IBAG Chapter 34: Method of Making Chocolate

The year has changed, it is now February.

In Hokkaido, snow festivals are taking place.

I also though of going. Right now, Ruri-chan is quite restless, though she doesn’t seem interested in playing with the snow. Well, I am preparing for student examinations, so every day I return home late, so I though I would relax on my day off and take it slow.

If you wanted to know why Ruri-chan was restless, then it would be that she is looking forward to the National evens rather than snow festivals this February.

In other words, Valentine’s day.

When I was in elementary school I was always nervous on Valentines. Well, I never got any chocolate. Is Ruri-chan going to give chocolates to Reo and Hiroto-kun? I’m envious.

Moreover, it seems to be handmade, I am doing simulations to try and make a recipe from a page on the net called, ‘Basic truffle, anyone can make’, I printed it out and have read the page many times.

In my kitchen there is, a rubber spatula, eggbeater and Baking paper that just seems to multiply. Will I ever use this stuff again?

I have started to give 1000 yen a month pocket money to Ruri-chan, she is amassing money to pay for the ingredients for chocolate. To use your own money and make them yourself with your heart beating. It’s a girl in love isn’t it?

… Isn’t it too early for a 4th grader to be in love? Recently they say that elementary students are getting into relationships early… No, no. I would be worried if Ruri-chan got together with some run of the mill person. Ruri-chan is adult-like, obedient, I will become the best so that, it will become impossible for the to settle for a run of the mill person. Yep. Surely she is preparing lots of obligatory chocolates. Yep.

My heart is thumping whether or not I will receive the first one.

And I have come up with a strategy to get Ruri-chan’s first chocolate.



“Do you want to practice?”


“Yeah. Practicing making chocolate.”

“But, there are no ingredients.”

I though she would say that.

“That’s why I bought another set of ingredients.”

I bought the same chocolate, fresh cream and cocoa powder that Ruri-chan bought on the way home yesterday, and put it in the refrigerator so that she didn’t notice it.

So, my strategy to get chocolates is to get them through us practicing.

Because it is practice for Valentine’s day it doesn’t entirely count. Although this is a futile strategy, it is better than not getting any and crying on my bed.

It seems that Ruri-chan was a bit annoyed by my words.

… why?

“Thank you. Then I can practice making chocolates?”

“Ah, of course!”

Like that, Ruri-chan stood up and entered the kitchen.

Recently I have been learning little by little how to cook, so I can confidently wield a kitchen knife. I also made curry with no problems. Sweets require super precises measurements, but you do not have to worry too much about the amount for truffles. Actually, it seems so easy to make that practice doesn’t seem necessary.

After Ruri-chan put the chocolate on the cutting board, she finely carved the chocolate. This is only practice, so we are using one bard of chocolate. There is also lots of fresh cream.

After chopping the chocolate, warm the cream, mix it with chocolate, cool it a little, mix lightly, scoop with a spoon of a suitable size, line up on a dish with oven paper and cool in the refrigerator.

In the meantime, I begin on the chocolate coating.

Remove the chilled chocolate from the refrigerator and roll it.

Lightly warm the chocolate for coating and mould it around the inner chocolate, finally cover with cocoa powder.

We finished making the chocolate in about an hour.

None the less it turned out great after my week of simulations.

It seems that Ruri-chan could open a pastry shop.


To think I would be able to eat two of Ruri-chan’s homemade chocolates.

“Why did you eat it!”

“Because we have to taste the practice ones to make sure they are good.”

“That’s right, I guess I was mistaken…”

No way such a result…

To me who had become despondent, Ruri-chan ate one of the remaining chocolates and gave me the last two.

“Since I am already full, I will give the rest to you. They may not be tasty due to them being practice chocolates.”


I threw both chocolates in my mouth and hugged Ruri-chan. Ruri-chan was undoubtedly surprised. But, I am so happy to be able to raise such a gentle child!

The impact of hugging Ruri-chan was that I did not taste the chocolates properly.

On to the next chapter.

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