How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai

How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 93

Translated by: Niladri



Recap: Lu Heng- MC [Currently taking on the role of a Miao man cross-dressing as a woman. Proficient in Gu Techniques. In search of his biological father who betrayed his mother and stole the cult's treasure- the golden silkworm Gu]
Duan Feiqing- ML [Took control of the Taichu Sect after defeating its leader, Fang Weifang, who had imprisoned and tortured him. Also searching for the secret organisation which orchestrated the massacre of his family]

After the leader of Taichu sect was injured, he quietly recuperated in his own residence and did not entertain any visitors. If there was any urgent matter, it would be passed on to the eldest disciple.

"Senior martial brother." The two disciples at the door saluted to Duan Feiqing. After the leader was injured, it was inconvenient for him to move. Every day, there were disciples on rotating shifts waiting in front of the door to respond to the needs of the leader at any time. Seeing Duan Feiqing's arrival, their expressions contained showed a hint of relief.

It's not that they were disrespectful. It's just that it was really difficult to serve their injured leader. The enemy's attack was really cruel. They directly cut the leader’s throat and broke his meridians inch by inch, but didn't kill him. When he was brought back to the Taichu sect, he was barely holding on to his life. Even today, the leader was unable to speak. Although his body was broken, his consciousness was still intact. He consistently made noises urging the guarding disciples to enter. When asked about his needs, he could only let out loud noises from his throat. After this went on for a while, the disciples on duty were a bit frustrated.

"Junior martial brothers, the two of you have worked hard. I have something important to report to master. You go and have a rest first." Duan Feiqing said.

Seeing that the two disciples on duty disappearing, Lu Heng followed Duan Feiqing into the room, leaving a small snake to crawl into the flowers at the door.

Inside the room. Feng Weifang was someone who had achieved fame at a young age. At that time, a huge disaster had befallen Tianluo village in the southwest border. Feng Weifang went to Tianluo village alone with just a sword. From that day on, people in southwest no longer needed to suffer from this disaster. After that, there were various other deeds, which made Feng Weifang, the leader of the Taichu sect famous all over the world.

This old hero. At the moment, he was like an ordinary ageing old man, lying on his bed like a dead tree branch. But when Duan Feiqing came in, his turbid eyes started to shine with the light of hatred in them, which added a bit of vitality to his image.

"Master, all is good today." Duan Feiqing saluted the man in bed. "Master looks better today. This disciple is very pleased."

"Huo ho --" Feng Weifang’s face seemed agitated, as if he wanted to open his mouth and scold him. However, his throat, which had been cut, was barely kept intact by a miracle doctor, and he could only leak out a hollow voice.

Duan Feiqing was still respectful and courteous, but his eyes were extremely cold: "master, don't worry, I will take good care of you."

Feng Weifang's face became crimson red, his eyes turned white with anger, and he seemed to on the verge of collapsing from anger. However, during this period of time, Duan Feiqing has nurtured him with various natural materials and earth treasures. Besides being unable to speak and move, he was way stronger than any average martial arts practitioners. He wouldn’t faint so easily.

"You've broken him with spirit assimilation technique?" Lu Heng asked after seeing the other person.

"He's already a waste man. Why should I bother?" Duan Feiqing looks at Lu Heng, and he put on his usual gentle -as-water expression.

"How did Feng Weifang get hurt?" Lu Heng looked at Duan Feiqing's transformation and felt that there was something off about the thought-process of the man in front of him.

"With his cautious character, how could he easily duel with his enemies? I spurred him forward and coerced him to fight using the method of soul capture. At that time, he broke my meridians, vaporized my Qi sea, made me wear chains pierced through shoulder blade bone and imprisoned me in the dungeon for what felt like thousands of days and nights. A while ago, I also took control his enemies and let him have a taste of all these means one by one" Duan Feiqing took a look at Feng Weifang. His eyes reflected disgust, but he had a gentle smile on his face. "But since he is old, I did not imprison him in the dungeon. Instead, I found a miracle doctor to cure his injury, and he has been well supported ever since."

