IBAG Chapter 32: Troubles of a Problem Child (Second Half)

“Well, that’s how it is.”

Although I had finished talking, Nakamura was still taken aback.

I glanced at Ruri-chan. Ruri-chan glanced back at me and our eyes met.

Ruri-chan was very serious.

Then Ruri-chan’s gaze switched from me to Nakamura.

“Until I came to Masachika-san, it was very painful. I thought that is was going to be very painful when I went to Masachika-san as well. However, ever since I came to live with Masachika-san, every day has been enjoyable.

Nakamura looks straight at Ruri-chan while she talks. I can hear her voice trembling. However, I am a little excited because I am hearing Ruri-chan’s thoughts for the first time.

“School, study and friends, is it not fun Kae-san?”

“It is boring…”

“For now, it is boring, however some days are going to be enjoyable. I don’t want Kae-san to be sad.”

At that time, tears overflowed from Ruri-chan’s eyes.

“Because Kae-san told a secret, I also told a secret, so please keep your chin up.”

Did you endure it? I though as tears came out of Ruri-chan’s eyes.

While crying Ruri-chan embraced Nakamura.

Nakamura was surprised at being hugged so suddenly, but her eyes narrowed and stroked Ruri-chan’s head.

“Thank you, I guess that even Ruri-chan is worried about me, it seems I have a way to go.” Nakamura murmurs almost in monologue.

“There is something fun every day. I envy you Takeda.”

“This is also my first time hearing it, I never thought that when I met Ruri-chan there would be a day such as this.”

“I’d like to meet a Takeda like person as well. I wonder if my life would also change.”

Nakamura seemed to envy Ruri-chan.

Nakamura seems to be looking up to Ruri-chan, but Nakamura also has Ruri-chan, Amano and I to lean on.

Ruri-chan is not the only special one.

Everyone has met someone they need.

Rather than being influenced by that, in the case of Ruri-chan I think that I grasped an opportunity to change myself.

“I wish that Nakamura can change too.”

“I would have any difficulties if I could change so easily.”

“But Ruri-chan has changed, she has changed from a hard life to a fun life. Nakamura also said it was boring, so you should talk to Amano and your parent properly and change it.”

“… To speak.”

“You don’t speak often with your parents, do you?”


“There are things that require you to talk in order for others to understand. Before I did not understand Ruri-chan, however I now know how she feels.”

“Therefore, I should talk?”

“You should face your parents properly, Amano is worried about you.”

“Kyoko is?”

Ah. That was a secret. Ah well it was an act of god.

“Today Amano was worried and told me about your truanting, Kae what’s going on?”

“Haa… After all, Kyouko is dazzling.”

“First of all, why did you not talk to Amano?”

“…maybe… It is useless to speak to her.”

Nakamura nods her head.

“Well you should hang in there at least for the sake of Ruri-chan’s courage.”

“That’s right, for such a small child to have talked and cried about that took courage. While I didn’t even have the courage to talk to Kyouko, I should talk to her.”

Nakamura was saying in order to persuade herself.

“That’s the spirit.”

“Ah, I will start tomorrow, so please let me stay over today.”

“Is that so.”

“Are you alright?”

Ruri-chan who was crying in Nakamura’s arms looked up at her with tear stained eyes.

Nakamura responded to her with a smile.

“Oh. Thanks. I am alright. I will talk to Kyouko tomorrow.”

It was heart-warming looking at those two.

They looked life sisters.



“I will hit you if you look at my sleeping face.”

“I know.”

“Then, Goodnight”


“Yes, yes. Goodnight.”

I moved the futon that Ruri-chan always uses in front of the TV before going to bed.

Ruri-chan and Nakamura laid down in bed.

Why did I go so for such treatment?

Well… Family.


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