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Isekai GM 29. The Battle of Great Plains 2

TL: MayonaizeShrimp
Editor: Karuma

Chapter 30 is in editing process :3

Kiryuu Hayato was summoned from Banchou Toshi. Right now, he was facing the 19 years old-ish general of the country that summoned him before he was saved by the Saint Drag Kingdom.
Hayato brought in his character’s body in Banchou Toshi, along with his leadership, charisma, and artificial-cheat-like endurance. Using his gifts, he can compete even better than adults in war.

The Banchou, Hayato’s smile’s effect was so powerful that it even terrifies Masaki. It was said that strength was enough to bring an end to this war even sooner. At the same time, he wanted to fight him.

Hayato was usually gentle, but when a battle begins, he starts to overflow with a killing frenzy he couldn’t suppress if he wanted to. That is a fact that every player in Banchou Toshi knew and something that his current underlings learned quickly.

Right now, he needs to suppress his desire to fight Masaki and focus on the matter in front of him.
Red aura materialized and dyed his bloodied bokutou in crimson color. The aura shaped into a dark red tokkoufuku and flutters in the wind. (TL: the jacket worn by Japanese gang)


「Yo… long time no see, Tatsuma!」

「Yeah, this war is a nice stage to settle things with you. I ought to give my gratitude to your damn Hero of Blue Sea」

Tatsuma, the 『Wei Warlord』 thrust his spear along with his remark.
Both of them had fought countless times, win some, lose some, even ended up in a draw sometimes. Their bond is more than just rivals.
Both of them originally summoned from the same country. But that country couldn’t contain them with their own enslavement magic and got completely mowed down by the two of them.
Tatsuma was a little older. However, both of them are the type to ignore the gender and age. Everything doesn’t matter if you are strong.


「It’s so fortunate that you joined them. Crushing you along with that bastard empire will be so satisfying!」
「That’s good, come at me with that attitude! I, the Wei Warlord Tatsuma, will crush you!!」

The bokutou and spear clashed with each other and shook the atmosphere.
Both of them fight so fiercely that their soldiers were stunned for a moment, but they recovered almost immediately.
Their soldiers know that they must fight while preventing the others from disturbing their generals.


「Archers, FIREEE!!!」
「Vanguard! Hold your shield high and block the arrows! Rearguard! Prepare the firebombs!」

Their vices gave the instructions on their behalf. Since their vices were the one giving the order, both of them can fight without hindrance. They had long served under their leader and knew that they must minimalize the casualties as much as possible.

The frontlines held their shield high so the Empire soldiers can’t penetrate their ranks even with battle axes or spears. Meanwhile, burning containers flew above them from behind.

「Magic squad! Fire low-level water magic and douse those fire! Archers! intercept the firebombs! Vanguard! Divide into three and pincer them from left and right!」

「Go ahead and try! Circling formation! Don’t let them get the firebombs squad!」

Hayato’s army only had a few mages, so he used clever tactics and various tools like firebombs. The army of this world are too used to magic warfare, they would be confused when opposing this strange way of fighting. However, both parties had fought each other countless times. Both of them knows the strength and weakness of each other’s strategy. Both generals are the same in that regards.

(TL: No naruto jokes!)

One, two, and three furious clashes of their weapons created an unapproachable atmosphere.
Tatsuma thrust his spear at an unbelievable speed, but Hayato managed to dodge those attacks in a paper-thin margin. Hayato slipped in an attack before the spear was pulled. However, Tatsuma let go of his own spear and managed to grab the bokutou. He pulled the bokutou to increase Hayato’s momentum and greeted his face with his own fist. Hayato also released his own weapon and punched Tatsuma’s face, making a cross counter with their fists.


After wiping the blood flowing from their mouth, they picked up their opponent’s weapon and tossed it over to return them to their respective owner.


「Discarding your own weapon without hesitation, are you really a samurai? Good grief, you’re still the same monster as usual」

「My fists are plenty enough. But to be able to grab a bokutou like that, aren’t you the real monster?」

Both of them gave of fiendish smiles in the middle of the battlefield. Tatsuma is a dragon while Hayato is a wolf.


Both of them exchanged blows, spreading fear to anyone dares to come close enough to the vicinity.





While shouting an echoed voice, thunderbolts shot out from the protrusion on the 『Dreadnought』’s shoulder and covered the surrounding in lightning.


A kingdom’s soldier screamed as he thought that he would die in an instant… but suddenly, he was covered by a huge shadow.


