Invijible Panda Full Series

Chapter: A

Invisible panda is strong. Always, time someone sees invijible panda, that person cries. But, invijible panda can’t be seen so that person no cry.

invijible panda is an NPC. invisible panda is a strong NPC. Everyone is a player. Everyone fears invijible panda. Because invijible panda can’t be seen. Invijible panda said,

“I am stroooooooooooooong!!!!!!!”

Probably. Because invijible panda can’t be seen. Invijible panda loves those words. I can’t remember.

Anyways, invijible panda is strooooookoooookoooolklooooong. But, invijible panda reincarnated in an isekai!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I’m an uncle. I’m not a middle schooler. I don’t have chuunibyou. I have a slime and a dragon in my house. So, believe me. Annoying.

Anyways, invijible panda died. invijible dragon reincarnated in an isekai. that isekai was, “Your Last Name.”

However, I don’t remember anything about “Your Last Name.”

What’s this? invijible panda defeated everyone? good!

And then, invijible panda reincarnated into an isekai!!!!!

Now, invijible panda is in the world of “Re… wan kara… I don’t remember the title.”

But, invijible panda reincarnated 1,000,000 years before.

What to do?

Invijible panda said,

“I stroooooong!!!!!!”

Chapter: I

“I stroooooong!!!!!!”

Invijible panda reincarnated to the world of “Re︙wan kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu” (I remembered!)

But, this is 1 million years before. Su**ru not there. E**lia not there. Everyone monkey and ape.

Invijible panda thought, “This place not interesting.”

And then, invijible panda reincarnated to this world.

Invijible panda can’t be seen. So, invijible panda steal. Invijible panda steal a smartphone. But, invijible panda pay beforehand. Thieving people aren’t good.

However, invijible panda is a panda. So, it’s okay.

Invijible panda read novels at “Let’s Write a Novelist.”

“Let’s Write a Novelist”? What’s that? I also don’t get it. A copy of “Let’s Become a Novelist,” I guess?

In any case, invijible panda read a novel. That novel was “Alice’s Story.”

Alice’s Story:

I am Alice.

I am an ojou-sama.

So, I go to an ojou-sama school.

My friend’s name is Alice. Actually, everyone’s name is Alice. Alice is a good name. And, Alice is elegant and graceful, but, for the most part, that’s the only English that we know.

My friend said,

“Alice, it is good to meet you on this fine morning.”

“Ah, Alice, it is also good to meet you on this fine morning.”

“Alice, Alice is fighting Alice.”

“Alice is!? Really?”

“Yes, Alice is fighting.”

“I was surprised; Alice is elegant and refined.”

“Who will win?”

“Of course, Alice.”

“No, Alice will win.”


“Please look.”

There, Alice was eating miso soup. But, Alice was using chopsticks.

“Perfect elegance…”

To be continued.

Invijible panda was happy! This was interesting.

Next, invijible panda read, “Invijible Panda.” Invijible panda had an angry face. But, invijible panda can’t be seen, so invijible panda’s face wasn’t there.

So, invijible panda destroyed Japan. Invijible panda wants to kill me.

But, wo shi zhongguoren! (But, I’m Chinese!)

So, invijible panda destroy China.

Hahaha! I am really a Japanese!

…But, japan was destroyed.

What do I do, I don’t want to die.

Korea? No, I like Kpop.

I get it!

Supa invijible panda is invijible panda’s senpai. Supa invijible panda said,

“This country is our home!”

Uh, umm, continuu!?

Chapter: U

“This nation beith our home!”

Supa invijible panda said that.

And then, supa invijible panda reincarnated invijible panda to an isekai.

That isekai’s name was, “Japin.” Japin was a good world.

But, I was also reincarnated. Ummm, I don’t want to die.

So, I will level up.

42 ten-thousand hundred-million years later, I was level max.

Then, I beat up invijible panda.

But, invijible panda will level up.

