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Isekai GM 32. The Battle of Great Plains ーConclusionー

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

Sorry for the late update. Karuma had sent the edited version since days ago but I completely forgot to post it. Even though the file was right in the middle of my desktop…

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He’s to fast, even with my skill I could barely follow him!! Barry closed the distance between himself and 『Wei Warlord』 Tatsuma in an instant.
He condensed red power into his right claw-like hand and swung it down.


Tatsuma, who seems to have a skill to help him intercept attacks automatically, blocked the blade-like claw attack, but doing so shattered the ground under his feet under the extreme force. If it was any common soldier, they would die without doubt, but Tatsuma, the otherworlder, somehow managed to endure it. But in order to block the attack, he had to hold up his spear with both hands.


Barry then used his other arm to cut down Tatsuma. If I don’t move, he’ll be instantly killed!
Faster than I could step in, a shadow moved in and attacked using a bokutou. The one who helped him was Hayato.


Hayato held his bokutou in both hands and swung it forward, defecting the oncoming attack. But even with Hayato’s power, it couldn’t stop the attack, but that just agitated him more! What’s with that brute strength!?

「Fuhahahaha!! I can even compete with Otherworlders!! This is magnificent! This is the 【Hero】!! Now this is the appropriate power for someone like me!!」

This guy, it seemed that he was drowning in “being called a hero”, but I can’t see him as anything more than a monster. Both Hayato and Tatsuma were considered as top players from their respective MMO. Despite being strengthened by their abilities and equipment, both of them were having a hard time!
If things stays as it was, I think both of them will be finished, so I faced Barry and swung my Wave Sword.


「Tch! Fake hero! Insolence! To think you dare to stand before me, the real genuine hero!」

Maybe because his intuition was also enhanced, he could dodge. But by avoiding it, it allowed the damage to pass through the skill. He didn’t have 『Invincibility』 like me. However, calling himself a hero, doesn’t he feel embarrassed himself?

「Doesn’t matter if your real or fake. Hayato and… err… Tatsuma was it? I’ll hold this guy back」


「You guys must have realized how strong he is by taking his attacks head on, right? This guy is too dangerous. But that’s not it, there may still survivors in the city, you have to go look for them. Everyone as well. Please help them!」

「Deciding things on your own…!」

I know I’m ordering them around selfishly. But, if things stays like this, the survivors might get dragged into the fight. Besides… I can’t forgive this guy. I’ll kill him even if he can’t die. In war, even when they shouldn’t have been killed, many citizens, both children and women lost their lives to his actions.


「Tatsuma, Masaki has a point. Besides, leaving people who can still be saved to their death is going against your own principles」

「In addition, I’m not familiar with the city’s interior. Tatsuma who was working for the Empire should know the way around」


Tatsuma finally agreed after Hayato’s and my persuasion and reluctantly moves towards the fallen city. There should be some survivors, as few as they may be. However, there was a self-proclaimed-hero monster that I have to address in front of me.


「Trying to escape!?」

「That’s my line, self-proclaimed hero」

I swung my sword and stood before him, hindering him from chasing Tatsuma any further. Letting him go now will cause trouble for everyone. At least, I have to put a tight leash on this guy as soon as possible.

「Damn it… Ah well, I’ll just kill you first, kingdom’s hero!」

「They made me a hero without my permission!」

Barry then unleashed his claws and rushed in for an attack. If he realized that his attacks won’t do damage thanks to 『Invincibility』, this guy might ignore me and head towards the city. I shouldn’t reduce the amount of blocking and do my best to avoid the attacks. Of course, I will counter-attack at any sign of opportunity.

This guy’s movements are monotonous, indeed. But even if he only had power and speed, those combinations alone is dreadful. Both Tatsuma and Hayato, even if their eyes get used to the speed, they might be finished after 1 hit. There’s no way I can let them fight this guy.
Just a looking at how he moves, I already know everything about this person’s movements. I shall take the opportunity to provoke him as well.

「Your movements are so simple and yet you call yourself a hero? Come here so I can finish you」

「You bastaaard!!! Your insolence… deserves death!! Dieeeee!!!」

Ah, he’s so easy. Now, there’s no need to worry that he will chase after the others. I leaped towards him while avoiding the claws and grabbed his arms, then shoulder-throw him with all my might.


Thanks to the added momentum, Barry received even more damage than he was supposed to. The powerful impact cracked the ground below. I continued my pursuit before he could get up. A slash to his torso! Then, 3 additional slashes to cut his flesh away. But after those 4 attacks, the wound closed and restored immediately. Was it this guy’s regenerative power? It’s even greater than the Wyrms!!

Barry too, not content being the receiving end, grew talon-like aura on his legs and counterattacks. I avoided it by jumping backward.


