Morbid Attachment

Chapter 12

Feel sorry for him? Qi Boyan still wanted Ji Wang to feel sorry for him - Ji Wang almost laughed. Tolerating him again and again wasn’t enough, he still wanted him to become a joke, turn into a pastime, and once again serve as a prop for him to vent his revenge.

Did Qi Boyan ever feel sorry towards him?

Maybe he did. When he told Qi Boyan to get lost back then, the man disappeared cleanly without looking back.

How stupid he was at that time. If the past Qi Boyan haunted him as shamelessly as now, maybe Ji Wang would still forgive him. Love confuses people's minds and reduces them to a willing fool.

Ji Wang coldly said, “Do you have to make me feel so unbearable?”

Qi Boyan stopped the hands messing around on his chest and said in a low voice, "Unbearable?"

He took his hand out of Ji Wang's clothes. After the warmth of his palm was removed, Ji Wang's chest felt a little cold.

“That’s right, in the past you were set on finding an omega. You truly couldn’t stand alpha and alpha relationships,” Qi Boyan sneered.

Ji Wang was too lazy to explain, so he let it be. If this reason could force the stubbornly egotistical Qi Boyan to retreat, that would be perfect.

He twitched the corners of his mouth, trying to make a smile, but failed: “I don't know why you’re suddenly interested in me again.”

Ji Wang calmly said, “The more I refuse, the more energetic you become. Maybe if I sleep with you for a night you’ll finally let me go.”

Ji Wang immediately knew he'd succeeded. His words stung Qi Boyan, making the other’s hands completely slide away from his body.

Why would Qi Boyan work so hard to chase Ji Wang, a difficult target, to sleep with after being hit, scolded, and treated as a stallion by him.

Qi Boyan was no longer at ease, and even stubbornly clutched Ji Wang's shoulder and turned him around: "Are you serious?"

Ji Wang was silent, and Qi Boyan said, "Let me sleep for one night, and then..."

"Just pretend we never met." Ji Wang interrupted Qi Boyan's words and took the initiative to propose a deal.

Maybe he’d gone crazy. His mind was muddled, confused by the alcohol and by Qi Boyan. The harm from the latter was obviously much more serious than that of the former.

Qi Boyan ran over Ji Wang's body like a knife, and finally, came to a conclusion: "You’re drunk."

Ji Wang didn't expect that Qi Boyan would avoid the topic first. He thought Qi Boyan would either leave in a rage or pull him into the last bathroom stall and sleep with him right here.

Qi Boyan put his hand on Ji Wang's face. He lowered his eyelashes. When his face was reflected in his pupils, he looked very affectionate, making people almost believe him.

His hand wiped the water droplets off of Ji Wang’s face, and in a gentle voice he said, “Don’t be angry, I won’t bother you anymore. Go back and have a good rest.”

With these words, it seemed like Qi Boyan was a very gentlemanly boyfriend, while Ji Wang was the one making trouble for no reason.

Quarreling or fighting would both be more refreshing than this current situation.

Punching cotton was even more irritating.

Qi Boyan held his face and placed a kiss on his forehead, slowly going to the side of his lips: "I know you haven't forgotten me."

Such a confident attitude made Ji Wang want to say something cruel.

He thought Qi Boyan should really enter the entertainment industry soon, not as a singer, but as an actor. His acting skills were better than his own.

Qi Boyan said, "You can't forget me, I said this when you left."

He pressed Ji Wang's chest again, and tapped the other's heart with his fingertips, "I will always be here. No matter who you find later, it’s no use.”

"You will always come back to my side." Qi Boyan's voice, praised by the media as gifted, was utterly moving when casually saying these words of love.

However, Ji Wang didn't feel any joy, and was even a little confused and upset.

This was because these words were like a curse. In truth, Qi Boyan was right. When he broke up with Qi Boyan, the boy who was once favored by him was red-eyed, and vowed to him, "You will regret this."

Ji Wang still remembered that conversation, and his answer was, “I won’t.”

Qi Boyan said, “You won’t forget me.”

"I will forget you," Ji Wang said seriously. He was still so young, no one could fail to forget someone else in a lifetime.

Then he left Qi Boyan there, even though that day was Qi Boyan's birthday.

The Qi Boyan in front of him cupped his face, placing kisses one by one from his forehead, down to his eyelids, the bridge of his nose, and finally slowly stopping between his lips without moving.

When it came to seducing people, Qi Boyan from six years ago was already good enough. So good that Ji Wang was dead set on him.

He said, "Can I kiss you?" As he spoke, a wisp of a breath swept across Ji Wang's lips.

