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Isekai GM 31. The Battle of Great Plains ーAbrupt Change in Situationー

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
ED: Karuma

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(Sir, a message just came from Jirou-sama. He just successfully deterred the 『Hunter』. He asked you to open up a path towards the enemy headquarters)

(Affirmative. Please report that I will clean up the wyrms along the way as well)

(Understood, sir)

Yoko had acquired the 『Dreadnought』’s robot. Jirou had repelled the 『Hunter』. It seemed that he was unable to kill him, just deter him away from the battle, that will not change our position in this war.
The fight with 『Wei Warlord』 still commences. But since we had successfully kept his hands full, I’m free to rip a new path into their headquarter. …I certainly hope he can keep him contained. Even I could hear their voices from so far away…

And so, using 【Wave Sword】 to slice and dice like before, the enemy soldiers started to get scared and stopped attacking. They seemed to understand that every path that I walked will be stained with blood, and they were trying their best to not get killed.

If I took a step forward……


They became frightened and opened a path for me. It became hard for me to find a reason to fight them. It made me lose my will to fight. It’s convenient for me, but you guys sure you want to open a path for me as is? They took so much distance that they probably won’t hear me when if I shout. It sure did make me feel like having an overwhelming strength… I haven’t had the chance to test it, but there’s no better chance to test the AoE of 『System Message』. It appeared that I can set the designation point, so how about I set it to an entire army……

『Drop your weapons and clear a path!! Any resistance will result in…… DEATH!!!』

I shouted using 『System Message』 and tried to be as intimidating as possible. It was so terrifying that the enemies in my straight line instantly threw away their weapons and ran desperately for their lives.

「What is this!? Why am i hearing a voice in my head…!!!」

Receiving a voice directly into their heads creates a panic among their soldiers.

「You shitheads…! Don’t you dare throw down your weapons!! Where is your pride as soldiers of the Empire!? Shame on you!!」

said the squad captain, who was the only one riding on a horse, but even his own horse was scared and started running for its life. Animals are indeed more sensitive to dangerous situations than humans. They do understand when their lives are being threatened.
I ran through the path they opened, jumped above the squad captain’s head, and went straight without turning around.

A short while after that, I could see a huge wyrm in the sky, so I activated 『Wing』 and swung my sword sideways right into its abdomen. Another 4 additional slashes with my sword and its long torso started to scatter around and fall to the ground.
Right after that, I faced the other 2 approaching wyrm and prepared to release Flame Javelin and Vortex Burst. But before I released it, I saw the body or the wyrm that I beat before starting to move around. When I look at it, the body that I split into 5 started to stick back together and regenerate while the other two wyrms are getting closer.

「But can your regeneration keep up?」

I remembered the traditional wyrm. If I’m not mistaken, they regenerate instantly no matter how many times they are cut and can release poisonous dragon breath. Then how to counter them?
I switch the hands that were aiming towards the two wyrms and aimed it towards each half part of the still regenerating wyrm instead, releasing Flame Javelin and Vortex Burst in a point-blank range.




Receiving intense flames and thunder, the half part of the wyrm’s massive body that receive the flames convulses and rolled to put out the flames, and the area that receives the lightning barbequed instantly without a chance to even twitch. The head part, the one receiving the flames, couldn’t extinguish the flames and gradually slows until only the smell of burning meat was left.

「Using magic instead of swords. In this world using magic seemed to have been the smart move 」

Wyrm scales are tough, even if you managed to cut through, they will regenerate almost immediately, turning you back to square one. In legends, they must be baited into rivers to counter their regeneration, but in this magical world, I can just beat them with magic instead.

The two wyrm who were chasing me stopped their pursuit to look at their fallen comrade who was magically burnt black. Looking at their fellow race-member flailing around until death right after a direct hit from magic, both of them raised their vigilance towards their current adversary.