「Damn it! Stop dodging!」

「Make me」

I didn’t really have to avoid, but if you have a foot approaching your face in terminal speed, you will also dodge it, won’t you? Barry stood right away and started going in for a rush attack. The sharp claws and talon shredded some part of my cloak, but I personally didn’t receive any damage.

He attacked and attacked with the same monotonous movement. Just like when fighting Leviathan, Barry was clad in sinister red aura that blocks some damage from my sword, Seven Arthur. As monotonous as his attacks are, those attacks were intense. I didn’t even have the spare time to chant my spells.

So I took him on in a battle of endurance and shave his stamina away bit by bit. Barry desperately attacked me, but little by little, I was starting to get used to his speed and could avoid his attacks easily.



「Haah… Haaa! Why!? Why I can’t hit!」

Barry glared at me with his bloodshot eyes and swung his claws towards me, but his rapid blood loss slowed his attacks. So he can regenerate his wounds, but couldn’t recover the blood he lost. Even so, his herculean strength is not something to laugh about. My surrounding environment was damaged considerably thanks to his attacks, there were some craters here and there.

「That’s right! Not yet… I haven’t yet mastered the power of a 【Hero】!! Eat… I have to eat more!!」

This is bad! He changed his target to his soldiers!!
Even faster than before, the starving Barry leaped towards the Empire soldiers. I immediately run towards him, but even I could only barely keep up with him!



「Blood… Give me blood and meaaaaaat!!!!」

Barry was drooling from the edge of his mouth and tried to attack his soldiers but ー *Bam*! He was sent flying backward. Following the loud noise, a large and sharp mana spear pierced his belly.

Was that attack from Akiha and Adele? The attack came from those who led evacuation at the city entrance.


「Looks like we made it in time」

「Un, lucky we made some preparation. Everyone! withdraw immediately!」

「A… Aaa! Thank you! Thank you!」

The Empire soldiers thanked both of them as they withdrew. However, I immediately return my attention back to Barry.
The former Baron was being impaled in his stomach with mana spear like the prey of those birds who impaled their preys on a twig for later consumption… Even so, he was still alive. Wait, something’s wrong. His body convulsed and the red aura turned black! What’s with this intimidating presence……!!


「Meat…… MeAt… Stomagh rumBle… aif… yor laif… Gif me yor LiifEeee!!」

The next moment, the body of the thing that used to be Barry enlarged to a monstrous size, and he now looked like a gigantic humanoid creature. It would be more correct to call it a giant.
His height was probably the same height as 『Dreadnought』 which is probably 10 meters.
If I looked closely, those things that I thought were muscles looked similar to tree bark. It’s like his muscles were replaced by plants.


This is no longer Barry… this guy is simply a monster.
He wanted to be a hero, became arrogant and drunk with power, in the end, he fell down and turned into a monster.

The monster grabbed the mana spear embedded in its belly and broke it like a twig. Barry, with his mouth still drooling, shifted his line of sight… and headed towards Adelle and everyone else!
I had a really bad feeling, so I used 『Wing』 and flew right in front of Barry’s eyes. Then, I raised my arms high and used 『Wave Sword』 vertically towards his face.


「As if I’d let you go!!」

I swung the Seven Arthur with all my might, but Barry’s muscles that were clad in plants, while not as though as the Leviathan’s scales, they regenerated at an astonishing rate. Even so, thanks to my attack, I came to Barry’s attention once more.


While roaring like a beast, Barry tried to slap me down using his gigantic hand, but with his intelligence completely reduced to the level of a beast, avoiding his attacks was even easier than before. Barry’s arm failed to catch me, but the air pressure from its movement created a gust of wind, which indicated the amount of power in the swing. Receiving it head on would take a lot of strength to not be blown away.


Barry raised another roar. He then grew numerous number of tendrils from his back and thrust them towards me. Good grief, he doesn’t pull any punches!
I hacked and slashed the vines and the main body, but even after 7 strikes, they all regenerated instantly. I tried burning him to death with magic, but the Flame Javelin barely contained enough mana to do so, resulting in only a little charring on part of his skin.


「This is nonsense…!」

I tried charging my mana to release a stronger spell, but this monster’s attacks were so powerful that it made it hard to concentrate on charging my mana. Even though I will not feel any pain or receive any damage if I was hit by the vines or the powerful arm, the impact will scatter all the mana I charged. I tried avoiding while charging mana but no matter how hard I try, it wasーー

*bang*! *bang*! *bang*!! *CLANK*!!

And the vines were destroyed along with the gunshot.


(Can you hear me? Masaki-san, I will cover you along with Adelle-san!)

