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ISOF Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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That day, Su Xiao Pei had a sleepless night

The next day was a Sunday, Su Xiao Pei need not go to work, need not go to blind dates. She stayed at home the whole day. She will not go to any hospital, in fact, it didn’t even cross her mind at all.

Before, when she was a psychiatrist, she met a patient once. That patient thought he was the ruler of Cosmobiology, that he oversaw life and death in the entire universe. The Yue Lao she met that day, was the same. What hospital? what other world? If he wants to go, then he should go by himself.

Su Xiao Pei is living alone, she has no maid or anybody to help her clean the house, thus, there is heaps of different genre of books everywhere. She does not like to do housework, she is not interested in men other. She finds that she has another purpose in life other than doing housework and finding a marriage partner.

In her living room, beside her couch has a small side table. On the side table was a photo frame. On her table and nightstands as well, there was a photo frame. The photos that are in the photo frame are all the same. In the photo, there was 3 people, a family. Su Xiao Pei was only six years old in the photo, she was sitting on her father’s shoulder, holding a pink balloon, her mother was nestled in her father’s side. The three of them had the same look of happiness. Su Xiao Pei’s father, Su Jian’an was wearing a police uniform, his smile made him look even more dashing. One look at him, and you can tell that he only had his family in his mind.

Su Jian’an is a member of the police force. That year, he was investigating a series of murder, the murderer was killing police woman, he managed to kill 3 police women.

That year, Su Xiao Pei was 14 years old.

Su Xiao Pei loved her father very much, his death hit her very strongly. The murderer managed to escape, this cause her heart to break into more pieces. She swore that she was going to capture the murderer, that she was going to bring him to justice.

When Su Xiao Pei was young, her ambition was to be a doctor. Su Jian’an was very supportive of her, always believing that she was able to be one. Since young, Su Xiao Pei was very smart, her homework was always done well, her getting first in class was a common occurrence for the Su family. But after Su Jian’an death, Su Xiao Pei does not want to be a doctor anymore. She decided that she wanted to be a police officer, just like her father.

Her decision to become a police officer was strongly oppose by her mother, Li Fei. Li Fei had already lost her husband, she was unable to accept the possibility of losing her daughter. For Su Xiao Pei, the job of the police is not to uphold justice, it is not to chase after murderer, but rather it is the danger and the deaths.

Both mother and daughter were fighting like cats and dogs every day, Li Fei was overbearing, Su Xiao Pei was stubborn. Li Fei was ruthless, saying that if she is still alive, Su Xiao Pei can never be a police officer. Li Fei even brought a feather duster* to the school to pursue the matter. But Su Xiao Pei, of course, have a special method to deal with her mother. Su Xiao Pei decided to run away from home to rebel against her mother but was caught by her father’s colleague and brought back to the police station. The relationship between mother and daughter turned stiff due to the matter of Su Xiao Pei’s future job.

*[usually chinese family like to use feather duster to hit their children. the parents will hole the feather part and hit the child with the handle. My parents as well… they used a cane to discipline me when I was young.]

In the end, Aunt Su Li could not stand them fighting, so she took Su Xiao Pei to her home and they stayed together for a short period of time. To ease the conflict between mother and daughter. Su Li forced both to see a psychiatrist. Both agreed to this request as well, willing to accept psychological counseling and an open solution to help them. This is the first time Su Xiao Pei met a psychiatrist. Due to this matter, Su Xiao Pei turned soft and she moved back home. She also promised her mother that she will not go to police school, and that she still wants to be a doctor.

When Li Fei heard what her daughter had said, she immediately took Su Xiao Pei into her arms and cried. But she did not know that Su Xiao Pei had another idea. —— She wanted to be a doctor, a psychiatrist. On who study the treatment of mental disorders.

Su Xiao Pei studied very hard, when she was 23-years-old, she got a master’s degree, a stunning achievement. She was favored by professors and stakeholder, she also participated in different related research project. Including criminal psychology, behavior analysis, micro-response research and others. When she graduated from university, she entered the Mentor Institute of Psychology, while she was participating in all kinds of psychological related work she was reading articles and blogs.

Su Xiao Pei’s mentor is a famous psychologist called Wang Dan. Wang Dan’s institute and his works are related to different psychology disciplines, which includes the police works.

Su Xiao Pei is Professor Wang’s favorite pupil, received by Professor Wang’s and the Psychological Institute of the business’s recommendation, Su Xiao Pei began to participate in the police force. From the criminal psychology point of view, Su Xiao Pei has assisted the police in handling cases on many different occasions, participating in the psychoanalysis of criminals and counseling psychological police for the police force. Su Xiao Pei was very active, with a high degree of coordination, she played a significant role in the investigation and handling of cases. Although Su Xiao Pei was young, she stated to receive some fame due to the work that she had completed.

