Site Features

By: Pyon

Hello everybody, Pyon here.

We're kicking things off here with a new backend and a new design. The site will also continually be slowly updated to ensure the best quality and service for our readers.

Planned Updates

  • Recommended novels: Currently we have a featured novel section in the front page. We plan to add a list of recommended novels for our readers in case they are looking for something new or different to read
  • Novel filter: To ease the search for your novel, we are planning on allowing you to filter novels based your needs. Are you looking for a BL novel? We'll show you all of our BL novels. Want to see what's popular? We'll show you our most viewed novels.
  • Dark mode toggle: Currently, light and dark mode are currently based on your device's system settings. Toggling between light and dark mode will be added soon.

That's all we have for now. Thanks for reading!~

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