A telepathic communication came from Akiha. Firing off her anti-materiel rifle and a circular-shaped mana blade helped me with reducing the number of attacks and gave me a bit of room.
Without any delay, I descend to the ground and charge my mana until the very limit. With Adelle and Akiha attacking together, they allowed me to charge my mana without it being knocked away. The spell I was going to use was something even more powerful than Flame Javelin. Among the spells from Britannia Online, this spell is considered top-class and used as siege magic in guild wars. Up until now, there was no reason for me to use this spell, but this time, there would be no problem if this guy vanished.


「…Perish! Crimson Nova!!」

I channeled the deep crimson laser towards Barry and scored a direct hit. Inside the flaming vortex, Barry’s plant armor were burned into ashes. It’s the biggest and strongest spell that could even evaporate a castle gate in an instant! Go ahead and try to regenerate from that!!



After not hearing Barry’s real voice for a while, he finally screamed with his real voice. His throat was roasted. To relieve my fading consciousness after using a huge spell, I drank a High MP Potion and recovered some of my mana. But this is not enough, I still couldn’t shake my uneasiness. As I thought so, in order to think about my next move, I noticed something that I never thought before.

I learned that in this world, the power of a magic will change depending on the image. It’s similar like how Paddle and Peddle used their wind magic. Then how about skills? Adelle didn’t use magic but skills to gather her mana and used it as a throwing weapon or a blade.

As I heard, this is also an image… In that case, the skills that I used should be able to be changed by my image.


For example, how about 2 skills that shouldn’t match each other, like 『Wave Sword』 and 『Rokudou Sen Gomi』? I imagined 『Rokudou Sen Gomi』 to be similar like 『Wave Sword』, not releasing them, but converting all those weapons into a single blade. The result is a gigantic blade that seemed to pierce the heaven.

―――『Compound Skill:Wave Great Sword』――――『Skill Synthesis』ability acquired.

A message popped up inside my head and 2 skills came out. I have never seen these skills. Looking at the skills column, they were added in the topmost entry. This action allowed me to use skills without setting it manually, and I somehow knew how to use those skills. This is a good idea! right? this is fine right?


I pointed Seven Arthur towards the sky… and activated the skill 『Wave Great Sword』. It’s a skill that uses both HP and MP as costs. I could feel that both of my physical and emotional strengths were taken from my body. But it allowed me to clad my sword in spears, katanas, swords, naginatas, arrows, and halberds, creating a light aura shaped like a warped sword.

The information on how to use the skills flowed directly into my head. I moved my body just exactly like how I imagined and the 『Great Wave Sword』cut apart the flaming vortex and even cut through the though Barry.



Barry was burned on the inside by flames and his body was cut diagonally and finally collapses. That was his only response.




I stood watching as Barry’s body crumbled. Where there was a flame, where there was a part of the burnt ground, there must be some part of Barry’s burnt black body that fell there.


So he’s still alive… But this is all wasted effort. His lower body was crumbling, turning into sand. It was his price for gaining more power than he could handle. But I still have something to ask.


「Oi, that power. Where did you get it?」

「Aah… Power… Giv… e back… I am… the Hero…… not ye… it hurts…… power… hero… king…」

No good.
His mind was broken.
If that’s the case, I’ll just read this guy’s past. I’ll just use one of GM’s ability.

『Past Log Analysis』

I proceed to put one of my hand on his body and explore the past log and tried to see what happened to him. I tried this previously, but I couldn’t get a log. But, I should be able to get it from this person.

While I was lurking around his past, I caught my eyes at a person’s figure. No, I don’t know if it’s really a person. I couldn’t recognize the face, it’s all mosaic.

Who is this guy?
I’ll have to scroll up on the past log.

Hmm… The break of ceasefire agreement with the demons… Self-recommendation to be the ceasefire envoy… Ah, here it is! Barry received some kind of drug from a hooded figure. I’d like to find out what kind of drug he received… but the screen only showed noise.

As I was about to reach that part of his past log when Barry’s whole body crumbled and turned into sand.
It’s impossible to see the past log of a corpse.



The sand from Barry’s body was swept away by the winds of the Grand Plains.

And thus, the battle between the Empire and the Alliance on the Great Plains came to its end with the destruction of the Empire’s headquarter. And due to the death of the Empire’s commander, Prince Alfred, the Kingdom came victorious.

However, the fact that there is some existence behind Barry who is pulling the strings from the background doesn’t make my feeling any better. I left the black mist in my mind and return to everyone who was cheering from the streets of Raafu.

Author Note: That concludes the fight with Barry. I should consider bringing someone from the pirate group… but their field is in the sea. On the other hand, let’s have them go rampage on the sea to their heart’s content.

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