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Isekai GM Extra Episode 1 - A Day Off in the Kingdom

Several days passed since it was announced Adelle and Yoko became my fiancées.


At first, there were few nobles and merchants who were trying to crash the front gate, but as soon as 2 pirate crew members were stationed as gatekeepers, they stopped coming. I gave them strong equipment to begin with and they wore black and white costume armor, so they must have looked really intimidating. After that, I heard some rumors about me being protected by black and white knights, even though the people inside the armor are still pirates.

Apart from concealing the real equipment, this costume can also be used for fashion. Since the defensive power depended on the equipment, it’s a convenient substitute that doesn’t weigh at all. When I passed it around, they treated it like some sort of Magic Artifact.


The costume was quite popular among the Magic Artifact guild. Since I had a few more, I’m considering lending some costumes to the Kingdom’s Magic Artifact Guild so they can be mass produced. If they succeeded, I’m going to take a percentage of the sales. Even though the performance is good, some of them don’t look really pleasing so it made me hesitate to use them in this world unless I have to.

But this is an example of that sort of day.


Roxas, who was off-duty, was helping Adelle, Yoko, and I arranging the contents of the item box inside the 【Room】.


There are some things that I got from paid-gacha lottery.


There are many things that I pulled out, like some clothes and a swimsuー
I hurriedly shove it back in but Yoko snatched it from my hand.


「Masaki, why do you have things like this?」

「Umm… That was a reward from a lottery. I swear I don’t have that kind of hobby!」

「If you indeed have this kind of hobby, I’d like you to stop right now. Even so, for you to have something like this…」

Adelle said so with a school swimsuit in her hands. It have some beneficial effect if you wear it, so please don’t hold it like that…

I’m a healthy man who almost hit 30 years old…


Various kinds of men clothes, women clothes, and armors are lined up. Japanese clothes, western clothes, Chinese clothes, Western barbarian armor, and a panda costume. It looked like a costume room in a theatre.

I could see Yoko holding a costume and stood in front of a mirror. It’s a white beautiful dress, the hem of the skirt was laced beautifully. It’s not a costume that I would wear, but the price was quite expensive.


「This is a good one. Nee, Masaki. Why don’t we go out using the clothes here?」

「Now you mention it, we haven’t explored the kingdom at all」

Besides grocery stores and furniture shops, I didn’t go sightseeing much. It’s sunny today, and the occasion is just right.


「Then I’ll finish organizing the rest of them. I’m good at organizing items like this, and I don’t think I’ll get bored when I saw various clothes」

「Is that okay? Sorry for the problem, I’ll gladly take up your offeー eh? Adelle?」

I thought that I hadn’t heard Adelle for a little while. When I looked at her, she was putting a gothic dress on her body, smiling and turning around. Because she always wears formal and proper armors and clothes, perhaps she never had the opportunity to wear ordinary clothes.

Her figure when she turned around and around is lovely to watch.


「Oi, Adelle?」

「Hyaaa! w-what?」


She had a cute voice. Perhaps she was imagining herself wearing it.

…Yosh, Adelle had decided her clothes.


「We are going out. Adelle is wearing that one, what are you going to wear, Yoko?」

「Eh? what do youー」

「Hmm… I think I’ll pick this one after all」

「Me… wearing this…?」

I chose a dark brown suit and black and brown striped necktie.


「Oi! What are youー」

「I think I’ll wear this clothes when I go out for negotiations from now on. You two may use any accessories and other things from within these boxes, even without my permission. Is an hour enough for you to prepare?」

「E-eeeh!? These… a-a-accessories… I-I’m not a child anymoー」

「I think it’s alright if I apply some light makeup for you. I’ll make Adelle charming and beautiful! And that means, Adelle~ Let’s go to another room!」

「w-w-wait a minute! Yokoooo…」


Adelle’s resistance was in vain as Yoko dragged her out to another room… I put my hands out to reach her but…


The door was closed forcibly. The other side of the door was a “no-male-allowed” flower garden.

Since Roxas is a gentleman, I’m sure he won’t pass through that door. Even so, Yoko’s enthusiasm is quite amazing. Perhaps she likes to dress people up.


「Then I’ll continue sorting these items 」

「Okay. Thanks for the help. You can use these glasses to see each item’s effect, so you can separate them according to their effects」


I’m finally enjoying myself in a city after such a long time. Even if I know letters and numbers, I had little opportunity to shop, even though I used to like walking and shopping in the streets back in the previous world.

Since I didn’t use much money, let’s contribute to the Kingdom’s economy.




