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Isekai GM 25. The Sniper Princess and The Farmer

Few days after the fall of Raafu’s North-East Fortress.

Since the 『Sniper Princess』 Kisaragi Akiha had shot many people, some of them were killed while some of them had to amputate their arm or leg and had fallen into despair, we need to fabricate a story that some other otherworlder is the one who shot them instead.

It’s fortunate since the common soldiers don’t even know the one called 『Sniper Princess』 nor even their gender.
All they know are some rumors like.

「There was an otherworlder in that room, who we beat after a hard fight. These women were rescued from that time」
and such rumors were made by Jirou and about how the non-existant『Sniper』 was killed in the fortress.

The 『Farmer』 Kisaragi Haruka is now under the care of the Prince. Her status is a war prisoner but she was actually treated like an honorable guest.
Haruka was still my-pace as usual, but it’s her ability was truly amazing.
Like when she heard that some soldiers keep muttering that their food ration was not enough.


「Ara~ Then please wait a moment」

「eh? Um, miss what are you going to do?」

「Just some lunch」

She planted a seed from her pocket.

「Activate skill 【Light of Bountiful Harvest】」

The activated skill grows the seed into a seedling, matures into a palm tree, and then is ready to harvest in no time.
That alone was amazing but the next part is…


「These fruits taste very delicious, you know~ Ah, Akiha-chan! Please shoot them down」

「Okay… *pop* here, soldier-san. please wait while we shoot the other ones」

The soldier? He can barely react to the 【Quick Draw】 and only barely catch the coconut-like fruit.

He seemed to be surprised that the fruit was heavier than it looks.

「U-ummmm… excuse me, Miss what is… this?」

「Ah this? This is curry fruit ♪」

Haruka cut it quickly with a kitchen knife, and miraculously, there was curry rice inside it.
Haruka brought out a tool shaped, cat-like robot and all of us quickly gathered around it.
The tantalizing smell of curry wafted through the air. The contents were about room temperature but the fragrance spread quickly. That day, everyone’s lunch was warm open-air curry.


「If I have to guess, the Empire also had their hands on these as well, right?」

「Of course~ Everyone was so happy. Sadly, these won’t grow without my ability… But I am offering potatoes that are twice as big and grains that are much more abundant than usual」

As I took a bite of my curry, I thought to myself that I just picked up someone with dreadful abilities.
She’s really helpful on the food ration problem, but her ability makes it dangerous that every country would want their hands on her.
The curry is delicious. I was a bit worried since it came out of a tree, but the medium-spiciness is really delicious.

「Excuse me, Haruka-dono, another serving of curry please…」

It was the prince’s third serving of curry.
I always thought that 『Prince of Curry』 as a joke, but to think that I’d see one in real life.


「Of course~ Since Prince-sama ate so much curry, I also wish you the best ♪」

Haruka gave the curry to the Prince with a gentle motherly smile.
Ah… The prince got red and looks up to the sky. It’s another strike.

「So Prince Leon finally found someone…」
「Yeah good for him, but this is a bit painful to eat… water… please…」

Adelle seemed glad that the prince, who was like a brother to her, finally found someone. Meanwhile, Yoko was suffering from the spicy curry.

「Don’t just chug anything if it’s too painful. It will become even more painful if you drink water, so it’s best if you drink milk」

「Is that so? Thank you」

It was fortunate for her that I prepared some milk beforehand.
I was having lunch with my two wives in the garrison of the previous fort. The soldiers were enjoying delicious curry and finally able to eat something decent after a long time.



「Well, Prince Leon. What are we going to do with Kisaragi Sisters from now on?」

Right now we are discussing about the future of Kisaragi Sisters in the Room.
Currently, their status is as prisoners of war. We can’t go on like this
But if they were confined in the Room, it will be more like a comfortable house arrest.

「To be honest… I’d like to send Haruka-dono and Akiha-dono back to our Kingdom if possible」

「I don’t think we should do that. I got a reply some time ago. The 『Banchou』 is currently leading some reinforcement here. They are coming to increase our men to attack Raafu. Returning now would lower our strength and delay the strategy. Besides, if we send Haruka-dono and Akiha-dono without any of us with them, it will be impossible to protect them from the other nobles who are going to try using them」


「If someone dares to use Haruka dono, I will…」

「My prince, please hold yourself back. Jirou has a point」

The prince was holding the country’s treasured sword. Someone stop him!
He really didn’t hide his feeling towards Haruka-dono.
Haruka was muttering 「Ara ara~」 the whole conversation.
Akiha was somewhat gloomy.

「Akiha is quite beautiful/cute, so not just the nobles, even the soldiers might make a move on her. I oppose returning them back to our Kingdom. And we haven’t even considered about the people’s reaction from the people Akiha had shot 」

「You guys have a point. I can’t really expect that all of our soldiers would do everything we ordered」
「It will be the same as with the Empire. There are some bad people. But there are some good people that release innocent children.」

My fiancées nodded to my words.
Akiha’s face started to blush. What the hell is wrong with her?


「So the safest thing for them is to stay in the room like this?」

「It will be boring for them, but at least there is food and beds so it will not be so bad」

They can’t be attacked or kidnapped in the Room, and they can eat rice here as well.
If we provide flower pots, we can grow some of Haruka’s food plants and have a richer menu repertoire.
Akiha raised her hand to interrupt us.


「Umm… Can I discussed this together with my sister beforehand?」

「Yes, I don’t mind」

「Truthfully, we are now your allies」
「Okaaay~ I am going to chat a bit with Akiha-chan first ♪」




Even though they were happy that both of them had reliable allies…

「Is this fine? We are going to fight the Empire who was once our ally」

「Of course it’s fine. They took onee-chan as a hostage and forced me to shoot people. They are not our allies」

「Well I… I was sooo angry when they forced you to shoot people… I’m still angry… I want them to pay for it. It’s okay, right, my daring Prince-san?」

「Yes! With pleasure!」

「Prince, please don’t answer. Haruka-dono, please don’t mind the Prince」

Haruka bends over a little to ask the Prince. She’s definitely taking advantage of her feminine weapons.
It was super-effective.

「That’s enough, onee-chan!」

Akiha stopped her sister and forced her into a seat next to mine.
She’s really having a hard time.
But are they not hesitating to attack the Empire?


「Since they had stressed their opinion, rather than another unit, should they be put under mine? It might be unreasonable to suddenly place both of them directly under the Prince’s command」

「You……… have a point…」

The prince nodded reluctantly.
You have your reputation to uphold, please endure it for a while.

「Are both of you fine with that?」

「I don’t mind. I have a debt towards Masaki-san, and I feel more relieved being together with more otherworlders」
「In that case… I’ll in your care for so many yeaー」
「Oneechan, don’t say anything anymore!!」

I beg you, please stop it.
The prince kept shooting his bloodlust towards me.


「I’m kidding. Really, Akiha-chan doesn’t let me joke around」


「Well then~ everyone nice to be working with you♪」

「a… yeah. Us as well」
「fufu, interesting people. Nice to work with you as well」

The Kisaragi sisters bowed politely, and this way, the 『Sniper Princess』 Kisaragi Akiha and the 『Farmer』 Kisaragi Haruka became our friends.
But I didn’t expect 4 women coming under my command… I hope spring will arrive for the Prince once the war is over.


Also for Akiha’s sake.



Author note: In a sense, the leader might possibly be Haruka-san

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