her room and found a man’s jersey that fit me.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find any razor or anything similar.

So I had no choice but give up on shaving my stubble.


I was so immersed in my ecstasy while enjoying that woman’s body and fell asleep in the bathroom.

The hospital must be in panic right now since I was skipping my work.

I left her bathroom while shaking off the cold from sleeping in her bathtub.



Right when I left that bitch’s apartment, I saw a certain respectful man walking towards me.

It’s the detective.

He suspected that I was a member of a certain occult circle called 〈Beelzebub〉 and marked me.

〈Beelzebub〉 was an occult circle that I organized using my reputation and position as a genius surgeon, but recently, there have been cases where the circle members were reported missing.

Obviously, it was my doing. But as common sense stated, I did my best in hiding the evidence. Besides, we thoroughly educated the new members to not leak anything regarding the circle. Despite all those efforts, some monkeys and pigs had joined and tainted the sacred ground of 〈Beelzebub〉 on several occasions.


At first, I’d like to order faithful members to kill them all, but it seemed that I had to do it myself. I guess that was where the detective sniffed me out.

So why does this detective stand here in front of me?

Did he… did he perhaps know that I might someday go and kill that bitch of a woman?


He and I passed by each other in silence.

He looked back behind me.

He didn’t say anything.

He just stared at my back…

So I continue ignoring the detective… but I changed my mind.


I looked back and gave him my brightest smile.

Then I walked toward him.


「Mister detective」

「Detective…? No, sir. you must be mistaken…」

「Please stop playing dumb. I had someone investigating you. You are a member of the 1st department of Sakuragaoka Station, Shoki Takeo, am I right?」

His face stiffened up.


「I might have a present for you」


Looking at my bright smile, he lost the mental battle and pressured back.

The fact that he was still green was as clear as day.


According to my self-investigation, he was still 31 years old.
Younger than me.

It was said that he had a strong sense of justice, so he often performed an investigation by himself and got punished for it.

In short, a stupid detective that couldn’t even see his own surroundings.


「Please go to that woman’s room. I prepared a nice decoration for you to see. As a detective, it must have piqued your interest, isn’t that right?ーA murder victim, I mean」

「You…… Did you jusー!」

And so, our young detective rushed inside.

Looking at the detective, who was already inside his superiors’ teeth, I muttered to myself.


「……In these cases, shouldn’t he arrest the suspect first?」

However, it was the reason that he narrowly escaped death.

I took out the thing that I hid behind my jersey pocket.


In my hand was an automatic pistol that I got after went through so many hardships.

As great as I was, there is no way I could take a detective head on and win.


「Hmm… well, it’s not like I can use this thing」

The condition given to me was to 『Kill 111 people with your own hands』.

It was okay to kill them using a knife or blunt weapons, but using projectiles weapons like firearms didn’t add to the kill-count.


「Let’s see… how many more people do we need?」

I muttered that even though I already knew the answer.

But checking the answer was a pleasure in itself.

I chanted 【Appraisal】 in my mind.

Kizaki Tooru (《Genius Surgeon》《Satanist》《The Chairman of the Parapsychology circle, Beelzebub》)

34 years old.

Level 1

HP 12/12

MP 931/931(31+900)

Current quest: Contract with the Evil God (Contract with the Evil God of Another World, Monguenues)
Quest Descriptions: As consideration for Kizaki Tooru (whom will be referred hereafter as the first party) killing 111 people with his own hands before the agreed deadline as sacrifices to the evil god, the Evil God Monguenues (whom will be referred to hereinafter as the second party) will summon the first party to another world, Marquekt.
Prior to this, the second party will grant aid towards the first party.
Required sacrifice: 106/111

Status: Common Cold




+【Demon Summoning】9(MAX)



The only one worth seeing was the last line in the quest description section.


「Just 5 more people, I see」


I could kill that many people in one go.

I didn’t expect the detective to sniff me out, but in any case, I won’t stay here for that much longer.

It was a bet. Either the police gathered enough evidence before I could finish the contract or I managed to slip away and finished the contract without getting caught. Unfortunately for them, I was winning this bet.


I didn’t need to sneak around anymore.

From now on, it will be a game of chase.

Will the police arrest me first? Or will I kill the other 5 people first?


I was finally able to immerse myself in the joy of slaughter after such a long time.

I pointed my pistol towards the previous detective and security guard who was quarreling at the gate.

Lucky for me, Police couldn’t easily enter a high-class apartment like this as easily as intended.


「I thought that I should let you keep your life, but I guess I should kill you after all…」

I pulled the trigger repeatedly.

The glass broke and created a very loud noise.

Inside, the detective and the security guard were bleeding on the floor.


「Ahahahaha!!! This is fun, butー」

I casually threw away my toy that just ran out of bullets.


「Even though I had a too commemorate my departure, it really feels lacking since there are no falling flower petals from the sky」

Oops, I should leave before it became too noisy.

I quickly got inside my car and floored the gas.

And so, this shooting incident was only discovered about 1 hour later.



footnote: 次話、明日(6/15 6:00)掲載予定です。

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