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Isekai GM 33. Post-War Field Hospital

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

Yay, 1st anniversary!

I can’t believe I could actually make it this far (while maintaining my motivation)

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After the war, I was experiencing a battle harder than the war itself. The reason was simple. The battle of great plains was a large scale battle, the number of casualties and injured people were directly proportionate to the scale of the battle itself. Not only on our side, but on our captured enemies as well. Since I’m one of those precious people who can use healing magic, I can’t help but be chased around here and there to heal as many people as possible.

Especially healing our prisoners of war. Having them die would beat the purpose of capturing them in the first place. For that purpose I crafted thousands of units of High-Potions. It’s all that bastard Barry’s fault, he committed mass-murder inside the city, even injuring regular citizen who shouldn’t have been injured in the first place. Due to that reason, the number of High-Potions we have are insufficient.

The number of dead people in Raafu is uncountable, but there are still some survivors who were crushed by rubble when trying to take refuge inside buildings. However, the number of people who suffered from bone fracture or had shattered materials piercing their bodies were also too many to count.

Before the war even began, the otherworlders agreed to apply our world’s disaster manual and using that knowledge to its best.


We applied triage in form of colored paper to determine the severity of the injury. The dead people are given black paper. The people in need of urgent medical care are given red paper. The people who are still conscious but suffers serious injury are given yellow paper. The people who are injured but can still walk are given green paper. And finally, the safe ones are given white paper. I couldn’t provide colored paper, so I replaced it with colored rope.

The people who are given green ropes, including our own soldiers and prisoners of war, are given potions to drink. The problem lies in the ones with red ropes. For the yellow ropes, High potions seemed to suffice. It’s been decided that I will heal the people with red ropes who couldn’t be healed using High-Potions.

This time, the fusion skill served its purpose. I wished to try out the skill synthesis, but since this was an urgent matter, I decided that I shouldn’t experiment around with people’s lives.


Passive Skill:
-HP/MP Auto-Recovery(M)
-Physical Ability Up(XL)
-Healing Magic Effect Increase(L)
-Healing_Magic Range Increase(L)
-Max MP Increase (L)
-Increased Perception Ability(L)
-Mana Increase(M)

Active Skills:
-Energy Convert

Energy Convert is a skill that converts half of my HP into MP. It’s a spell-sword skill with a cooldown time of 5 minutes. Looking at the number of injured people this time, I couldn’t be cheap and not use this skill.
My current equipped weapon this time was not the Seven Arthur, but the Asclepius’ Staff. The staff had the passive ability that increases my healing magic’s effectiveness and reduces mana cost. A must have for Healers!! Or so it says in item description.


「My arm…… legs……」
「I’m going to die…… I’m going to die………」

Many soldiers were moaning in pain and desperation. I’m going to ease your pain. It… somehow made me sound like a villain… But I was really going to ease their pain. I’ll increase the casting range………

「All Area Heal」

「O-oooh!! My wounds…」
「I’m alive… I’m ALIVE!!」
「Thank goodness! You’re still alive!」
「My legs… I can move my legs!!」

The MP cost was reduced significantly thanks to the effect of the staff, but it still took 30% of my total MP. The effect clearly shows. Of course, there are healing spells that are stronger than this one, but for these kind of injuries, this spell should be enough. It’s better for my MP efficiency as well. I received their gratitude for a small time and moved on to the next group of injured people.




But still, healing 10,000 people is still too much.
I almost puked from the amount of High MP Potions that I’ve drunk.

I feel sick…
But… I must heal them……


「Masaki… are you okay? You shouldn’t be working this hard after such a fierce battle」

「But… with this amount of people dying left and right…」

I kept hearing that the healing mages were valuable, but… to think that there are not even 10 of them in both armies! And then… there is not one of them that can use high-tiered recovery magic besides me. There was someone who could do similar things in the past, but apparently, he died about 10 years ago. Moreover, I heard from the Kingdom’s healing team that healing spells are passed down from generation to generation, so there goes a generation of healers.

The other healing mages from both armies had run out of mana and are currently waiting for their mana to recover. I drank another MP potion, but I felt so terrible that I could barely move.

The soldiers that have their hands free are currently mass-producing potions with the herbs that Haruka had provided, but their number is not catching up.



When I went to the next area, I saw a kid who was about to die at any moment. Was that the mother? She was clasping the kid’s hand tightly and calling desperately for help.

「Please… someone! Don’t die… no… don’t die…! You barely even reached 4 years old…」

Another soul was about to pass away……! Having soldiers dying was bad enough, but it was still understandable since they are prepared to die anyway. However, having a random child dies in front of me is plainly wrong!

「All Area Heal!」

I channeled my mana and increased the healing range to heal everyone. Children, soldiers, war prisoners, no matter how severe their injury, they were all healed instantly.


「Aaa… eh?」
「uu…… ukh……」
「Mama…? What happened? Why mama is crying?」

The mother was surprised that her child was healed and hugged the kid right away. The child then hugged the mother back with a confused expression.

Such a nice… scene bu…… t my ma… na… My mana………


「Masaki…!? Masaki!!」

I could hear Adelle’s voice…… no good. Not yet…… There are still people I haven’t healed!
I will fight my fading consciousness… even if I had to support myself with the staff.