Qi Boyan's eyes were also fixed on Ji Wang's lips, as if he was so hungry that he wanted to swallow Ji Wang's bones.

On the bright side, he still asked for Ji Wang's opinion, despite the fact that he'd obviously already "marked" him yesterday.

Ji Wang’s answer was……no.

A man cannot fall again in the same place. He was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. Even if he couldn’t forget, even if he hadn’t met someone better.

In fact, it was a bit far-fetched to say he hadn’t met anyone better.

After Ji Wang entered the circle, there were many people who expressed their good opinion of him.

Good-looking, gentle, sincere in their feelings, all of them were very good, but he wasn’t willing.

Even he himself didn't know why he didn't want any of them. It seemed like no matter how good the person was, he felt something was wrong. It was he who locked himself up, tightly bound to the past.

This feeling became clearer after Qi Boyan entered the entertainment industry. He watched Qi Boyan become increasingly prosperous, glowing and popular, finally becoming someone he could never touch again.

He was no longer his former self, the young man who would wake up in the morning with his long hair in a complete mess; facing Ji Wang’s angry scolding because his back hurt, he would coquettishly call him “gege” and come up to Ji Wang asking for a kiss.

The past Ji Wang would give it to him, but the current Ji Wang would not.

His chin turned to the right and Qi Boyan's lips fell on nothing. Ji Wang pried Qi Boyan's hand open little by little and increased their distance from each other: “There is something you said wrong.”

Qi Boyan seemed to realize what he was going to say, so he turned his hand over to grab Ji Wang's fingertips and held them firmly in his palm.

Just like this, Ji Wang wouldn't fly away like a bird, with Qi Boyan unable to call him to stay and unable to hold him back, left at the same spot feeling annoyed and sad.

Ji Wang said, “I won't come back to you.”

After speaking, he pushed Qi Boyan away and walked out of the bathroom. Li Feng had been standing outside for who knows how long with a “this place is closed for maintenance” sign displayed in front of him.

Xiao Xu was not far away, also looking in their direction. It turned out that these two assistants were firmly guarding here and didn’t dare to let anyone in.

After Ji Wang came out, Xiao Xu was relieved to see that his neck was not covered with bite marks and blood like yesterday, and his clothes were still properly on his body. Xiao Xu couldn’t help but release a big sigh of relief.

The two ignored Li Feng's greeting. Li Feng could only go in to find his Master Qi with a wry smile. Master1 was almost no longer enough for Li Feng to call. Li Feng wanted to call him Ancestor2 Qi, as long as Qi Boyan kept his word and did good without stirring up trouble.

Xiao Xu secretly complained to Ji Wang, “I wanted to knock on the door, but lackey3 Li stopped me.”

Ji Wang glanced at him: “You shouldn’t call people by such a nickname.” He lectured as if instructing a child, making Xiao Xu aggrievedly flatten his mouth.

Xiao Xu: “They're all part of the same gang. When he stopped me from entering, I was afraid that inside you were being taken advantage of.”

“Xiao Xu, I'm an alpha. If I’m unwilling, who can take advantage of me?”

On his birthday that year, Qi Boyan marked him for the first time, making him fall into a pseudo-rut. By the time he was clear-headed again, Qi Boyan had already shot inside of him once.

Then Qi Boyan took the tape recorder out in front of Ji Wang.

Ji Wang almost went crazy. The omega he'd liked so much had been deceiving him about his secondary gender, only revealing the truth on that day. In addition to making Ji Wang feel angry over being deceived, what made him even more apprehensive was Qi Boyan's madness.

What was the recorder for - threatening him?

The next second, he saw Qi Boyan roughly pull the magnetic tape out of the tape recorder. The slender black band wrapped around Qi Boyan's wrist, sparkling and refracting light, like a natural ornament.

Qi Boyan pulled the slender tape, leaned over, and tied Ji Wang's hands.

His sweat dripped onto Ji Wang's Adam's apple. The scalding drop was almost enough to make his whole body tremble.

Ji Wang could easily break free from the fragile tape, but he didn't, even though Qi Boyan soon started a second round of indulgence on him.

He was an alpha, no one could force him if he was unwilling.

What really shackled Ji Wang was not the weakness from being marked, or the tape containing sounds that could never be heard by other people - it was himself.

He was willing.

  1. 爷 also translates to “Lord” or is used to refer to your grandfather
  2. 祖宗 is a respectful way of referring to your ancestors
  3. 狗腿子 literally translates to “dog’s leg” but figuratively refers to henchmen or lackeys

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