IBAG Chapter 33: Method of Christmas Invitations

“I am having a Christmas party next week, will you come Hasegawa-san?”

“Christmas party?”

“Reo’s house is absurdly huge!”

Hiroto and I invited Hasegawa to a Christmas party.

“We will give presents.”

“What is a present?”

“You don’t know what a present is!”


“Everyone will bring presents and exchange them with others.”

“However, last time I received a present I got a shock.”

“I do not know who gets presents from who.”

When Hiroto and I explained to Hasegawa-san, she started to make a slightly sad face.

“But, I may not be able to prepare a present…”

“It’s unreasonable to prepare it by yourself, why don’t you ask your dad?”


“Well your dad mightn’t want to spending money on such things.”

When Hiroto said that.

“Masachika-san is not bad!”

Hasegawa-san suddenly said in a loud voice.

Hasegawa-san got angry.

As mine and Hiroto’s eyes rounded in surprise at Hasegawa-san shouting, she ran off.

“That surprised me. To hear a loud voice so suddenly.”

“Hiroto was bad, were you not?”

“… I know.”

“Apologise later, okay?”

“I know!”

While Hiroto said that, school had ended without him having apologised and Hasegawa-san had gone home. Hiroto and I trying to make our way to Hasegawa-san’s home, but he kept turning back part-way, this is no good.

“Why didn’t you apologise?”

“It can’t be helped. I didn’t get a chance to.”

Hiroto was clearly troubled.

Since Hasegawa-san came, Hiroto has been acting differently than before.


“… Why are you laughing.”

“Because it is unusual for Hiroto to be troubled like this.”

“That’s the case with everyone…”

“Because they are people?”

“… It’s difficult to talk to people about such thing.”

That’s unexpected.

I could not understand how Hiroto was having trouble talking to someone. Because Hiroto is usually a cheerful and bright person who doesn’t read the atmosphere.

“It’s not like Hasegawa-san to get mad like that. Rather she finds it difficult to even talk to other people.”

“However, it is no good to avoid apologising.”

“I know, I know but…”

Hiroto scratched his head.

“Please! A once in a lifetime requests! Reo please apologise.”

“How many times have you made a once in a lifetime request?”

I can remember five other times.

“This is the most important one I beg of you! Please!”

“Haa… It can’t be helped, you want me to come with you when you apologise right?”

“As expected of Reo! You are my best friend!”

I don’t think there are many people who would refuse someone prostrating before them.


The next morning.

“Morning, Hasegawa-san.”

“Good morning.”

“… yo.”

“… Good morning.”

Why is this such a blunder?

I can’t seem them apologising after this.


“I know! Yesterday was my bad! I am sorry!”

I was surprised when Hiroto lowered his head. Hasegawa-san was also surprised with her eyes wide open.

“I-I am also sorry for shouting.”

“Y-you forgive me?”



“I was going to apologise yesterday but I didn’t know what to say…”

“I wanted to apologise yesterday as well.”

“Well done. Hiroto”


“Can I also go to the Christmas party?”


“Are you alright?”

“Ask Masachika-san if it is alright.”

Hiroto and I exchanged glances.

At that time Hiroto looked ecstatic. I had never seen him look so happy until now.

I think that Hiroto’s expression has changed.

Up until now he had a strangeness to his happy face.

I had a strange feeling as I looked at Hiroto.



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