IBAG Chapter 36: Method of stating the new semester

The end of the school year passed by with us being busy, and it is now April the beginning of the new school year.
The differences from last year is that Ruri-chan is now a 5th grader, and I became the homeroom teacher of class 1 for the second year. Last year I was an assistant homeroom teacher last year, but honestly, I didn’t have much work to do. I had a homeroom teacher last year. He is still well and works as a mathematics teacher. My grade also went up and I am now teacher mathematics to 2nd years.
Today is the opening ceremony, it is being held in the gymnasium and is for the rearranging of homeroom classes, after a short homeroom it ends. It’s more or less just an introduction on Sunday.
Ruri-chan is able to go home early, but I am still in the middle of the opening ceremony, so I will be able to go home earlier than usual, but it will still be in the evening. Originally a homeroom teacher was given a class register, but no faces came to mind when I read the register. At any rate, I enter the classroom I was assigned at the opening ceremony, when I hear a noisy voice. It seems there is excitement after being assigned new classes. Due to the bustle I did not notice when I came in.
“Hey, take your seat.”
I struck the desk while calling out, and the inside of the classroom gradually quietened, everyone was seated.
Except one person.
“Hey. So, noisy. Be quite.”
“How cruel! I though we would be together again this year!”
“Too loud, I’m resigning.”
“Fine, I will be quite.”
Because it was beautify split between men and women half and half, girl’s attendance numbers were 1 through to 17 in total, with Amano Kyoko sitting directly in front of me.
Back one and to the next row over sits Nakamura Kae with one hand holding her cheek.
There are other known faces. Well, I taught maths for half a year last year, so I remembered their face.
“That’s why I, Masachika Takeda will be your teacher this year.”
“Do something enthusiastic teacherly.”
“I will not.”
When a pupil disrupted me, I gently deflected it.
“Because I do not like long talks much, I will write what I will do today on the blackboard.”
After saying so I write smoothly on the blackboard.
Opening ceremony, homeroom and finishing quickly (Important).
“Today is the opening ceremony so let’s promptly go home. All those students who aren’t helping with the entrance ceremony, please promptly go home. Those that have gotten frustrated from returning to school should go get it out of their system by going out to play.
“Stupid. It’s nice to have a chat at school.”
“Such a complete Ossan wouldn’t understand.”
“Alright, since Kimura called me an Ossan, minus two points.”
I write in my notebook.
Taichi Kimura minus two.
“It’s obvious I think. Slander, Slander. I am not yet 25. How can I be an Ossan when I am still in my 20s?”
“You round up.”
“What about Akiyama-sensei? If you round his age up it becomes 30.”
“That’s cruel to say right?”
Akiyama-sensei is famous amongst this year. He is a young male teacher mostly in charge of physical education.
“Well, such being the case I will be your teacher for this year, so I will help you with anything you don’t understand. … We have a bit of time left, so you can ask a few questions if you want.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
Takao Shintarou asked.
“I am.”
At the moment I answered, Amano with all her heart raised her hand. I though she did the Shoryuken.
“That’s a lie.”
“She isn’t.”
“Well, is it really true that approached you?”
That question came from Kise Ryoko-san.
Where did she get that information?
Let’s dodge the question for now.
“Who did you hear this from?”
“Because Takatsu-sensei was sighing while muttering, “I will not turn back.”, under her breath, before she grasped and examined a Valentine’s day chocolate, after which she gave it to Takeda-sensei I think.”
“You received that!?”
“I told you that’s an obligation chocolate. There were no feelings behind it! … I think!”
“It absolutely had feelings behind it!”
It was at that moment when everyone’s hearts were one, including mine.
“Takeda! I will not let you be infatuated with another woman!”
“Alright, it’s time, line up in the hallway.”
“Don’t Ignore me!”
“Amano, I like children that are a little quieter.”
“… Fine. Takeda.”
Why shy?”
I left Amano as such and arranged the other students along the corridor and headed to the gymnasium.

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