One wyrm flies in the sky and the other one crawled on the ground as they approached me while preparing a big breath attack. The same is true for the wyrm in the air.
The soldiers who saw the situation started to run even harder to save their own lives. I knew exactly those telegraphed movements. Those are the same movements I saw even when I was still a player.

The two wyrms opened their mouth and released their breaths at the same time. Their venomous breaths wrapped around me and polluted the earth, the grass and flowers around me started rot at an alarming rate. Not being able to see me in these poisonous clouds, the wyrms must be pleased and expected me to die. Unfortunately for them, I was not poisoned nor damaged due to my 【Invincibility】 and 【Status Effect Immunity】 and still standing. I couldn’t see them as well, but I knew where the breath came from, so I released Vortex Burst with both of my hands towards their direction.



Both of them, who was still in the middle of their breath attacks, got hit by the sudden lightning attack and fell right into the ground, also not having the chance to even twitch. It seemed that lightning was their weak point, even able to kill them instantly.

「No way… Those wyrms… so easily…」

I could hear the Empire soldier’s despair filling the air. Of course, in normal situations, this world’s inhabitants would struggle just to fight one of this guys, but I guess their opponent this time was completely superior, right?
But, if I’m not mistaken, there should be another one… so where is it?
I opened 【Map】 and confirmed a huge reaction. But… inside the city?
As I was wondering what it was, a thunderous roar could be heard from Raafu, even the ground was shaking.



「W-what was that!?」
「No way, was it the Kingdom?」
「Hurry up confirm it with the headquarter!!」

Right after one soldier in front of me asking for confirmation, suddenly a soldier flew towards my location, drawing a giant curve in the sky.



I guess that guy should know what happened.
I use 【Wing】 and used 【Protect】 to reduce the amount of inertia the poor soldier receives.


「Hah…… hah… I’m alive?」


「Hiii!! He-hero of the Blue Sea!?」

I guess he didn’t expect to be helped by an enemy. But, this guy is a precious information source that knew what happened inside our enemy’s lines.


「I’m not going to kill you. But your whole base looked frightened, so what happened?」

「Ah…! The headquarter…… Baron Barry is… a monster!!」


「Right! Right! He was confined in a jail, but suddenly he raised a fuss and blew away the jail with an unbelievable power! Everyone who tried to stop him was…… he… he ate everyone!!!」


A little before Masaki reach the Empire’s headquarter, an incident happened.

It was around the time when Masaki attacked the whole army, proving his undefeatable power.
Baron Barry was jailed in a cell in Raafu, not even given the chance to see the battlefield. No, not “Baron”. His nobility rank has been removed, so it’s “former Baron” now.

Even with both of his hands tied, his eyes didn’t show any sign of despair. They are hollow, yes, but filled to the brim with hope.

「This is enough… This is… The sacrifice as I was told…」

Barry first nominated himself to take care the ceasefire agreement with the demon-race. Usually, such self-nomination won’t be approved. But, this time, it was somehow approved.
There are probably people who marionette the whole thing in the background. Without any opposition, Barry was chosen as the emissary for the ceasefire agreement.
And so, he ripped apart the ceasefire agreement as he planned. The demon race, who will never forget the anger, started a ferocious campaign against the empire soldiers.


「Is this enough? For the 【Hero ceremony】 」

Barry stood with his hands still being cuffed and looked towards the corner of the room.
No one was there, but something is. He couldn’t see the face behind the hood, but something is certainly there.

「「Yes, after this, eat the drug, and kill everyone! The citizen, the soldiers, even the prince! And finally, you will be hailed as the new 【Hero】」」

Don’t know if it’s a male or female, the figure speaks with low echoed voice and distorted smile. That voice is a mind polluting voice.

「Aaah…… I am becoming a hero… I am the【Hero】 !!」

Barry drank the drug along with water.





A strong pulse rushed at Barry, but it didn’t give a feeling of discomfort, instead, he felt a strong throbbing pulse of a powerful overly excited sensation.