"Ah Heng, do you think I did it properly?"

Duan Feiqing has never hidden his inner darkness in front of Lu Heng. In his opinion, his dear Heng knows everything about him, and only his dear Heng will unconditionally tolerate him. He accepts not only his beautiful and gentlemanly side, but also his dark and bloodthirsty side.

"Not bad." Seeing Duan Feiqing's eyes brimming with expectation, Lu Heng gently smiled, "do you still hate him?"

"No, how can I hate him? Without him, how can I be so close to my dear Heng. Now Duan Feiqing can give you everything, from martial arts to life. " Duan Feiqing looked at Lu Heng, with a gaze gentle enough to ooze out water.

Lu Heng saw that the man in front of him looked sincere and seemed to actually believe in what he said. He became more and more sure that his childhood experiences, together with the cultivation of the <<mind sutra of the demons>>, have distorted his character. It’s just that previously Duan Feiqing disguised it very well, now how could he suddenly succumb to it? Lu Heng thought about the situation in the past few days, which should be related to the tangled things in his mind.

Lu Heng stepped forward and reaches out to pat Duan Feiqing on the shoulder, but the other person suddenly took a step backward. Lu Heng's hand was left awkwardly hanging in the air.

"You?" Lu Heng's eyebrows wrinkled together at the moment.

Seeing Lu Heng about to burst into anger, Duan Feiqing showed the smile that he couldn't refuse: "my dear Heng, didn’t you say you wanted to verify the matter of Gu worm?"

Lu Heng saw that Duan Feiqing was back to normal. Anyway, his goal had been achieved, and he didn’t care. He took out his carry-on silver scimitar, went towards the bed and lifted the quilt.

However, his hand was about just about to touch Feng Weifang's skirt, when Duan Feiqing gently held it: "how can you touch such a filthy person? I'll do it for you."

Seeing his persistence, Lu Heng handed over the scimitar to Duan Feiqing: "draw an inch long small gap on his chest. It doesn't need to be too deep, since the blood barely needs to flow out."

Duan Feiqing started quickly and accurately.

Seeing the blood seeping out slowly, Lu Heng took out two specially refined leaves and put them on his lips and played them gently. The house was silent, only the sound waves that could only be heard by Gu reverberated in the room. Feng Weifang's face gradually became ferocious. He percolated big beads of sweat on his forehead, and his veins started to pop out. At first sight, he was suffering from severe pain. On the back of that dry hand, amidst the blood vessels that popped out, something seemed to be swimming like crazy.

"Hmm? Not bad.” Seeing the Gu stubbornly resisting, Lu Heng took out a small pill. The pill smelled fishy and sweet. It was made of Lu Heng's own blood mixed with herbal medicine. It was extremely attractive for the Gu, no matter what kind of Gu it was.

Finally, a bright red centipede as long as a little finger crawled out of Feng Weifang's wound. It first raised its head high, looking for the smell that was incomparably delicious to it. Just as it has just found the source of that smell, it realized that there were dangerous things in that direction. The Centipede's action was as fast as lightning. It bolted toward the window, but ultimately, it was a slow step and was nailed to the windowsill by a silver needle.

Lu Heng went over, plucked the silver needle and put it into a small porcelain vase along with the Gu impaled on it.

"It's done. Let's go. It hurts my eyes too much stay in this room and look at Feng Weifang." Lu Heng finished and walked out of the gloomy room.

When the two returned to the Songtao courtyard, Lu Heng did not delay much, and immediately dissected the Gu for research.

Half an hour later.

"This is a combination of heart biting Gu and forbidden speech Gu. Heart biting Gu is used to hold a person's life in his hand. Once he violates the order, he can have a taste of the pain of piercing the heart and bone. The forbidden speech Gu can set some key words. As long as this word is involved, no matter how it is used, it is impossible to be spoken by the person. " Lu Heng said.

Duan Feiqing showed a clear look: "so even if I had used spirit assimilation, this Feng Weifang wouldn’t have divulged the purpose of destroying Duan family."