「It’s okay…… Let’s go to the next one」

「No way! Have you looked at yourself?! You are about to collapse at any moment!」

I tried to look at the source of the other voice. It was a woman… I guess… I think it was the lady general of the demon race… probably…

「Not if I drink MP Potion…」

「He must have drunk way more than 50 bottles on his own」

「Masaki… you… Did you really drink <italic>that</italic> much!?」

This person… did she count? However, the maximum number of people I could heal at once is about 300 people. Even with the help of my skills and auto-recovery, continuous casting will deplete my mana instantly if I didn’t keep drinking. That’s why I kept drinking… So I could keep healing.


「You are going to die if you keep doing this. Potions are still considered as drugs. Overconsumption will make you suffer terrible side effects, including death」

Death. I don’t think I could die with 『Invincibility』 turned on, but I certainly feel terrible. My discomfort increases as the time goes on. Then I saw Adelle. She was looking at me with an expression full of concern and worries.


「I will lend you my power. Adelhide, let me borrow your man for a while」

「Eh!? What are……!」

She grabbed and pulled me in. I’m too tired to fight back. Then she put her hand on my cheek and…!!?!?

「wha-wha-wha-wha-What are you…!!!」
「What are you doing to Masaki-san!?」


Ah, Akiha was here.
No wait, this is not the time!
The demon general still passionately indulge my lips.


「wh- what are you doing!?」

「Fuaah… So, how do you feel? Your mana should be restored」

What was…
My MP was recovered to the maximum…
So that kiss was…?


「A… y-yes… Just who… ehem… And you are…?」

「Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. You can call me Asta. Just a humble run-of-the-mill general」

「Asta…… you……」

Adelle was about to say something, but a gaze from Asta was enough to shut her up. Do they know each other?

*Cough*…… Thank you for restoring my mana. I have to go to the next injured person, so please allow me to excuse myself」


She caught my shoulder. Of course I tried to ignore her…… but as the general of Demon race, Asta’s strength is not to be joked around. There’s no way for me to move forward.


「Didn’t I say that I must go to the next injured person?」

「If you keep doing this, you will definitely fall again. I’ll go with you. Meanwhile, Adelhide?」


「I have something to teach you. It seemed that you’re not that proficient in manipulating mana <italic>this</italic> way. So for the sake of hero-dono here, it will be best if you can learn this technique」

「Learn… Did you mean…!?」

Yes, she did mean.
Mana Supply.
In the future, I’d like to have some form of storage to draw mana from. For true vampires, they must have something similar.

But… Supplying mana from kisses is…
Adelle’s face was beet red, and for some reason, Akiha as well.


「It would be better if you can learn Mana Supply. Fortunately, hero-dono’s maximum mana is dozen times of ordinary people. So there will be no worry if you over-charge him with mana」

「That is certainly useful but… eh? No wait? If I remember correctly, isn’t touching hands is enough to transfer your mana, Asta-sama?」

What. The. Hell? She knew it and still going for the kiss!? It felt good though… I can’t deny it… Bu-but did she even think about the consequences of stealing someone’s lips right in front of his fiancée?
However, Adelle still talk in a polite manner despite being so angry, so this showed how high Asta’s position is.


「*teehe* But I ca~n’t help it. His lips look so delicious. Forgive me, mmkay?」

A “Teehe” was it…
Don’t “Teehe” me!
What’s with you and “delicious lips”?
What are you? A succubus!?


「General-sama really never change… *sigh*…… It’s supposed to be a secret among the demon race, though. Are you fine with sharing this information?」

「Even though it’s secret, there are only a few people that even remember about that ability in the first place. Even if Adelhide could ask her True Vampire Elders, they will tell you that there are no such things like that」

「In that case… I’ll be relying on you」

「Of course, hero-dono……」

「Stop calling me with embarrassing names like hero. Please just call me Masaki」

「fufu, I see. Then I shall teach Masaki-dono on how to recover mana. Shall we go to that area next, Masaki-dono?」

「Yes. There are still people to save」

And then I went along with Adelle and Asta (And Akiha for some reason) to heal the injured people we encountered. Mana Supply really helped me. Having 2 people with a high mana-capacity, the treatment process went smoothly without any hitch. Adelle was struggling to send her mana at first, but with Asta’s great teaching ability, she was quick to master it. Apparently, touching my back with her hand is enough to send mana……


「All Area Heal… Phew… Anyway, what are you doing here, Akiha?」

「Eh? Umm. I used my first aid kit to help patching people up. I thought that having someone else healing together with you from the opposite side of the area will relieve some of your burden」

Ah, so that’s the reason there aren’t so many people are dying in the streets. It makes sense for FPS military game to have people carrying around first aid kit. If she’s helping me by going from the opposite side, we can help even more people before they die.


「Ah right. I’m saved. To be honest, being the only one who is actively using healing magic is quite taxing. Thank you, all three of you」

There’s a limit in what you can do alone. Even with GM ability. Even with 『Invincibility』 and magic, there are still live that were lost. Today I realized that both fighting and healing are equally difficult.

Every life is valuable. And I’d like to save as much as possible. Even so, there are times when even I couldn’t make it. There’s nothing good coming from a war. It’s best to end it sooner.

The next is… our own country. I was summoned, imprisoned, and escaped together with Barbarossa and finally came here. Therefore, I will put an end to this stupid war!

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