「Power… I’m overflowing with power!! hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!」

「「Yessss, that is the power of a 【Hero】. Now, in order to obtain the true power of the 【Hero】, we need sacrifices」」

「YES! I understand… fufufu…… WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!」

While laughing maniacally, Barry shredded his steel handcuff and tore apart his restraints like paper.


「What’s going on!?」

When the soldier noticed Barry’s laughter, the steel jail door blew off with a loud sound.


「Amazing…… This is the power of a 【Hero】. This is AMAZING!!!」

Barry drunk in his newfound power, he couldn’t stop his big smile and his surge of power that kept getting even stronger.

「Barry! What are you doing!? Get back to your prison! It’s your fault that IーGYAA!!!!」

The soldier couldn’t finish his sentence. Barry casually grabbed his head and beat him against the wall, crushing his head like a tomato. Barry then tried his strength against the sturdy wall and it crumbled without much resistance.
Suddenly, soldiers started gathering around the destroyed prison.


「I was about to say “Who dares to talk like that”… but you already don’t have a head to speak to. Now, you are going to be the foundation of the great 【Hero】 Barry! Be grateful, you ingrates!!!」

Barry started using his power against his former soldiers, starting a massacre. The soldiers who dared to fight, the soldiers trying to flee, the regular citizen of the town, everyone. He blew everything with his dreadful arm, reaping lives, and mass producing corpses.


Barry, who suddenly felt hunger, caught an inexperienced soldier by grabbing him and started gnawing on his head.


「AAAa… aGAagaAga… HURTS! iT HurtS!! StOOOOOP」

Painful screams filled the air as Barry ate the soldier alive. The other soldier witnessed the situation screamed and fleeing for their lives. Some of them were too scared to move their frozen legs. Some of them were brave enough to fight Barry, but a swing of his newfound power blew them away like leaves. Their bodies decorated the castle walls as blood splatters.

「My power increases… FUHAHAHAHA… more… MORE!!!」

Barry grabbed another soldier and took another bite, starting a glutton fest. Far from being a hero, Barry was filling his hunger and continued to increase his power. Suddenly a huge shadow attacked him.


「Noisy… You TRASH!!」


A wyrm, empire’s prince’s personal pet, noticed the abnormal situation and attacked Barry, but it was killed instantly.


「This wyrm… like small fry… moRE… I WANT ORE POWER!!!!」

With hollow eyes filled with insanity, Barry went to the evacuation center where people of Raafu evacuated and causing panic to the soldiers who protected that place.

「Protect the people! Wear your pride as the Empire high knights and protect our people from this monstrosity !!!」

Thanks to the calm general and their harsh training, the other soldiers recovered from their shock. But their training is meaningless. In front of Barry’s power, they all turned into nothing but simple lumps of meat. With human meat in his hands, Barry continued his eating rampant and kept raising his appetite and power. Until the headquarter became completely devoid of people……



Eat humans? Then isn’t he completely turned into a monster?
Looking at his eyes, the fear in this soldier’s eyes are genuinely scared. His body trembled uncontrollably and one of his arms was broken. It looks like his arm was broken when he was blown away, but his fear completely overweighed his pain.
There’s no doubt that this guy isn’t lying. And at that time I thought. I heard the second roar that shook the ground.

As I looked towards the city, I saw black smoke in the streets and I saw something jumped out, a wyrm was fluttering about in the sky. However, its body was shredded to smithereens. The body was feared of its superior regenerative power was left with nothing but bones. Just by looking at that headless body, I knew that it was dead.

「Please… let me go! I beg of you! He will kill me! Baron Barry… that monster… he killed everyone!!!」

The soldier who I helped desperately tried to run away despite his broken arm. The ground shook so hard that I thought it was an earthquake. All soldiers who were in the middle of battlefield stopped fighting each other and looked at the city of Raafu in puzzled expression.
I pushed a potion to the poor soldier and released him.