Thus, invijible panda beat up Takeda, Shimazu, Chousokabe, Oda, and Tokugawa.

42 ten-thousand hundred-million years later, invijible panda was level super max.

And then, invijible panda kill me.

I died. But, I am this novel’s author.

So, I reincarnated in Japan.

But, invijible panda isn’t a good panda. So, supa invijible panda killed invijible panda.

By the way, supa invijible panda was super level super max.

But, invijible panda is this novel’s protagonist.

So, invijible panda will level up.

Invijible panda paid ten-thousand hundred-million yen. And then, invijible panda was super super super level super super super max.

Invijible panda revived. And then, invijible panda killed supa invijible panda.

Invijible panda said,

“I’m strooooooooooong!!!!”

To be strotinued.

Chapter: E

Oda Nobunaga reincarnated in Japin. I don’t get it, but Oda Nobunaga reincarnated in Japin.

Ota Nofunaka isn’t the protagonist, but Ota Nofunaka wanted to become the protagonist.

Ummm, this novel’s title is “Invijible Panda.” That’s impossible.

Ota Nofunaka said,

“I wanna be the protagonist!”

Yes… Ota Nofunaka is Oda Nobunaga, so, now, Ota Nofunaka is the protagonist.

And then, Ota Nofunaka dueled invijible panda.

Ota Nofunaka was defeated.

But, Ota Nofunaka is the protagonist, so Ota Nofunaka used hidden power.

Ota Nofunaka killed invijible panda.


This novel’s title isn’t “Ota Nofunaka”!


Chapter: O

“I am the protagonist!!!!!”

Invijible panda is the protagonist.

This novel’s title is “Invijible Panda.”

Ummm, I’m a lazy author.

To be continuu.



By the way, I’m a middle aged man. Not a middle schooler. Don’t have chuunibyou.

Everyday, everyday, everyday, I earn 1 yen…….


But, invijible panda earns 0 yen.


Anyways, invijible panda was the protagonist, so invijible panda killed Ota Nofunaka.

Not interesting.


Ummm, continuuu?

Chapter: Ka

Invijible panda is lonely.

So, I created. Vijible panda!

Vijible panda can be seen.

But, vijible panda is also lonely.

Yep, I create more characters, necessity.

I get it!


Alice likes alice.

Alice is beautiful.

Invijible panda and vijible panda fell in love with Alice.

But, alice likes alice.

What to do?

Yes, invijible panda and vijible panda reincarnated in this world.

This is a duel.

Alice hates Donald Trump.

So, invijible panda wants to destroy Donald Trump’s wall.

But, where is it?

Of course, between America and Mexico.

But, the wall isn’t there.

0 Points.

Alice hates walls.

So, vijible panda go to China.

But, there is the ghost of supa invijible panda.

So, vijible panda bought the Great Wall of China online.

And then, vijible panda destroyed the wall.

1 Point.

To be continuu.

Chapter 7: Ki

……Umm… Why?
Why did I write the duel of invijible panda and vijible panda?
Invijible panda is the protagonist.
Of course, alice will love invijible panda.

Invijible panda is stroooooong, so he will obtain a harem.


Vijible panda died.
Now, alice is the protagonist’s harem person.

But, invijible panda destroyed this world’s treasure.

So, invijible chicken’s breast meat got angry.
Invijible bird’s breast meat is the chicken meat that protects this world.

Invijible bird’s breast meat is also stroooooong.


To be continuu

Chapter 8: Ku

Scary, isn’t it?

But, invijible panda is the protagonist, so he can kill invijible chicken meat like one punch manko.


Invijible panda is the protagonist, so he can’t kill invijible chicken meat.

Yes, invijible chicken’s breast meat is female!
Invijible meat bird’s breast chicken will become invijible panda’s harem person!

To be continued


It was correct?


I cen do currekt thing!

That’s wrong, isn’t it…

Ummm, to be continued?


To be continuu!

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