Su Xiao Pei did not care about fame and degree, but she knew that these things will win her more opportunities. Her goal was always very clear, with the professional knowledge she wanted to work with the criminal investigation. After all these years, her goal did not change, she still wants to catch the murderer who killed her father. But of course, she did not tell her mother about this. The identity of a psychiatrist is a good cover for her.

But the truth will have to come out one day. Su Xiao Pei did not tell her mother, no, Li Fei found out when Su Xiao Pei was on the media.

Once, Su Xiao Pei had testified in a murder case, unfortunately, this case was quite famous. Attracted by the media attention, Su Xiao Pei’s name was also on the newspaper, internet and television. Her picture was even taken when she was getting out of Court. To hype the readers, the media made use of Su Xiao Pei’s role in the case. She was labeled as the sensational title of ‘Beautiful Genius Expert Psychiatrist’.

This was seen by Li Fei.

When Li Fei saw this, she understood why Su Xiao Pei wanted to move out. She moved out because she doesn’t want Li Fei to know about her job. Li Fei was furious. When Su Xiao Pei saw this as well, she cursed as she knew that her mother would know about her job.

Both mother and daughter clashed again. Li Fei insisted Su Xiao Pei to resign from the Institute of Psychology and get an ordinary job. Su Xiao Pei did not agree to this and the two were at a stalemate for quite some time.

At the end, Li Fei became ill and Aunt Su Li came into the fight again and manage to persuade Su Xiao Pei to give in. Su Xiao Pei did give in and she resigned. Su Xiao Pei change her job to be a journalist. The relationship between mother and daughter managed to calm down and was not strained anymore.

But Li Fei did not know that this time Su Xiao Pei played her once again. Su Xiao became a journalist, but she oversaw the criminal investigation part. Even though, Su Xiao Pei changed her professions, she continues to mix in the police and criminal circle.

Unfortunately, Su Xiao Pei only worked in this job for a year before Li Fei found out about it again.  This is because Su Xiao Pei received a threat letter, the other party threatened her to not investigate the case any further, otherwise there is no telling what they will do to her. That letter coincidentally came to Li Fei’s hand when Li Fei went to visit her daughter. This was no trivial matter, When Li Fei saw this, she went into panic. Li Fei thought that when Su Xiao Pei was working as a journalist, it won’t be as dangerous as a criminal psychologist.

Needless to say, Su Xiao Pei can’t work as a journalist anymore. Li Fei said that she will die for Xiao Pei to see if she did not find a safe job. A job that Li Fei is comfortable with

Su Xiao Pei, of course, is not afraid that her mother will die in front of her. She is able tell the difference between a lie and the truth from her mother. But Su Xiao Pei still compromise, because she knew that her mother is sick, and Su Xiao Pei does not want to be the cause of her mother’s death.

Su Xiao Pei suggested to go back to the school to be a teacher, as with her qualification that would be rather easy and a simple matter. Professor Wang Dan as well, had always wanted her to go back to the school and help him. But Li Fei did not agree to it, she felt that teaching in a college was not busy enough, and will cause Su Xiao Pei to find her father’s murderer. And since the job is related to psychology, Li Fei felt that Su Xiao Pei will be in danger again.

Su Xiao Pei struggled with the mother regarding this issue again, but she failed. Finally, under the arrangement from Aunt Su Li, Su Xiao Pei was an editor for a publishing house.

The editor-in-chief is an old friend of Su Li. He was very pleased to hear that his new editor was the ‘Beautiful Genius Expert Psychiatrist that was in the media. There was a period, the drama that was shown on television was about related to psychology, thus, he was thinking about expanding the workplace that is related to psychology as well. Psychological books can be a bestseller as well. Just nice, there was a well-known psychologist that join his team. This will cause a lot of hype which is very good.

Su Li and the editor-in-chief hit it off very well, so Su Li helped Su Xiao Pei create a contract that benefited Su Xiao Pei well, thus, her contract was settled.

Su Xiao Pei does not think that way, she deliberately told Li Fei that the editor job is tiring, and the salary was low, prompting Li Fei to scold Su Xiao Pei again. Li Fei said that even if the salary is high, but if you do not have your life, what is the use of spending the money? And if Su Xiao Pei says that the editor work is tiring but is it even more tiring than chasing down criminals?