「Your arm is broken. Run after you drink it. Hurry」


「Escape as fast as you can! Something dangerous is coming!! Hurry, everyone!」

Hearing the tone of my voice, every soldier who was in front of the Empire’s headquarter started to scatter around.
Meanwhile, my perception ability marked something dangerous that I have never seen before. Despite having my 『Invincibility』, I still got goosebumps and got an extreme chill all over my body. I experienced the same thing when fighting Leviathan, when fighting something very VERY dangerous.
This is not the time to fight each other. I used 『System Message』 and set the target to the whole armies, friends and enemies alike.


『Attention to all soldiers!! An emergency situation happens in the town of Raafu!! I repeat! An emergency situation happens! Shogun-class!! Gather every single otherworlder to the front of Raafu headquarter 』


The soldier who received the potion seemed to be finished his recovery. Adelle, Jirou, Yoko, and her Gigant golem was right in front of enemy’s headquarter when they hear my announcement. Meanwhile, the Prince and Haruka were riding the flying dragon in the sky above. Akiha was riding on the top of a huge tiger-shaped golem. Even Hayato and 『Wei Warlord』 showed up together and came along with their soldiers.

「So that voice was from you, Kingdom’s 『Hero』. So what happened? And what’s with this chill I feel」

「Something dangerous is happening in your city… that much I know. Have a look at the remains of that wyrm from your city?」

I pointed the carcass of the previous wyrm to the 『Wei Warlord』. Everyone watched the corpse with dreadful expression and couldn’t help to gain curiosity to what was going on inside Raafu. Akiha kept her lips shut and tried to not look at it. Assuming it was ripped apart and turned into mincemeat, it was still a horrible sight to look at. Haruka hugged her to calm her down from the agonizing view.


「I heard from one of the Empire soldier that Baron Barry turned into a monster. A human-eating monster, to be specific」

「What! That Barry guy?」

『Wei Warlord』 was surprised when he heard the news. Suddenly, a third roar was heard and the huge wall surrounding Raafu crumbled down.
Everyone looked at the opening in the wall, from the rubble an ordinary looking man walked out, with one big difference between him and a normal person the disgustingly ominous red aura leaking around him. In his hand, there was what should have been a fine man wearing fine clothes. But most parts of it were torn off like a tragic scene, his bones and internal organs were shown clear as day.

「Prince Alfred!? How… How could…」

It seemed that the person this guy held was the prince of the Empire….He isn’t moving and with that level of injury, I can all but assume he is dead. The body dangled aimlessly like a doll, his body doesn’t even twitch.

『Wei Warlord』’s expression became even darker and he glared at the man in front of his eyes. Beside him, the『Banchou』 Hayato had the similar expression as well. Looking at the panicking Akiha, Haruka the Prince came down and took them to the rear. The place for a sniper is in the rear, to begin with. Besides, it would be better for her to take some distance from that… thing.


「Are you… Barry? Do you even understand what you are doing!?」

「Aah, killing this worthless prince, of course. For the birth of the new 【Hero】, some sacrifices are needed… the soldiers and the citizens too」

「what…? You… No way!」

「Aah… Yess… Here, take a look at it. kukuku… Such a wonderful mountain of sacrifices」

Barry pointed to the thing behind him… At first, we thought it was a pile of rubble. Those are… corpses… It’s a literal mountain of corpses. Furthermore, if you look at their clothes… Not only the soldiers, but regular citizens were also mixed in. There were children and also some men and women holding their hands together. All of them were turned into a still bleeding mountain of corpses… This guy… is utterly insane!!

「Sacrifices… You bastard! Are you still human!?」

「I have transcends from humans beings! These people should feel honored to become the pitiful sacrifices for this great me! And this power… First, I have a score to settle since long ago, Tatsuma!!!」

Barry then crushed the Empire’s prince’s head right in front of our eyes, creating a loud squishing noise, and closed in on the 『Wei Warlord』 Tatsuma with dreadful speed.



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