「e… eh? I’m still alive?」
「Good grief, such a terrible golem. I’ve never heard about golems that can cast magic before」

The shadow was golem that served under Yoko. But it’s not a regular golem, this golem is exceptionally huge. An average golem is about 4 meters tall. But this golem, the one who protected the soldier with its arm, is about 8 meters tall. This is Yoko’s signature Gigant Golem.

「Those who are injured return at once! Take as many potions as you need. Hurry up and leave unless you want to get dragged in!」

Yoko, who was sitting on Gigant Golem’s shoulder, moved the golem by directly touching the giant race’s bone that was sticking out from the golem’s shoulder.
There will be some delay between the order and the golem’s movement if the caster stood too far, so using this method, the delay will be minimized and the golem will move in real time.
This method is also a double-edged sword for the golem user, but Yoko still took the risk.
There’s something different from the usual Yoko.

Using the bone that sticking out of the Gigant Golem’s shoulder as a medium, Yoko convey the command to the golem and punched the 『Dreadnought』. The『Dreadnought』 didn’t anticipate that speed from a bulky golem and got hit hard on his chest.

「Shiiiit! How is that golem able to move that quickly!? You fucking cheater!!!」

「This is my jutsushiki. Besides, what is a “chiiter”?」

「I will crush you like nothing! As a man, I will crush you, woman! Such a shame that you have a good body. You would have been a nice addition to my toys」

The 『Dreadnought』 kept spouting vulgar remarks in echoing voices. Yoko could feel his indecent expression, even though she couldn’t see him directly, and gave the next instruction to her Gigant Golem.


「Unfortunately for you, I had sold my body. Besides, I don’t have the hobby to embrace a man that I don’t love」

While replying coldly, the Gigant Golem released a kick with a speed that should be impossible for golems, but 『Dreadnought』 blocked it with a shield on its left arm, causing a loud dull sound spread around them. Steel and rock. Normally, the rock would crumble, but the giant race’s bone on its body gave it enough strength that will not be defeated by steel.


「I don’t care about such thing!! I can do as I please in this game! You fucking NPCs can just fuck yourselves and die!!」

The 『Dreadnought』 still thinks that this is a game, even though he was summoned and attached a collar. To him, this world is a perfect world where he can do as he pleases. A world where no one can do anything even if he PK another player. To him, the men should be crushed, and the women should be raped.

Unlike other otherworlder, he kept doing unjust things. Usually, even in-game, pulling something like that will result in a flood of reports from other players. He had been banned several times, but he kept making a new account and continued his rampage.

But no one can go against him here.

No one.

He was drowning in pleasure for being the strongest.


「I won’t pretend to understand your motive. But I feel sorry for that child to be manipulated by a creature like you. Gigant Golem, let’s save that poor one」

Yoko gave up persuading the 『Dreadnought』, so she stroked the Gigant Golem’s shoulder. The golem nodded as a response and launched a bone fist to the 『Dreadnought』’s torso.
He tried to block it with his shield, but unlike the previous fist, the 『Dreadnought』 was pushed back. Continuing the pursuit, the Gigant Golem threw a left hook and blew the 『Dreadnought』 away.



The 『Dreadnought』 screamed in an echoed voice as he was blown away. Since there are no more soldiers around them, there was no worry that someone might get caught in their fight.

「Fuck fuck fuuuuck!!! Disappear, you bitch!!! Buuurniiiing beeeeeaaaam!!!!!」

The 『Dreadnought』 moves its upper body and shot high-temperature laser from its eyes, but it missed. The laser hit the empire soldiers behind Yoko and evaporate them into dust.


「Wait…! Aren’t those your allies!?」

「Shut the fuck up!! Those are just shitty NPCs! They are disposable so they can die for all I care!!」

「How dare you treat human lives like that……!!」

In the war against the Empire, Yoko saw many lives taken, allies and enemies alike. But looking at the enemies before her eyes being treated like a tool, when their deaths were brushed off like a pebble on the road, built up resentment inside her.

「Gigant Golem… Let’s do that」

The golem nods in response to Yoko’s cold and angry command. It moves into a close quarter combat to minimalize the damage to their allies and enemies.


「Ugh..! That’s the final straw! I’m going to rape you!!」

The『Dreadnought』 raised his voice as well and the two gigantic bodies collided heavily.

The 8 meters tall Gigant Golem against the 10 meters tall 『Dreadnought』.
The 『Dreadnought』 used his slightly bigger body as an advantage and crushed the Gigant Golem from above. Gigant golem was made out of bones and rock so it weighed heavier than 『Dreadnought』, but their positioning allowed the 『Dreadnought』 to multiply its force by using its weight.