It’s been a while since I wore a normal suit. I used to wear suits all the time when I worked as a corporate employee, but since I was transferred to this world and thrown into prison it was quite torn quite a lot. It was a suit that a senpai bought for me. I hope I can find clothes shop that able to repair it.


When I looked at the clock on the status screen, it was 40 minutes since I stood waiting at the door. No baggage was brought since I have an item box. Suddenly the door clicked and Adelle and Yoko came out of the room.

Adelle was wearing a black gothic dress with a blue jewelry necklace on her neck. Next to her, Yoko was wearing the white dress she liked earlier and a long ribbon on her head. Both of them looked beautiful……

「Umm… Masaki… stop staring… please?」

「Un… It’s unexpected to be stared like that…」

Wha! N-no, I was staring at a blank space……

The two of them walked awkwardly from the door. I scratched my cheek… maybe my face turned red as well… Well, even in the previous world, it’s been a long time since I had a date… and… both of them are beauties.

「Masaki, where are we going? Even though you said “town”, the town is simply too large」

「Good point, I usually go from here to the main street, then to the bar… But I’d like to walk a little bit further elsewhere. Is that okay with you two?」

「I don’t mind. I want to look at the city leisurely after a long time too」

「I don’t have any problem with it. Oh, if there are some sweet shops on the way, I’d like us to go there」

「Since we’re planning to have lunch outside, let’s stop by there」

Even though the Kingdom’s streets is quite old, the town is well organized. There are plenty of places to eat and see. It’s about 9 o’clock but I’m looking forward it.




The three of us were walking through the main street. The horses were stopped near the entrance gate so the main street was kept clean. Even though I only looked at the empire from the window, I saw some dangerous scenes throughout the town.
In that respect, the kingdom was a lot safer for pedestrians to walk around.

「It reminds me of car-free roads…」

「What’s that?」

「Car? Is it some sort of car-riage? Pedestrian-oriented roads have banned them for a certain period of time」

「About that, when I was a kid, horse-drawn carriages were common on this street, but there were some dangerous situations that happened. And so, Jirou-dono had an idea to only allow them in the morning or late at night. He made a proposal to apply it.

There were some concerns from nobles and other authorities at first about the transport of goods, so they held an experiment for about a month. The number of injured people dropped significantly and it turned out the delivery of goods were never a problem to begin with. And the ones that were supposed to be delivered in the afternoon can be carried using a hand-wagon.

In case of emergency, there’s a big bell installed that will be rung to tell people to open up space so carriages can pass」


「But the nobles still opposing the idea for no reason, right? Why is that?」

「Umm, Some maids and butlers that come here to buy stuff now have to walk all the way here without a horse-drawn carriage. There is no reason for the nobles to oppose the danger if the danger had decreased, but it seemed that it was about time to give financial aid to the maintenance of the street」


Financial aid?

I don’t really want to doubt, but I wonder if there’s any noble that want to brag something like “Our house paid for this road!”. Well, if you spend money on city cleanliness and safety, your reputation would certainly rise significantly.

Well, if you spend money on city cleanliness and safety, your reputation would certainly rise significantly.


「It’s a good thing to be safe. Using a carriage, it won’t hurt when you hit something, but ordinary people didn’t think the same」

「「Even non-ordinary people still won’t get unscathed! You’re the weird one, Masaki!」」

The two of them said so at the same time.

desu yo ne~

(TL: Hey karuma, do you have an English equivalent of this?)
(ED: anything I can think of doesn’t make sense)


Since I have 【Invincibility】 I can’t be hurt even by stray bullet or surprise attack



I continued walking with the two girls for a while, but then I suddenly felt some eyes watching us. Since our costume were different from the usual, we can’t really be called 『The Hero of the Blue Sea』 and 『Crimson Princess Knight』. I felt some men were staring at me in jealousy. Sometimes I felt a glance around my back or butt. Oi! The hell is wrong with you!?

「Nn… I feel a lot of eyes on us」

「Is that so? I don’t feel much of a difference since I’m wearing normal clothes」

It is maybe because I’m starting to get used to it. For me, the gazes filled with jealousy continued to fly and I felt some stinging gazes from time to time.

The “special” gaze seemed to have disappeared. Thank goodness…


「Ah that’s right. Adelle, Do you know any shop that can repair clothes around here? I’d like to have some of my clothes fixed 」

「Then, there should be a good store right in this alley. I think it’s called Dave’s Sewing Store. If it still exists…」

「Is that the one? The sign is old, but the store seems to be open」

Looking further in the alley, there was a sign with a clothing symbol on it. The letter says Dave’s Sewing Store. Some clothes were lined up at the front, there’s no doubt that it’s open.


While praying that the owner can fix my suit, we went into the store. I really do hope it can be fixed.

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