Su Xiao Pei liked to say that she had never a confrontation with a criminal before, never had been in a fight with criminal before, but seeing her mother’s reaction, she swallowed her words. Unable to lie to her mother.

In short, Su Xiao Pei stayed with her current job, she was not discouraged but she was willing to accept the temporary compromise. In fact, Su Xiao Pei felt that the editor-in-chief is interested in her experience with her previous job in the police force as well as her knowledge in psychology. Maybe in the future, Su Xiao Pei will have the opportunity to persuade the editor-in-chief to allow her to write about criminal psychology. Then, she would be able to use this as an excuse to continue to participate in tracking serial killers.

Now that Su Xiao Pei had been working as an editor for less than three months, her work was not busy, everything was going smoothly. She did not feel scared nor displeased with job. However, her personal life on the other hand was very different. Her beloved mother and aunt have made a big deal out of her loveless life. They wanted her to have a boyfriend or a husband.

Su Xiao Pei thinks that maybe Li Fei and Su Li wants her to get married so that she will be safe.

So, there were the choices of blind date, blind date, or blind date.

Su Xiao Pei does not dare to avoid the blind date, because Li Fei told her that if she does not go to the blind date obediently, Li Fei will move in with her. This threat is more effective than Li Fei dying or breaking Su Xiao Pei’s legs.

Su Xiao Pi obediently listened to Li Fei, she was on time to all her blind dates. Maybe it is just her thinking too much, but she felt that all the guys that she had been on a blind date with is just not right for her. Not only not right, but she was always angry at them.

Su Xiao Pei felt that this was not her fault, nowadays, men have no EQ, she finds that regrettable.

Su Xiao Pei lying on **, thinking that tomorrow. These three months were not productive, Su Xiao Pei did not accomplish anything. She did not have any experience in editing articles or books, as well as interest in it. That was why her work efficiency was not high. Every time there is a weekly meeting, all Su Xiao Pei can do is listen, she doesn’t even know how to put an appropriate title on the article. The editor-in-chief said that he would like to speak with her tomorrow, to talk about her strengths, to make good use of it to produce a book.

Su Xiao Pei sighed, set her alarm for the next day, turned on the air-conditioning and buried herself in her pillow. Her parents were smiling sweetly in the photos by her bedside. Su Xiao Pei suddenly thought that she could invite that crazy Yue Lao to chat with her mother. They can talk about her soulmate is now in a coma, that her life is hopeless, so that Li Fei does not need to arrange anymore blind date.

While Su Xiao Pei’s thinking crazy thoughts, she fell asleep.

Not knowing how long she slept, she suddenly woke up.

The reason for her suddenly waking is unknown, but she felt that she was still in a dream.

She suddenly felt cold, a breeze blowing by. She struggled, trying to pull the on the quilt, suddenly she realizes that she was not lying down on her back but rather on her stomach.

She was surprised, but when she opened her eyes, what she saw gave her shocked. She was supposed to see her bed but instead she saw the ground, grasses and soil.

Not far away, there was a campfire. Around the campfire there was a man and a woman.

Both were wearing ancient time clothes.

Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes, slowly waking up.

Up in the sky, the moon was shining brightly, casing rays of light down to the earth. On the ground, the campfire was burning brightly, and Su Xiao Pei was lying on a tree branch, on a very tall tree. She was lying on her stomach. That was why the first thing she saw was the ground.

Su Xiao Pei was wearing a Winnie the Pooh hoodie as a pajamas

Su Xiao Pei blinked her eyes again, quietly turned her head, to observe her surroundings. She was in some dark woods, with cool winds breezing past, the leaves rustling. Su Xiao Pei could not hear any other movement, other than the two people before the campfire.

Su Xiao Pei felt goosebumps rising up against her arm, feeling that this dream is really strange.

At this moment, the two people by the campfire spoke.

“Is Miss feeling better?”

The male’s voice sounded mellow and young, it was very magnetic, and a little pleasant, but the accent was very strange.

“Yes, Nu Jia feeling better, many thanks to Soldier for the rescue.”

[Nu Jia <奴家> is a female way of saying ‘I’ in the past.]

The female’s voice is also not bad, she also had the same strange accent.

‘Nu Jia’, ‘Soldier, who the hell says these?

Su Xiao Pei frowned, she naturally remembered that crazy, paranoid Yue Lao’s words

“If you have find yourself being pulled over, do not be afraid, you’ll be fine.”

This is……

Soldier, Nu Jia….!!! I really went to another world!!

Su Xiao Pei imagined herself talking like this, and she really wanted to step on Yue Lao’s face.

Another world, my ass! She is an intellectual person

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