Gigant golem, who was being pressed from above, gradually bend its foot and knees.


「Endure it, Gigant Golem!」

「It’s useless!!!」

Before Yoko could put more mana to raise the power, the 『Dreadnought』 used the protrusion on its head and smashed it against Gigant golem, resulting in great damage to golem’s head.


Yoko desperately held on the Golem’s shoulder and could barely endure the attack. The 『Dreadnought』 saw the opportunity and continue headbutting, causing the Gigant Golem’s head cracked halfway.

「I will enjoy ravishing your body thoroughly!!!」

It used its giant steel hand and grabbed Yoko, who couldn’t even muster energy to dodge. She couldn’t see the 『Dreadnought』’s real face, but she knows he was grinning fiendishly.


「Kkuu…… Damn it!」

「Wahahahahaha!!! Let’s have everyone see a public rape on the battlefield!!」

The 『Dreadnought』 used its steel hand and tear Yoko’s clothes away.

But suddenly, Yoko’s body changed strangely.
Her body suddenly turned into soil color and crumbled into lumps of dirt.

「What!? No way… is her real body……!?」

「That’s right. I’m here. As expected of otherworlder, it took some time to set up」

A voice was heard from the Gigant Golem’s torso. Inside, there was a core that contains the Golem’s “life”. Even if it is attacked directly, that part is covered in barriers and solid bones, so Yoko’s life remained safe. For the sake of protecting Yoko inside the core, she also created a dummy Golem to pretend as her.


「Eh? I can’t move… WHY!? I CAN’T MOVE!!!!」

「That child is crying. Even though it was made to kill, it was also made to spread peace」

Yoko appeared from the opening on the Gigant Golem’s torso and stroke the 『Dreadnought』’s head. She wore an onmyouji outfit that was specifically made for fighting purposes. Not only her clothes is unusual, her tail was increased from one to three tails.

While fighting, Yoko extended mana threads and connected them to the 『Dreadnought』’s body. Everyone with knowledge in magic can see the threads, but 『Dreadnought』, who didn’t study magic and looking through the camera, couldn’t see the thread at all.


「What is happening? The fuck is this!? It’s a robot!! It’s just a tool!!」

「That may be true, but this child also have a heart. And for that reason, this child trusted me. ………Exmizer」

「W-why… that name……!!」

「That is the name this child told me」

『Dreadnought』 couldn’t hide his surprise when Yoko declared the robot’s true name, Exmizer. Exmizer made *won won* sound as if crying.


「Shit! Move! MOVE!! You are my tool! Move you fucking piece of shit!!」

「Unfortunately, this child is not yours anymore. This child is my companion」

Yoko pulled out a talisman from her handbag and put it on Exmizer’s head.

「臨 rin・兵 pyou・闘 tou・者 sha・皆 kai」

She moved her hand 9 times up, down, and to the sides, according to the ley lines of the continent. Each time a word is chanted, Exmizer’s body shines brightly, further thinning its existence.

「w-w-what’s going on!? The fuck are you doing!?」

「「陣 jin・裂 retsu・在 zai・前 zen!」

Right after Yoko finished chanting the last word, Exmizer glowed even more, then the light was sucked into the talisman in her hand. The whole 10 meters tall body was sucked into the talisman.


「Establishing new contract. Processing. Complete. Shikigami: Exmizer」

After that, the 『Dreadnought』, the robot pilot was left on the ground, wearing a suit and helmet.

「You bitch! How dare you… my Exmizer!! Cheating bitch! Thief! Fuck…… reset! RESET!!! I know your weak point now! I’ll reset and start over! Where the fuck is that reset button!?」

「You’re noisy」

With a cold and ruthless look, Yoko pulled out a talisman and pour mana into it, summoning a tsurigane-type golem. (TL: 釣鐘型のGolem – Tsurigane kata no golem. Tsurigane alone means temple bell or funeral bell, which summoning it also means funeral for the dreadnought rider)

「The air of relief seeps through. Even so, you can’t hear it. Gigant Golem… I really pushed you too hard. I’m sorry」

Unlike the usual happy-go-lucky Yoko, she stroked the damaged Gigant Golem’s head with a sad feeling.

「I know you are badly injured, but the battle hasn’t ended yet. Please, lend me your strength」

Gigant golem answered with a groan to Yoko’s wish. Then she put 『Dreadnought』 inside Exmizer to lock him up and they continue to advance to the battlefield.

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