IBAG Chapter 30: Problem Child

A week before the final test of the second semester. A certain teacher consulted me.

“And so that’s why Nakamura’s attendance is terrible.”

“When I asked her, she said she was fine.”

“Well, it is okay, but barely.”


“Yes, she barely has enough attendance, I’d much preffer it if she had a bit more of a buffer.”

“Is that so?”

“So Tadeka-sensei, please help me persuade Nakamura to come to school.”


King kong kang

“Ah, the next class is beginning! I’ll leave it to you!”

“Wait! Itou-sensei?”

Itou-sensei dashed to his next class.

He pushed it onto me. I guess it can’t be helped. I have classes right now so I’ll think about it later.

“Tadeka-sensei’s lessons are fun.”

“Amano, you’re always cheerful. Don’t you have any troubles?”

“I am a high school flower, you know? I have no troubles. Ta-da.”

“Eh…so, what would trouble you?”

“Lo-ve Prob-lems☆.”

“Okay, I’ll be starting classes now.”

“Hey! Don’t ignore me.”

When Amano, who was at the teacher’s desk, I had brilliantly finished our conversation. I immediately started the lesson. When I look at Nakamura’s seat, whom I have had just finished talking about, she was sitting there.


In just the short time it took me to write up an example on the board, Nakamura was already gone. That girl…she’s good at sneaking and investigating. Amano spotted me breathing out a sigh.



“Can I talk to you later?”


At first, I though she was just talking about my sigh, but then I saw the serious look on her face. I promised to talk at lunch after classes and told her to take the class diligently. After lessons, Amano and I went straight to the student guidance room. We sat face to face with a table separating us.

“Are you alright?”

“Actually, it’s about Kae, her attendance is starting to get dangerously low.”

“Itou-sensei said something about her attendance being bad.”

“We normally go to school together in the morning, however she has recently been going home before lunch.”

“Have you talked to her about this? ”

“I’ve talked to her about it, but she replies with, ‘It’s boring. ’”

Amano looked dejected.

This is more severe than I though. If Amano says it has no effect, then how am I supposed to convince her.

“When did she start skipping school so much?”

“She only started in high school saying that it was, ‘Boring’ and with that her early departures started increasing. Am I at fault?”

“It’s not your fault, you’re worried about Nakamura and even said something to her. Do you have any ideas why this started?”


Amano didn’t seem to remember anything. I tried asking because I was worried.

“Is Nakamura not one to talk about her problems?”

“Kae? Now that you mention it, she doesn’t discuss her problems often. I think that I have discussed my problems with her a lot though. Ehehe.”

“As expected. It would be strange for Amano to be the type of person to listen to other’s stories.”

“I understand. I’ll also ask Nakamura next time we meet. You should continue to be casual and frank with Nakamura while paying attention to her.”

“You sound like a detective.”


After Amano and I left the student counselling room, I ate lunch in the staff room, after classes finished in the afternoon and I finished up a few things after school, I went home as usual.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back.”


As usual I opened the front door and entered inside, but I heard a voice here that I should not have.

“Nakamura!? What are you doing in my house!?”

When I entered the back, I found Nakamura sitting next to Ruri-chan studying.

“Oh well, do not mind the small things.”

“This is not a small thing! It is serious!”

“Never mind that, do you mind if I stay the night?”

“What are you?”

“So, can I stay the night?”

“No, not in that sense.”

“It only has to be for one night, I’m fine even if I don’t get a meal, so please!”

Nakamura pleads, with her hands vigorously pressed together.

I am weak to such things. Ruri-chan was looking between Nakamura and I alternatively with no idea what was going on.



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