"Well, this matter is related my deceased mom’s acquaintance." Lu Heng held his chin and started tapping his lips.

"Why do you say that?" Duan Feiqing drooped his eyes and looked away.

"These forbidden Gu are Gu techniques developed by mom herself. No one in the clan can refine it. Mom said that she was not sensible when she was young. She told me that when she was deeply infatuated, she developed some Gu techniques at the behest of that person. " Lu Heng turned his lips again, "the forbidden speech Gu is not even taught to me."


"She was afraid that after I knew how to refine it, I would try to solve the forbidden speech ban she put on me." Lu Heng said. At the beginning, the client did not know how to get rid of the control of the forbidden speech Gu.

"What!" Duan Feiqing stood up and said, "You are afflicted with a forbidden words ban? Is it harmful to your health? Why did your Mom do this to you? "

Seeing that he looked anxious, Lu Heng was patient and explained one by one: "the forbidden word Gu has no harm to the body except that I can't say some things. She was afraid that I will carelessly reveal some secrets when I was young. "

"So, there are some things that I don't mean to hide from you, but are restricted by the forbidden words and can't be said." Lu Heng added, after all, the matter of men disguised as women has always been hidden from Duan Feiqing, which is really not a good thing.

Duan Feiqing had discovered Lu Heng's real gender. At the moment, there was something else that he didn't understand: "ah Heng, in fact, I found out a few days ago. Are you the same [gender] as me, a man?"

When it comes to this key word, Lu Heng can't say it directly. He has to euphemistically say: "the position of the leader of the five immortals sect has always been passed on to women."

Duan Feiqing had already guessed a few days ago, and now his anomalies these days could be explained. Lu Heng knew Duan Feiqing's entire history like the palm of his hand. When he was young, he was obsessed with martial arts. Later, he had a deep blood feud. He only wanted to find out who was behind the scenes. He barely had a vague understanding of the romantic affairs between men and women, not to mention matters like cut-sleeve.

Previously, when they got along with each other, Duan Feiqing acknowledged the deep affection he had towards the other person. Now suddenly he found that they were both men, having no knowledge of men-with-men relationships, Duan Feiqing understandably felt tangled and confused. Just looking at Duan Feiqing's anxiously weighing the pros and cons, it seemed that the distorted side of his character would begin to come out, and Lu Heng felt somewhat distressed. He thought about how to subtly enlighten him.

"In this land of Central Plains, you can keep wearing men's clothing. If you and I become sworn brothers, it would be more convenient to act." Duan Feiqing said.

Lu Heng's heart moved, just because he cannot reveal his man’s identity doesn’t mean he can’t dress up as a man. In any case, there are many women in the martial world who dress up as men. Even if they are discovered by the clansmen, they could be cajoled with one or two words.

{Warning: This is a special commission. Women's clothing is the only criterion to judge whether OOC is present. }

{You mean, my personality can change, but these women's clothes can't be taken off?}Lu Heng couldn't believe his ears.


Duan Feiqing stood still for quite some time when Lu Heng was revealing an indignant expression, but he didn't open his mouth to urge him to change back to men's clothes. He felt that Lu Heng was upset by his conjecture about his dear Heng’s wishes. He immediately comforted Lu Heng: "it doesn't matter, my dear Heng, if you have such a preference, you can act according to your own wishes, and you will not face any opposition from your brother."

Preference? Does he think he has a special preference of wearing women's clothes? Lu Heng immediately decided not to say anything, let this man tangle himself to death. Doesn’t he want to be his sworn brother? He’ll let  him be one.

{Are you really not going to enlighten him?}The little assistant couldn't understand.

{Why should enlighten him? Doesn’t he look cute wearing a tangled and nervous expression? Because of me wearing women’s clothes, if some incident happens between us after he falls into obsession, no one will laugh at anyone.}

{………} Little assistant thought that women's clothing is really terrible. This usually rational, free and easy No. 666 is now fired up with such a strange attitude.

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